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S01780 10:12 kylehuff, taxilian, either of you here?
taxilian 10:12 whats up?
and yes, we're all dead (sorry I wasn't online last night)
S01780 10:12 Hey there!
Well, I don't know if anyone can help me here, but ..
I stumbled on this Firebreath irc-log viewer on github from years ago.
Anyone familiar?
It's this:
taxilian 10:12 I'm as familiar with it as anyone
we're not using that one anymore, though
we now use
S01780 10:12 Well, cool.
But how exactly do these work? I have a PHP server and a chatbot logging my logs, how do I connect the dots with one of these viewers?
I mean, they're really awesome.
I don't know if you actually made it/set it up, but I'm a tad lost, taxilian :P
taxilian 10:12 is where the second one is running
it's ruby
and basically you need elasticsearch working with it, but currently only supports an old version
S01780 10:12 Ah, I'm stuck on how to actually get either one to run on a server. I've never used anything like this before.
taxilian 11:12 sorry, I'm a bit swamped right now
the ruby one is a rails project; you'd probably need to learn how to deploy that
I have a docker container for it that I could probably give you if that would help
S01780 11:12 Yeah, is the old one any easier?
And no problem, I appreciate you answering my Q's.
taxilian 11:12 the old one might be; I don't remember much about it, though
it's php, which is easier to deploy
S01780 11:12 Well, okay. I won't keep taking your time, but can you briefly explain what I do to generate a site like your
I'll probably use the php one because I have that set up on the server. :)
The read me says: "Configure lib/config.ini to point to your log file directory." and then stops telling me, lol.
taxilian 11:12 which one are you looking at?
and I assume you mean make one like or are you talking about itself?
S01780 11:12 The old php code. And yeah,
taxilian 11:12 honestly I don't remember. the php one doesn't injest logs, it reads them from disk, but that's all I remember for sure
S01780 11:12 Right, okay. And the new one?
taxilian 11:12 the new one I know how, but it's complicated to explain =]
it works with elasticsearch-0.20.5
and you can use passenger to deploy it
S01780 11:12 Lol.
I'm a bit out of my depth, since I have no idea what you're talking about.
It's not any easier by the fact that I'm using SSH to get in to a remote server I rent.
taxilian 13:12 yeah; find someone who knows how to deploy ruby and they will probably have no trouble with it
it's not been put together in a good form to be a full project
S01780 21:12 taxilian, could I deploy your ruby log viewer with phusion passenger?
taxilian 21:12 I would expect so, yes
S01780 21:12 You said you had a docker container?
taxilian 21:12 yes
S01780 21:12 Mind if I use that? I need anything that can help me, lol.
taxilian 21:12
based on phusion passenger
you'll need to find elasticsearch-0.20.5.tar.gz just updated to have the script I use to start it
you'll likely have to update some paths to get it to load the correct files and such
it's currently designed to work wtih znc
S01780 21:12 Ty, you're a great help
taxilian 21:12 yw
sorry I can't do more
S01780 21:12 Eh, I'll bumble around until I figure it out :)