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Sinisa 00:12 hey quick question - does FB have some fast draw-loop?
or should I keep drawing in separate thread
"fast draw-loop" meaning if I just do glClear(...) and then swap buffer, to have at least 2-3k fps...
taxilian 00:12 no, draw in a seperate thread
Sinisa 00:12 ok.
if I draw into framebuffer in separate thread, and then I make CGImageRef, how do I swap it into browser-plugin's clipped rect?
I assume I can do that from gl thread
is it thread-safe to draw into CGContextRef?
taxilian 00:12 not a clue
you'd have to ask amackera
or just try it
Sinisa 00:12 ok
because if there is no loop in FB, then even if I draw image offscreen, I need some messaging system to tell FB to update image in browser window
what's usable in FB for messaging between threads?
taxilian 00:12 well, you can call functions on the main thread using an FB library func
Sinisa 00:12 but if call comes from other thread, then that function is executed in same separate thread
not FB's thread
ok will try
see what happens
taxilian 00:12 there is a function that will execute it on FB's thread
but it's better if you don't have to
however, if you need to, it is here:
it's on the browserhost object
that one will essentially call the function you give it "as soon as possible"
CallOnMainThread will tell it to run, wait for it to do so, and then return the result
Sinisa 00:12 crap I accidentally pressed some wrong key in chrome and went out of chat
taxilian 00:12
Sinisa 00:12 ok, that should do the trick
taxilian 00:12 yw
one of these days I'm going to write a nice PHP interface with a solr backend to make the logs easy to use and search
I keep spending all of my "write random code" time on writing new FireBreath features instead, though
FB_GitHubBot 01:12 FireBreath: master Richard Bateman * 073f4e4 (0 files in 0 dirs): Merge branch 'master' of git:// -
taxilian 01:12 g'night
FB_GitHubBot 08:12 FireBreath: master Kalev Lember * 4e3370f (1 files in 1 dirs): cmake: Don't try to remove duplicates from an empty list ... -
kalev_ 08:12 how nice of the bot to address me "master Kalev Lember" :-)
FB_GitHubBot 08:12 FireBreath: master Kalev Lember * 3055070 (1 files in 1 dirs): JSAPISecureProxy: Fixed a compile warning ... -
FB_GitHubBot 08:12 FireBreath: master Kalev Lember * 2b4abe8 (1 files in 1 dirs): NpapiPlugin: Fixed a compile warning (converting ‘false’ to pointer type) ... -
taxilian 08:12 Lol
kalev_ 08:12 taxilian: looks like the bundled boost has no property_tree headers; would it be OK if I add them?
taxilian 08:12 Yes
kalev_ 08:12 I just need them for my own stuff for now, but I guess they might be useful for json conversion in the future too
taxilian 08:12 I need to come up with a better way to update and manage the boost repo
We should update to 1.45
kalev_ 08:12 oh, I didn't know it was already out
taxilian 08:12 Just noticed yesterday
kalev_ 08:12 ah yes, since November 19th, 2010 16:00 GMT, where have I been!
taxilian 08:12 :)
kalev_ 08:12 does the git subrepo command track HEAD of the boost repo?
taxilian 08:12 Not automatically
Stores the commit ID in gitmodules
Abhi_ 08:12 Hi @taxilian
taxilian 08:12 Howdy
Abhi_ 08:12 Firstly I wanna thank you
for such a wonderful package
I used it for FF and IE
it works great
taxilian 08:12 Glad you like it. We've worked hard
Abhi_ 08:12 Thanks so much
I have a question
May be you can help
I need to support plugin download and installation on client side after peforming valid sign on
and authorization
taxilian 08:12 I can try. I am on a cell phone currently, so might have to help in an hour and a half
Abhi_ 08:12 currently i was using regsvr32
to register my dll
taxilian 08:12 Use wiz
neilg_ 08:12 You have to have the user download an installer
Abhi_ 08:12 ok
but this process needs to happen on an html page
neilg_ 08:12 You can check using JavaScript on your page for the presence of the plugin and have them install it if they can't
*they don't
(Sorry for interrupting taxilian!)
Abhi_ 08:12 No problem
neilg_ 08:12 This is something I have to do for the same reason
Abhi_ 08:12 Cool
Can you explain me in detail
how to do it
I am new to all this plugin world
taxilian 08:12 Np neil... Betting you can type easier than I right now
Abhi_ 08:12 :)
What a wonderful community
I am so glad
neilg_ 08:12 Okay. So the first thing to do is to assume you have the plugin and try to add it to the DOM using the <object> tag
Abhi_ 08:12 ok
i did that
taxilian 08:12 I'll be back in after my math test
neilg_ 08:12 Good luck!
taxilian 08:12 In abt 1.5 hrs
Abhi_ 08:12 good luck
neilg_ 08:12 One second, I'm just checking my code to give you some good examples
Abhi_ 08:12 thanks so much
neilg_ 08:12 It's a little harder because everything is wrapped in jQuery
Abhi_ 08:12 ok
so do u have any other alternative neil
I can use
I already have the dll with me
neilg_ 08:12 So there are two things you can try. One is to check for a property in your plugin. If that isn't there then the plugin isn't installed. The other thing you can do is to call a function in your plugin inside a try(){}catch(error){} block
If it throws an error (which it will if the function can't be called) then you know the plugin isn't installed
I advise adding a function to your plugin like get_version() and you can check against that. It's also useful if you need people to install a newer version of your plugin later on!
Abhi_ 08:12 but how do I download and install plugin at client side from the server
right now I just use regsvr32
to do this
but I need to perform this operation on an html page
on page load
neilg_ 08:12 Well, once you know that the plugin isn't there you can modify the HTML on the page or redirect the page to somewhere with a link. You can even redirect to the plugin download itself - but you can't automatically install it unfortunately
One cool thing about FireBreath is it also creates a WiX installer for the plugin so you can build that, upload it and have the users download and install it for you
FB_GitHubBot 08:12 FireBreath: master Kalev Lember * 68d4de0 (1 files in 1 dirs): Updated boost submodule for property_tree -
Abhi_ 09:12 so WIX can be used as a wizard to perform this download and installation process
neilg_ 09:12 Not the download part but certainly the installation part. It will install it somewhere and register the DLL for you
Abhi_ 09:12 ok
Neil when you say download the plugin
FB_GitHubBot 09:12 FireBreath: firebreath-1.3 Kalev Lember * dc458f8 (1 files in 1 dirs): Updated boost submodule for property_tree -
neilg_ 09:12 WiX generates an installer for you that contains the plugin and will install it to a location and register the DLL for you so it should "just work" for your users
Abhi_ 09:12 document.getElementById("DivActivex2").innerHTML="<object id=\"plugin2\" type=\"application/x-plugin\" width=\"0%\" height=\"0%\" visibility=\"hidden\" ></object>";
neilg_ 09:12 But the website has to give them the download link
Yep, that's very similar to what I have ;)
Abhi_ 09:12 so this is how i am using my plugin
neilg_ 09:12 Yup, I dynamically add it to the page as well
Abhi_ 09:12 i have not yet got the idea how to download it
and then later how to use WIX
i am sorry
for asking so many questions
but m new to this development
neilg_ 09:12 So, let's say you've written the code to call a function on the plugin and now you know whether the plugin is installed or not. You're with me so far?
Abhi_ 09:12 yes
neilg_ 09:12 Then you could do something like document.getElementById("DivActivex2").innerHTML="<p>The plugin isn't installed. Please download and install the latest plugin from <a href=\"\">here</a></p>";
Abhi_ 09:12 ok neil
but do i need to create an exe for that
neilg_ 09:12 Or you could use JavaScript to redirect to a different page
Abhi_ 09:12 to download a plugin
lets say my plugin is x.dll at http://localhost:8080
and i wanna download it from there
neilg_ 09:12 Yes, that's right - and that's what WiX is for. If you look inside your projects directory that created for you and then inside your plugin's directory then Win\Wix then you'll see a WiX script that was generated
That WiX script will create an installer for you that will package up your .dll plugin and install it
amackera 09:12 Abhi_: The reason distributing .dll files is not ideal is that it's generally hard for the user to figure out how to install them
Abhi_ 09:12 oh ok
neilg_ 09:12 You can't just have them download a DLL, that won't work because... right, as amackera says. People just don't understand them. Besides, you want to make it easy for people to use! :)
Abhi_ 09:12 absolutely
I got that
now Neil
neilg_ 09:12 I just remembered that there's some example JavaScript for you inside FireBreath inside the Installer\js path
Abhi_ 09:12 let me check that
give me a sec
yes I can see that
So can I call this script as it is my html
neilg_ 09:12 Right
Abhi_ 09:12 Neil I can see the .wxs file in win/wix
for my project
is that the wix file that installs my plugin
neilg_ 09:12 Yep, that's a script that WiX will you
use, not you. lol
Abhi_ 09:12 lol
Ok so here is what I got correct me if I am wrong
I shall run the fb_installer.js script on my html
to check if plugin installed or not
neilg_ 09:12 Right
Abhi_ 09:12 if not then I will have to download the plugin and let wix script perform the installation
neilg_ 09:12 Right
Well... kind of
Abhi_ 09:12 oh ok
neilg_ 09:12 To clarify: You yourself need to download and install WiX
Abhi_ 09:12 did I misunderstood something
neilg_ 09:12 If you then open the .wxs script using WiX then it will create an installer for you
That's what will be downloaded
I just wanted to clarify to make sure you're with me
Abhi_ 09:12 so I need to download myplugin.wxs script from win/wix
neilg_ 09:12 I can't help you too much when it comes to building an installer using WiX, I have my own installer using NSIS that installs our plugins. I can only tell you what to do - just not exactly how to do it
If you run WiX you should be able to open myplugin.wxs
And be able to generate the installer from that. I'd bet it's very easy!
Abhi_ 09:12 but that means the users need to have wix installed
neilg_ 09:12 I just haven't done it myself. Which is a shame since I've only heard good things about creating installers using WiX!
WiX generates an executable for you
(Well, it could be a .msi file too...)
But the only person who needs WiX is the person who creates the installer
Abhi_ 09:12 ok
neilg_ 09:12 But those are the steps and that should get you going really quickly and pretty easily
Abhi_ 09:12 let me try neil
I cant thank you enuf
I have been stuck with this problem for quite some time now
neilg_ 09:12 No problem! I was new to FireBreath just a few weeks ago too ;)
Abhi_ 09:12 even though I created my plugin but did not know how to download and install plugin
thanks so much
you gave me a lot of pointers
neilg_ 09:12 Luckily we've created plugins before so that helped a lot
Abhi_ 09:12 yeah a lot
neilg_ 09:12 No problem, hopefully you'll get this working really quickly now!
Abhi_ 09:12 neil can I bother you again in case I am stuck again
iaincollins 09:12 In two months (off and on) I think I've spent about more time on my Windows installer than on the actual plug-in development (+ Mac installer combined) :)
neilg_ 09:12 That's not a problem, I'll be around all day. I'd suggest using my whole nick though (neilg_) if I don't respond quickly - that'll make my IRC client prompt me!
I hate installers. :(
Abhi_ 09:12 sure
neilg_ 09:12 I had to use InstallShield... it was a nightmare
Abhi_ 09:12 :(
iaincollins 09:12 I wanted to have a sexy clickonce wrapper for it (for MSIE and FF 3.6) so kind of set myself up for a fall :/
but happy now it works :)
neilg_ 09:12 Here we use NSIS and I was really impressed with it at first... but now I've used it a lot I realise it's really terribly broken!
iaincollins 09:12 I was hoping to use InstallShield for that, would you recommend it?
neilg_ 09:12 We'll be moving over to WiX soon (which should at least solve the issues I have with NSIS!)
iaincollins 09:12 (Using WiX + custom exe do to handle some stuff a bit better than Windows Installer does natively)
Oh I see :)
neilg_ 09:12 I would recommend WiX. I've only ever heard good things - and the fact that Microsoft themselves used it for Visual Studio 2010 and Office 2010 speaks volumes!
iaincollins 09:12 Heh oh I didn't know that
neilg_ 09:12 InstallShield is truely a nightmare - I'd avoid it if you possibly can. You will hate yourself if you have to use it!
iaincollins 09:12 I hadn't used it till FB, it was skeptical but it's been fine
Ug, duly noted!
neilg_ 09:12 NSIS is much better but has some terrible issues. UAC has been around since, say, 2004 but NSIS still doesn't support it. That's just terrible...
iaincollins 09:12 Oh wow yeah that's bad
neilg_ 09:12 There are plugins written by the community but they have bugs too - plus NSIS plugins need to be installed in Program Files which means setting up an automated build machine gets trickier
iaincollins 09:12 Shame Microsoft didn't improve the installer in VS :-( (which is pretty basic, but has some weird hidden and esotric stuff)
neilg_ 09:12 I agree. But with WiX getting such major support it seems like it's the new way forward! :)
iaincollins 09:12 Hmm yeah... maybe MS will adopt it :-)
neilg_ 09:12 Well, WiX generates MSI files which is the Microsoft installer format - so I'm not sure whether they ever would. Maybe? They tend to be really good with developers
kalev_ 09:12 taxilian: so, how did your test go?
taxilian 10:12 I think it went okay
I've find out in a week or so
good to have it over with. one more test and this class is over
neilg_: there is a better way to detect if the plugin is installed or not
at least on firefox
and other npapi browsers
Abhi_: you don't need to download the .wxs; if you install WiX and then re-run the prep script it will be generated for you
iaincollins 10:12 taxilian: Good luck with your results!
(Unless failing means you have to do it over, and have time to keep working on the plug-in, in which case, crash and burn :P)
taxilian 10:12 lol. no, if I have to retake this class I'll have about 8 fewer hours per week to work on FB next semester
believe me, you want me to pass this class :-P
iaincollins 10:12 okay, in that case the good luck thing :)
taxilian 10:12 I think I did fine; if so, it means that I've passed the class even if I fail the final, since he drops 1 test score (out of 6)
and I've done decent to well on all the others
so it feels really good to get that out of the way
iaincollins 10:12 Handed over plug-in release canidate to the online team today (hence being offline, lots of network testing and the test systems were unavaible for a couple of days)
oh cool :)
FB_GitHubBot 10:12 FireBreath: firebreath-1.3 Kalev Lember * aad54a0 (1 files in 1 dirs): cmake: Don't try to remove duplicates from an empty list ... -
taxilian 10:12 iaincollins: awesome
iaincollins 10:12 Of course it's one month late, and the lack of testing means it will be super basic (just used to confirm what home router a customer has and display some information from it (wireless username and password I think)
but that's primarily a business thing, as that's the most economically useful thing it can currently do
(as that's what people call to ask for, because they don't know about router admin interfaces and they've long since lost the manual)
(people buy things at xmas, e.g. netbooks, probably ipads this year, and then call us as their service provdier, so that's the big commercial incentive)
will be adding the more interesting funky local network mapping stuf over on our Labs site for public testing at the same time :)
I've read your blog post on pointer handling about 3 times now (and think I need to read it once more :) super helpful thanks
taxilian 10:12 hehe. glad the blog post is helpful
neilg_ 10:12 taxilian: Sorry for the late reply, I was just getting lunch
taxilian 10:12 np
wow. we're getting a lot of new faces lately. welcome
iaincollins 10:12 I currently store detected devices as vector of FB::JSAPIPtr's - which are of type boost::shared_ptr<NetworkDevice::GenericDevice>, or a more specific device type that derives from GenericDevice (e.g. DSLRouter, Computer, GamesConsole, XBox360, etc)
neilg_ 10:12 The way we use to detect plugins is probably better than what's in the .js example in FireBreath because it works in non-NPAPI browsers
But it involves using JavaScript to try and call something in the plugin inside a try...catch block
taxilian 10:12 if you only use one method, then yes
elthariel_ 10:12 Hi taxilian, i introduces you xin, one of two new interns in my lab who'll work on a firebreath based plugin
taxilian 10:12 but that can cause some weird issues on firefox sometimes
cool. welcome, xin =]
xin 10:12 hi
neilg_ 10:12 That works in all browsers that we've tested - but it does mean the plugin has to implement that function
That's why I like using .version() because it makes sense for all plugins to have that anyway
taxilian 10:12 neilg_: this is true; I just use a different method on IE from on npapi browsers
neilg_ 10:12 You'll only regret not having something like it at some point n the future
What do you do?
taxilian 10:12 *sigh*. nobody reads my old blog posts anymore. *pout*
iaincollins 10:12 (anyway, may have a question about that, but basically extending FB::JSAPIAuto and using the shared pointer seems to be pretty magic :)
taxilian 10:12 iaincollins: the shared_ptr is actually pretty simple, you're just thinking about it too hard
if http were working here on campus, neilg_, I'd find and send you a link
iaincollins 10:12 yeah, I don't fully grok it :/
taxilian 10:12 but if you look on colonelpanic, I think the blog post you're looking for is from January 2009
neilg_ 10:12 That's okay, there's no rush. Just interested. :) The best way I know of is to rely on the JavaScript contract to throw an exception if it tries to call a non-existing function. Of course if you don't handle it then JavaScript is going to stop executing but...
iaincollins 10:12 Regarding plugin detection, FYI this is what I'm currently doing for that (currently unpublished)
could certainly stand to be improved, but might have some helpful elements for someone
taxilian 10:12
this is how I usually detect on IE
and then on npapi you can detect without even instantiating the object, which is nice
neilg_ 10:12 Ah, you use a property in the plugin
taxilian 10:12 it would be awesome (hint to everyone) if someone were to create a wiki page on install and upgrade issues
iaincollins 10:12 I was thinking of looking at that once I fully understand them :-)
(been trying to track rough notes in private wiki space for now :)
ooh part two!
taxilian 10:12 lol. I don't even fully understand them, and I've been doing it for years
neilg_ 10:12 Essentially we do the same thing!
iaincollins 10:12 I read part one of that a couple of times but didn't see a part two :/
Hmm yes "fully understand" might be ambitious :)
taxilian 10:12 iaincollins: yeah, part 2 has some important points in it (I think; been a *long* time since I read that)
btw, iaincollins: feel free to move that page to the main wiki; it has enough info to be useful
iaincollins 10:12 kk will do (also a couple of other things I'd forgotten about, but suspect might be handy for newbies)
taxilian 10:12 I've actually given it to a few people already
it would be good to improve the WiX template to incorporate some of that stuff by default
iaincollins 10:12 I think I ended up with an std::vector<FB::JSAPIPtr> (which point to shared_ptr's because I dynamically change the device type and I was having issues otherwise (the device properties are interactible with get/set via Plugin.Network.Device( [int] ).someProperty ) ...
but that is just a generic comprehension failure on my part
taxilian 10:12 so what is it that you're not getting about how FB::JSAPIPtr works?
iaincollins 10:12 but when I sort my head round that I'd like to write an example :)
I'm not sure :( I actually have to work that out first before I can ask
taxilian 10:12 think of it as automatic garbage collection
as long as there exists a shared_ptr that has that object assigned to it, it will not get released
just make sure you don't make a circular reference
iaincollins 10:12 thanks, I'll hammer that out maybe next week (would only take a day to step back and think about but just been snowed under with other stuff atm so not had a clear head)
dreaming about plug-in install dialogs definately the low point of my week though
taxilian 10:12 lol
I know that feeling, believe me
I'm the one who had to figure out the initial WiX stuff :-P now I've forgotten all of it, and it's kinda nice, actually.... =]
iaincollins 10:12 hehe
oh, quickie
about threading...
Is that okay, or should I tread carefully?
or should I go and search the blogs/wiki for info? :)
or ... hmm should I just read "FireBreath Tips: Asynchronous Javascript Calls" ...
(sorry, been meaning to ask you that for a week or two)
taxilian 10:12 lol
well, that definitely has some useful info in it
threading isn't bad, just be carefulish
normal rules apply, JSObject methods should be safe, though
iaincollins 10:12 oh wow that page is totally awesome
that's EXACTLY what I wanted
taxilian 10:12 I aim to please
iaincollins 10:12 (some devices are sub-second to probe for info, but some are rubbish and take a few seconds so am currently "managing" that via JS and nice UI)
taxilian 10:12 yeah
what you're doing you should probably use threads for almost everything
iaincollins 10:12 yeah :)
taxilian 10:12 and yet people complain that a simple plugin is 500KB... :-P
iaincollins 10:12 I remember some mumbling about it so avoided it until I had time to ask what the gotcha's were
taxilian 10:12 the gotchas are "use FireBreath 1.3 or later" :-P
also, now that we're on github you can git the firebreath-1.3 branch and get bugfixes just by doing a pull
or just use master
and help me test things :-P
it's pretty stable
iaincollins 10:12 oooh github!
taxilian 10:12 lol. you really have been gone for a few days
source code has moved
iaincollins 10:12 erm yes :)
I've been waiting for some power cables for the test machines and DSL lines next to me :/
taxilian 10:12 well,
iaincollins 10:12 (so have been using my Mac + Vmware and a single nic for everything, which has been fun)
taxilian 10:12 I've been pretty happy with it so far
iaincollins 10:12 also on the size thing, I do live that my src dir (including build dir) is 340 MB - and the actual plugin is only 800 KB
taxilian 10:12 are you on the mailing list?
iaincollins 10:12 actually I'm not, I need to sort that out
taxilian 10:12 there is a guy who was complaining that the release build on linux is 471KB
iaincollins 10:12 lol
taxilian 10:12 because he's seen npapi plugins that were "tens of kilobytes"
iaincollins 10:12 I guess I get it, from a Linux developer PoV... but heh :)
ingrate :)
taxilian 10:12 hehe. here is the thread:
iaincollins 10:12 (I'll assume 400 KB of that is actually a compressed animiated moving image of your dog/child/etc)
taxilian 10:12 lol. Georg was doing an analysis of how much space is taken up by what, and there really wasn't much there that looked unusual
iaincollins 10:12 I think our main is even > 1 MB
taxilian 10:12 it's just that there are a lot of featuers in FireBreath, and not all can be optimized out
iaincollins 10:12 *our main website (home page)
taxilian 10:12 even if you don't use it
iaincollins 10:12 I think it's hard for people to let go of what seemed small :(
taxilian 10:12 well, I'd love to find a way to make it smaller
in the plugin world, smaller download is definitely better
but there are limits to what is possible
and I just don't have the time to try to mess with it
iaincollins 10:12 I think < 1 MB is entirely okay though
kylehuff 10:12 scrutinizing file-size and operating overhead is not a sign of appreciation for the technology or tool; it is a responsibility of the developer to justify cpu and memory cost for his/her application - that is why you can run linux or linux software on 15 year old hardware, but you cant do that with windows.
*yes, I am a Linux/Unix developer
iaincollins 10:12 I am big (no pun intended) on small file sizes
taxilian 11:12 right. well, like I said in the message... I would love for someone to go through and look for ways to decrease the size. However, if it's even possible to make it half that I'd be surprised
for what all is in there, I think FireBreath is fairly compact
neilg_ 11:12 Does it statically link against libc?
taxilian 11:12 hmm. I don't actually know
probably not
kylehuff 11:12 taxilian: I was not countering anything you said, I was addressing the "ingrate" comment
taxilian 11:12 I know
kylehuff 11:12 and I agree, for what firebreath does, it is very compact
iaincollins 11:12 .. but do like to note (when people complain when I have an app that is 5 MB, mostly installer) that app sizes are pretty huge these days, often by necessity
taxilian 11:12 still, I certainly wouldn't mind if he takes me up on my suggestion and does some digging on it himself. he might find something useful
iaincollins 11:12 (pointing at being > 10 MB is always nice to be able to do :)
taxilian 11:12 yeah. it is surprising what some people consider huge, though; told me they wouldn't use our plugin if we increased the download size from 1MB to 7MB, and it would have given them some pretty significant features
iaincollins 11:12 interesting
taxilian 11:12 do any of you guys have experience with valgrind or other related tools that could do some testing on the latest firebreath stuff?
I think we're pretty solid, but I'd like to have some more solid tests run
kylehuff 11:12 so, taxilian; in line with that post you linked about disabling the GUI; that is exactly what I want to do - and my plan was to figure it out today. so your link was in good timing.
taxilian 11:12 great; it's in my fork on github, and WarGloom says it works on linux
I haven't tested fully on windows or mac yet
on windows it's probably not quite there yet; it should force windowless mode, and currently does not (I think)
on the other hand, that's probably not that big of a deal on windows
on linux having GUI support actually adds dependencies
on windows it doesn't
neilg_ 11:12 Anybody read this yet?
kylehuff 11:12 Windows I am not concerned about so much, it is the mac that want to be able to compile without using the xcode IDE..
(end result goal)
taxilian 11:12 kylehuff: ahh. we're talking about different things, then
you can already do it without the IDE
doing it without XCode at all requires the cmake patch
kylehuff 11:12 yeah, but I thought it requires libraries that come with xcode if you are doing drawing..
taxilian 11:12 I believe those are there anyway
and you can just turn off all of the drawing models
in which case you shouldn't need any of them
iaincollins|away 11:12 neilg_: Nooooo! (he says, from an entirely selfish point of view)
taxilian 11:12 kylehuff: if you build cmake from here:
and then use this:
then you should be able to build with makefiles
kylehuff 11:12 taxilian: great; thanks! now, if I can get my vbox image to stay running long enough...
taxilian 11:12 but you know you can build from the command line with xcode, right?
kylehuff 11:12 taxilian: I was trying to get around downloading the many GB xcode IDE and it's related BS
taxilian 11:12 ahh
kylehuff 11:12 I don't have an actual MAC, I'm using virtualbox, and on my underpowered laptop it is not very powerful.
taxilian 11:12 I don't think you need any frameworks if you disable the GUI (or just set all event/drawing models to 0)
you will, however, need the patched cmake to use makefiles to build a plugin
and I don't know how to use makefiles to do a fat (32 and 64 bit) binary
the cmake patch is scheduled for 2.8.4, which means it might make it into an actual cmake build by Feb....
kylehuff 11:12 cool; I am still using FB 1.2.2, so I need to update..
taxilian 11:12 yeah, you definitely want to update. it shouldn't be too hard. the trickiest bit is the change from FB::JSObject to FB::JSObjectPtr
and BrowserHost to BrowserHostPtr
neilg_ 11:12 I need to figure out (when I get to that point) how to make sure it ONLY generates 32-bit x86 plugins because some of the libraries I'm using are x86 only
kylehuff 11:12 I remember doing that already, so must be further than 1.2.2
taxilian 11:12 it's just a flag to pass into cmake
kylehuff: if you're already on 1.3 something then there are no breaking changes
do you have Factory.cpp in your project?
with an object extending FactoryBase?
kylehuff 11:12 I have a FactoryMain.cpp in my project
taxilian 11:12 ok, then you aren't on 1.3.0 release
you need to update to use the new Factory
just copy it from fbgen/src/
it should be pretty easy to see what you need to change
kylehuff 11:12 roger; I'm cloning the git repo now
taxilian 11:12 the cmake one?
kylehuff 11:12 no, firebreath
taxilian 11:12 ahh
kylehuff 11:12 btw; I don't know that anyone has a use for it, but I put together a C utilty a few months ago to pack+sign chrome/chromium extensions without needing the chrome binary (for build environments) and also that doesn't need OpenSSL for the signing (statically linked)
taxilian 11:12 cool
Abhi_ 12:12 Hey neilg_
I tried creating a installer for my plugin
but after I ran the msi i am not sure where does my dll gets stored
taxilian 12:12 Abhi_: I think it goes somewhere under %appdata%
by default
what version of windows are you on?
it should say in the .wxs
or you could check in the registry. HKCU/Programs/MozillaPlugins
Abhi_ 12:12 ok
i checked under registry
I do not find anything
Hey taxilian
is it the same also for IE
Hey Taxilian
I guess I am doing something wrong
I am sorry for asking so many questions
but if you could pls help it would be really great
I am on XP
taxilian 12:12 I'm back
did you download the wxs from somewhere?
Abhi_ 12:12 no I generated my project
taxilian 12:12 good
Abhi_ 12:12 through
created my own plugin
i have the dll with me
i took my dll + .wxs file
at once place
taxilian 12:12 there is your problem. you don't have to run wix yourself
where is the wxs file come from?
Abhi_ 12:12 when i created my project
wxs was created
under win/wxs
for my project
taxilian 12:12 actually, it was created when you ran the prep script after you installed wix
but good
open the project in visual studio
Abhi_ 12:12 okay
taxilian 12:12 there should be an installer project
you just build that
it will make your MSI
Abhi_ 12:12 let me check one more time
I am sorry to ask this
but can you pls tell me the name of installer project
i see whole lot of projects
taxilian 12:12 I honestly don't remember; it'll have installer in the name
Abhi_ 12:12 i actullay opened my project
taxilian 12:12 you should have opened build/FireBreath.sln right?
Abhi_ 12:12 yeah
taxilian 12:12 ok; then one of the projects should have installer in the name
Abhi_ 12:12 Actually not
taxilian 12:12 run your prep script again, then
it will be <plugin name>_WiXInstall
Abhi_ 12:12 though I can a number of WXI_projects
let me try to rerun
the script
yes I can see that now
install project
neilg_ 12:12 Sorry, I was on a call so I didn't get back to the computer until now
Abhi_ 12:12 hey no problem neilg_
taxilian have been helping me out
neilg_ 12:12 He knows more than I do anyway, FireBreath is his baby! :) I've just been learning a lot. Still am!
kylehuff 12:12 hmm, am I missing something as far as compiling without GTK on Linux? I've set the "set(FB_GUI_DISABLED 1)" directive, but it keeps saying "no ‘gboolean FB::PluginWindowX11::_EventCallback(GtkWidget*, GdkEvent*, void*)’ member function declared in class ‘FB::PluginWindowX11’"
I am using the git repo, btw
taxilian 12:12 kylehuff: my bet is that you cloned the main one instead of mine
the FB_GUI_DISABLED flag support is still just in my repo
in my fork
I want to test it more before putting it in the main one
kylehuff 12:12 taxilian: yeah, I didn't catch that
I am cloning it now
I was thinking your branch was needed for the mac cmake building
after reading it again, it is clear I am just an idiot
=c )
taxilian 13:12 netjunki: welcome =]
we're really getting a lot of new faces lately
neilg_ 13:12 Yup, looks like FireBreath is really taking off!
Goes to show that many people have ideas for plugins, the lack of documentation and the difficulty to begin writing one has clearly put people off... :)
taxilian 13:12 aparently so =]
I feel like I'm starting to have an impact on the world... :-P if only a small part
Abhi_ 13:12 hey taxilian
taxilian 13:12 sup?
Abhi_ 13:12 for sure u r making an impact
taxilian 13:12 hehe
Abhi_ 13:12 atleast on me
I am highly influenced by ur project
taxilian 13:12 gotta say, though, the firebreath community is the best part of this project for me
Abhi_ 13:12 I agree
taxilian 13:12 we have some pretty awesome people around here
Abhi_ 13:12 and now onwards even I would like to be actively involved
taxilian 13:12 there is plenty to do, from docs to examples to features to bugs
Abhi_ 13:12 though I maynot be that awesome
taxilian 13:12 lol. sometimes awesomeness grows with time and practice ;-)
Abhi_ 13:12 lol
anyways taxilian
I actually rebuild the entire sln
with my plugin
as you said
i can see wixobj,wxs files
but not the msi
taxilian 13:12 it'll be in the build directory with the .dll
Abhi_ 13:12 absolutely
as you said
cant thank you enuf
netjunki 13:12 @taxilian hello... was reading the recent logs since I figured better not to be asking questions that are already being discussed. :-)
taxilian 13:12 netjunki: yeah, one of these days one of us will find time to write something to make the logs easily searchable and useable
netjunki 13:12 taxilian: can you force google to index them. ;-)
taxilian 13:12 I can probably get google to index them
but it will not be as good as if we made a nice system
netjunki 13:12 anyway... I was trying to sort out some issue with WiX. But let me finish catching up on the current thread with Abhi_ in the logs first...
taxilian 13:12 yeah, that may well help
are you someone we know already from the list?
netjunki 13:12 no... but I've been following development of FireBreath for a few months and am involved in a project to leverage it for a speech recognizer plug-in to the browser...
previously we implemented a Java Applet with a native DLL component... but that's proven to have some serious problems on the testing front.
taxilian 13:12 awesome
it's always fun to have people pop out of the woodwork and find out more people are using firebreath than we know. there are over 130 people on the mailing list, but it makes me wonder how many are actually using FireBreath
netjunki 13:12 though I still personally feel that we should try to implement our entire ASR using Flash via Adobe's Alchemy tool... but that's MUCH harder and technically risky than a native plug-in
taxilian 13:12 would be really nice to have a list of companies that were using it so that people could see (and me too for that matter) how mature it's become
hmm. I would be of two minds on that; flash isn't nearly as powerful, but install would be less of a pain and no cross-platform issues
netjunki 13:12 that's my thinking... but we'll keep researching it... the rest of our platform is written in flash... so it kind of makes sense for us
taxilian 13:12 in general I'm not really a fan of platforms written in flash, however :-P
netjunki 13:12 yeah... don't really want to get into that. :-)
anyway... now that I've caught up... I'm trying to build the WiX installer...
taxilian 13:12 well, if you decide to use a plugin, FireBreath is definitely the way to go (in my total objective and unbiased opinion). let us know if you need any help
netjunki 13:12 in the sln there doesn't appear to be an installer project... is there some reason this wouldn't get generated... or maybe looking for the wrong name...
I generated my build directory like this:
taxilian 13:12 did you have WiX installed when you ran the prep script?
netjunki 13:12 firebreath-1.3.0\prep2010.cmd projects build
so that I can make sure to keep the code separate
taxilian 13:12 problem #2: update to firebreath-1.3.1 =]
netjunki 13:12 okay... let's start there... one sec
taxilian 13:12 but that won't affect WiX
you need to have WiX installed (in the expected location) in order for it to generate the installer project
then run prep2010.cmd again
netjunki 13:12 what's the expected location? (current in C:\Program Files(x86)\Windows Installer XML...
taxilian 13:12 the best way to use firebreath, actually, is (IMO) to get it from git; you can either work off of the trunk (master branch) or firebreath-1.3 which will be updated more often than the releases, but always be stable
the default location should work
must be WiX 3.0 or later
there are the locations it looks in
netjunki 13:12 taxilian: that's weird... when I tried to run the prep2010 using firebreath-1.3.1... it put the resulting file into that directory. :-/
I'm reinstalling wix... since something seems broken...
taxilian 13:12 but with 1.3.0 it didn't?
huh. I can't say that the wix stuff has had an enourmous amount of troubleshooting done... but that's because it seems to have pretty much just worked for everyone since I put it in in January
and that was so long ago I don't think I really remember how it works =]
netjunki 13:12 taxilian: it does the right thing with 1.3.0... grabbing an updated copy of wix now...
taxilian 13:12 well, gents, keep helping each other =] I gotta go run and get some lunch and talk to a teacher
I'll be back on in 45 min or so when my next class starts :-P
netjunki 13:12 ttyl
taxilian 13:12 netjunki: neilg_ knows the WiX stuff about as well as anyone; iaincollins as well, if he's around
netjunki 13:12 hmmm... wix isn't working even with the examples... curious... (using wix 3.5 downloaded from here:
in the VS2010 shell there is a WIX environment variable set with the correct path
kylehuff 14:12 is something different regarding the boost threading from 1.2.0? the latest branch (and even taxilian's branch) got me further; but now I see this: - my project has not changed other than fixing the breaking changes (FactoryMain being replaced with Factory.cpp, etc)
neilg_ 14:12 kylehuff: Did you remove HandleEvent from your plugin?
Because that's what the errors complain about
kylehuff 14:12 hmm, i'm not specifically using any events in my plugin..
neilg_ 14:12 Oh, you're upgrading from 1.2 to 1.3? I think that's something you'll have to add then
kylehuff 14:12 grep returns nothing for "HandleEvent" in my project dir
yes, from 1.2 to 1.3
neilg_ 14:12 The best suggestion I can make for you is to generate another project using fbgen so you can copy what you need back into your source
I know it's not the _best_ thing in the world but I don't know what changed between 1.2 and 1.3 to be able to offer any other advice
kylehuff 14:12 okay, I am currently comparing the examples with my project files, if that doesn't turn up the answer I will use
neilg_ 14:12 Sure, that sounds like a good plan
kylehuff 14:12 I only care to do it that way, because I want to know what I missed - so it can be added to the docs if it in fact is not there already
netjunki 14:12 neilg_: taxilian suggest I ask you if I ran into other problems... I started poking at the wix.cmake to try and figure out why it wasn't working... it seems to be messing up when doing FIND_PATH and setting WIX_ROOT_DIR to WIX_ROOT_DIR-NOTFOUND... if I hardcode the WIX location SET (WIX_ROOT_DIR "$ENV{WIX}") everything seems to work... maybe a bug? maybe something weird about my machine...
neilg_ 14:12 Sounds like you haven't restarted cmd since installing wix?
WiX adds itself to the environment but cmd takes a copy of the environment when it starts
I'm no expert at WiX but that's my best guess. :)
netjunki 14:12 I restarted command and the WIX environment variable was set... that's what's confusing me here...
neilg_ 14:12 Yup, that's what it was then. I've been bitten by things like that before too!
netjunki 14:12 well... this is all much nicer than the crazy build system I used to have written in 6000 lines of DOS batch scripts. :-)
neilg_ 14:12 Cool, glad it's working for you!
taxilian 14:12 kylehuff: did you figure out your issue?
netjunk: where is WiX installed? It may be that FireBreath doesn't work with 3.5
I've only used 3
kylehuff 14:12 taxilian: I am comparing a new fbgen with what I have, and I have found several places where, for example, myPluginAPI.cpp and .h are totally different (in terms of object initialization) than the generated source
I am testing now, after reconciling the differences
taxilian 14:12 you removed the event stuff
you have to have some, even if it is blank
you need at least BEGIN_PLUGIN_EVENTMAP and END
you don't need any of the things inside if you don't care, but you have to have the macro to implement the HandleEvent function
kylehuff 14:12 taxilian: that is most likely my issue then; I commented out the entire map
taxilian 14:12 yep, that'd do it
next time, look at what the macro does before you comment it out =]
and, btw, that would have happened on 1.0 as well
netjunki 14:12 taxilian: looking at the wix.cmake it uses FIND_PATH to search through a few locations looking for WIX using this WIX_POSSIBLE_ROOT_DIRS... but I think something is breaking with this first location "${WIX_ROOT_DIR}"... let me experiment with that really quick actually
kylehuff 14:12 yeah, I was removing references to PluginWindow, and commented out the entire block
taxilian 14:12 might also be a good idea to add the environment variable in the possible roots
netjunki 14:12 anyway... removing that line didn't fix it either... so I suspect maybe some kind of issue with FIND_PATH on my system...
taxilian 14:12 I doubt it
where is candle.exe located?
netjunki 14:12 Program Files (x86)/Windows Installer XML v3.5/bin
I actually need to take off for a bit (1-2h) but I can take a deeper look into this when I get back
taxilian 14:12 add a message("WiX search: ${WIX_POSSIBLE_ROOT_DIRS}") before FIND_PATH
see if it is getting the env var
netjunki 14:12 DBG (WIX_POSSIBLE_ROOT_DIRS=WIX_ROOT_DIR-NOTFOUND;C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Installer XML v3.5\;"C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Installer XML v3.5";C:\Prog ram Files (x86)/Windows Installer XML;C:\Program Files (x86)/Windows Installer X ML v3
netjunki_away 14:12 back in a bit... If you have other tests... I'll give them a try when I get back
FB_GitHubBot 15:12 FireBreath: master Richard Bateman * b3831d6 (1 files in 1 dirs): Fixed issue that prevented WiX 3.5 from working correctly -
kylehuff 15:12 hell yeah.. my .so file just went from 51 links to just 10 links...
taxilian 15:12 lol
FB_GitHubBot 15:12 FireBreath: firebreath-1.3 Richard Bateman * 13974a5 (1 files in 1 dirs): Fixed issue that prevented WiX 3.5 from working correctly ... -
taxilian 15:12 netjunki: when you get back, the fix for your issue is in the firebreath-1.3 branch (also in master)
kylehuff 15:12 gtk was adding a crap ton of links, but now it is pretty clean
taxilian 15:12 yeah
on the other hand, if you have firefox installed then you have all of those dependencies anyway
kylehuff 15:12 yeah, but now I don't need gtk-dev for my build system
taxilian 15:12 true
and that's the main reason I implemented that feature
kylehuff 15:12 well, it rocks
taxilian 15:12 I just need to finish it in windows and test it on mac
and I can put it in trunk
this is the oldest issue in the system
issue #23
that's how long it's been there :-P
FB_GitHubBot 15:12 FireBreath: master Richard Bateman * 0e69bee (1 files in 1 dirs): Fixed typo in UploadQueue.cpp -
taxilian 15:12 I like that githubbot
Plasma- 15:12 taxilian: heh; the test plugin works for me when I build it; but a build of a blank plugin (by just running fbgen & prep2008) doesnt work on safari
is there perhaps a config error in the fbgen im entering thats breaking safari
taxilian 15:12 Plasma-: hmm. I wouldn't think so, but if so it'd be something unusual in the PluginConfig.cmake file
Plasma- 15:12 just made a basic plugin - anything wrong there? is the fb test pluginm - I notice a leading @ in the mozilla_pluginid; that didnt help though when I edited my file to have that
taxilian 15:12 hmm. no, it looks good to me
I have no idea
Plasma- 16:12 if your able to; does building your own fresh plugin using fbgen work for you in safari?
I know the template plugin does pretty much nothing; maybe safari ignores it
taxilian 16:12 Plasma-: Aparently so, since my plugin that I created a few days ago when I made the video tutorial for windows is working fine
Plasma- 16:12 what on earth is happening :(
taxilian 16:12 perhaps the plugin gods are displeased with you
Plasma- 16:12 is there something in the build sequence thats installing the plugni or something and thats failing
taxilian 16:12 no
Plasma- 16:12 I notice the test plugin is different to the generated plugins slightly
taxilian 16:12 the only thing I can think of is if the resource is not working correctly
Plasma- 16:12 what resource?
taxilian 16:12 it'll be in build/projects/<plugin>/gen/*.rc
the strings resource
Plasma- 16:12 and why would it fail
taxilian 16:12 if that isn't working right, or if something is weird (to Safari) in the registry entry
those are the things that would cause this to happen
Plasma- 16:12 (trying to install fb 1.3.1 atm, hitting an error during prep2008 though: )
I dont understand though why the freshly generated plugin fails; but works for you, but the fbtest plugin also works for me if I build it
taxilian 16:12 did you download the archive or check it out from git?
I guess you must have downloaded the archive
Plasma- 16:12 yeah just the archive
taxilian 16:12 hang on
Plasma- 16:12 ill just install boost myself if I need to by grabbing it directly
taxilian 16:12 that's one way; download it from the firebreath-boost and put it in place
but hang on, I want to fix this bug =]
Plasma- 16:12 sure
FYI; had to comment out the 'curl' download attempt too in common.cmake heh; I have curl in my path on windows but it didnt know what the -k option was :)
I must have an old copy
taxilian 16:12 hmm
you must
-k should make it ignore a bad cert
Plasma- 16:12 since the fbtest plugin sounds like its using an older code base (not 1.3.0) since its different to the output I get with fbgen, and I assume your running trunk of fb; ill try upgrading to the latest version (1.3.1 or github trunk) and see if I can build a plugin that way
taxilian 16:12 you must have commented out more than you should have
Plasma- 16:12 it could just be the version im on thats busted?
taxilian 16:12 fbtest plugin is building off of your same local firebreath
FB_GitHubBot 16:12 FireBreath: firebreath-1.3 Richard Bateman * 7f3971d (1 files in 1 dirs): Changed order to prefer wget (which is packaged on windows with firebreath) over curl -
taxilian 16:12 ok, grab the latest archive now
and don't change anything
it should work
Plasma- 16:12 ok ?
taxilian 16:12 that'll work; that's the dev copy
no it won't yet
let me push
Plasma- 16:12 then ?
just wanted to check :)
taxilian 16:12 yes, easiest for now
Plasma- 16:12 ta
taxilian 16:12 though you're welcome to use the other one; that's the 1.4 branch
lots of experimental stuff in there, but none that is used by default I don't think
in FireBreath even dev is pretty stable
FB_GitHubBot 16:12 FireBreath: master Richard Bateman * 6a5b3ce (1 files in 1 dirs): Changed order to prefer wget (which is packaged on windows with firebreath) over curl -
Plasma- 16:12 unfortunately: ~:(
maybe ill just make the dir
taxilian 16:12 did you change anything?
Plasma- 16:12 nope
taxilian 16:12 the curl stuff?
Plasma- 16:12 it downloaded it fine this time
but theres a 2nd error about a dir not being available
taxilian 16:12 no it didn't
Plasma- 16:12 I also have 7z and wget in my paths
taxilian 16:12 that's really weird; it thinks it can't find wget
or curl
well, just download it
put it in the src/3rdParty/boost dir
Plasma- 16:12 its downloaded firebreath-firebreath-boost-055d2f5.tar.gz in \build
but not extracted
taxilian 16:12 check the file size
Plasma- 16:12 4.16mb
taxilian 16:12 really? wow
Plasma- 16:12 theres also boost.tar.gz at 8kb
taxilian 16:12 wait...
Plasma- 16:12 ah looks to be the wget log
taxilian 16:12 okay, that's strange
your wget must use different options
Plasma- 16:12 yeh, dw
taxilian 16:12 wait a sec..
think I know what is wrong
can you try deleting those, then change the -o to -O?
in the wget section in common.cmake
Plasma- 16:12 ok
taxilian 16:12 the weird thing is that it works on my machine...
Plasma- 16:12 fyi the wget in my path is v1.10.2 and has:
Logging and input file:
-o, --output-file=FILE log messages to FILE.
-O, --output-document=FILE write documents to FILE.
taxilian 16:12 right
so oes mine
it should be -O
I don't know why or how it works at all for me
maybe it's actually using curl and I didn't notice :-P
Plasma- 16:12 ok made the change, ddownloading
taxilian 16:12 thanks for helping me troubleshoot this
Plasma- 16:12 this time im seeing the wget download progress in the console, unlike before
taxilian 16:12 good
Plasma- 16:12 its extracting it now afaik, will let u know in a sec
yeah even the copyu of wget you include with fb has -O and -o as above
taxilian 16:12 yeah
I noticed =]
Plasma- 16:12 ok its installed successfully now
taxilian 16:12 like I said, not sure how it was working when I tested
Plasma- 16:12 yeah; it probably had curl working first so you never noticed :)
taxilian 16:12 that should work pretty well... just have to have the options right :-P
Plasma- 16:12 ok, now to build this plugin with the latest 1.3 branch and ill see how it goes *fingers crossed*
FB_GitHubBot 16:12 FireBreath: firebreath-1.3 Richard Bateman * a373d00 (1 files in 1 dirs): Fixed typo in auto-download with wget -
FireBreath: master Richard Bateman * 440dff8 (1 files in 1 dirs): Fixed typo in auto-download with wget -
taxilian 16:12 that should do it
Plasma- 16:12 cool
this safari thing aside :p nice work on the fbgen scripts etc to get up and running quickly, very useful
looking at some projects people release and your eyes glaze over at the amount of setup/prep needed to even get something working :)
taxilian 16:12 thansk
yeah, that's the reason we package boost
otherwise you'd be stuck waiting for boost to install for 30 minutes
you can use system boost if you want, but most don't
I'm working on a web-based version of fbgen that will be available to those who donate to the project
it will be a whole lot more powerful, though
Plasma- 16:12 get through that maths test?
taxilian 16:12 options for overriding classes, setting up cross-plugin-instance comunication, host-based security, etc
Plasma- 16:12 I hated maths at school haha
taxilian 16:12 yeah, I think it went pretty well
this one was statistics
one more week, one more test, and the class is over
kylehuff: you around?
kylehuff 16:12 nam
ugh, yes
taxilian 16:12 can you test and let me know if the FB_GUI_DISABLED flag seems to work right on mac?
kylehuff 16:12 taxilian: okay, either tonight or tomorrow I will do that and let you know
taxilian 16:12 ok
I might get to it sooner, but not sure
finishing it on windows now
should be working on a homework assignment :-P
last day of class is a week from today
finals the week after
kylehuff 16:12 ah, yeah, I would do it now, but I have to leave soon and I don't even have git installed on my MAC image
Plasma- 16:12 still doesnt work *boggle*
taxilian 16:12 send me a .zip of your project
(or whatever your fav archive format is)
Plasma- 16:12 ran fbgen, prep2008, built the solution, cd build/bin/plasma/release/ and regsvr32 npplasma.dll succeeds; doesnt appear. Tried copying the file to safari's plugins folder too, no luck
taxilian 16:12 does it work in firefox?
Plasma- 16:12 oh - I think I asked before but what OS are you on? Im on win7 64bit; and safari is 32bit at c:\program fiels(x86)\safari
taxilian 16:12 win7 64 bit
Plasma- 16:12 is your safari 32 or 64bit by chance?
I think its just in 32bit atm
taxilian 16:12 32
Plasma- 16:12 yup appears in firefox's about:plugins
taxilian 16:12 you have to intentionally compile a firebreath plugin for 64 bit on windows
Plasma- 16:12 Plasma
File: npPlasma.dll
in firefox
regsvr32 /u npplasma.dll removes it
taxilian 16:12 send me the project dir
i'll see if it works for me
Plasma- 16:12 will do
build\projects\plasma yeah?
taxilian 16:12 no
you never ever ever reuse anything in build/
build is disposable
you can delete it and recreate it at any time
I need proejcts\plasma
Plasma- 16:12 ok
theres no sln files under \projects\plasma though; so I open \build\projects\plasma\plasma.sln that way and build there
got an email address I can send this to?
taxilian 16:12 [email protected]
better to use build\FireBreath.sln
but I don't think that's likely to be your problem
Plasma- 16:12 sent
ill try building from that then
taxilian 17:12 got it
Plasma- 17:12 gonna see if it works when I build from firebreath.sln
taxilian 17:12 building
Plasma- 17:12 no difference
taxilian 17:12 I didn't expect one
well, the good(?) news is that I get the same result
so let me look at it
Plasma- 17:12 thank god im not crazy
taxilian 17:12 well, we have established that this is not just in your head
but that doesn't mean you're not crazy
Plasma- 17:12 always possible
taxilian 17:12 they aren't mutually exclusive possibilities
Plasma- 17:12 are the options I chose during fbgen
taxilian 17:12 lol
okay, you ready?
you have to have a plugin description
Plasma- 17:12 I think ive given one previously
let me build a new plugin and check
taxilian 17:12 you can just add it in the PluginConfig.cmake file
you don't have to regenerate
Plasma- 17:12 ok; let me edit my initial plugin project and check
yeah my set(FBSTRING_FileDescription "")
taxilian 17:12 yep
Plasma- 17:12 is blank atm for that project, ill add something
taxilian 17:12 put in a description and it all works
aren't plugins fun?
Plasma- 17:12 so safari windows (only) fails to load it if it has no description, yet safari mac and every other browser doesnt mind
taxilian 17:12 yep
aparently so
Plasma- 17:12 building my project atm
how'd you figure it out?
taxilian 17:12 I just looked at what was different
and thought "hmm, I've never tried that empty...."
Plasma- 17:12 hm I thought I did that before; must have missed it heh
taxilian 17:12 well, now we know
Plasma- 17:12 taxilian, legend thank you that is now working
taxilian 17:12 =]
glad we figured it out
Plasma- 17:12 you guys have a donation point for this project? happy to give something
taxilian 17:12 well, I've started unofficially accepting donations, but I haven't put anything official up yet
if you'd like to donate something it would help defray server costs
Plasma- 17:12 sure, how do I do that
I have a paypal account
taxilian 17:12 easiest way is to paypal me
[email protected]
Plasma- 17:12 done
taxilian 17:12 thank you kindly
let me know if you have any special feature requests =]
Plasma- 17:12 np
netjunki 17:12 taxilian: compiling updated sources now
Plasma- 17:12 taxilian; I suggest maybe enforcing a description then on fbgen if you havent already done that :)
nastly little bug that you wont notice most of the time
taxilian 17:12 Plasma-: yeah, I was thinking the same thing. could you add an issue for that so I don't forget?
I've got to get back to homework for tonight
Plasma- 17:12 sure
made issue 114
taxilian 17:12 cool. thx
taxilian 18:12 there, if I'm going to do something, may as well do it right
I'll keep track of the list of people who donate and give them access to the new tools whenever I finally find time to write them :-P
taxilian 18:12 kylehuff: bad news; on mac we *alwasy* need the cocoa framework
not sure if that requires xcode or not
FB_GitHubBot 18:12 FireBreath: master Richard Bateman * c397af3 (2 files in 2 dirs): Fixed issue #23 on windows (forces windowless when GUI disabled)
FireBreath: master Richard Bateman * a030ce5 (9 files in 7 dirs): Merge branch 'master' of
FireBreath: master Richard Bateman * 6994a11 (1 files in 1 dirs): Mac fix for issue #23 - disable GUI option
FireBreath: master commits 440dff8...6994a11 -
taxilian 18:12 but the canges are now live
netjunki 19:12 So... I've now got this .msi installer for my plug-in and in IE you get this annoying message about the page being restricted from running ActiveX... how do I go about disabling this? Am I correct that I need to sign the plug-in somehow? And how do I go about doing this in a FB friendly way?
taxilian 19:12 sign it like any windows DLL
that'll be half the trick
the other half iaincollins can help you with
if we ever comes back
there is a reg key you can add
that should make the yellow bar go away if it's signed
oh, here it is:[email protected]/Potential+Installer+Improvements
netjunki 19:12 thanks!
netjunki 19:12 anyway... I'm taking off for the night and will continue with things tomorrow
taxilian 19:12 good luck!
take good notes and contribute to the wiki ;-)
netjunki 19:12 taxilian: if you're interested in seeing what we plan to do with our plug-in... you can see one of our products here:
though the content is in Farsi or Chinese... but you can get the idea
taxilian 19:12 cool
when you have one for practicing Russian let me know
netjunki 19:12 we have a working Russian recognizer... but sadly nobody is currently funding that project. :-)
taxilian 19:12 =]
netjunki 19:12 ttyl
taxilian 19:12 take care
kylehuff 19:12 when you have one for practicing farsi or pushtu let me know..
netjunki 19:12 we have a pushtu product already, but it's not a web accessible version (original software was developed as a mod to Unreal Tournament)
products are free for military and I think goverment users now as well
if you've got a .mil address you can sign up for downloads
kylehuff 19:12 cool - I currently only know MSA, and would like to learn farsi moreso than pashtu;
netjunki 19:12 we also have a Dari trainer... which is closer to Farsi (or so I'm lead to understand)
kylehuff 19:12 going from MSA to a specific dialect is "supposedly" easy.. same caveat: or so I am lead to understand.. =c )
netjunki 19:12 way back in the day (the project originally started at USC) we did Levantine Arabic since it's the "closest" to MSA (that was 6 years ago)... but we quickly switched to Iraqi dialect...
anyway... gotta run... time to bake cookies. :-)
kylehuff 20:12 i read that as "time to make babies."... there is something fundamentally wrong with me..
taxilian 20:12 yes
yes there is
kylehuff 20:12 I had just flipped to this after trying to stumble through reading that page in farsi; resulted in a buffer overflow when I switched back to english
taxilian 20:12 lol
Plasma- 20:12 hey taxilian; qq RE: basic media player example plugin, I assume it just fails to do anything on mac OS since mac does not have wmp
taxilian 20:12 I think georg was working on making it work with mac stuff, but never finished it
you're welcome to :-P
Plasma- 20:12 I researched a little into mac and wmv; unfortunately I think ms dropped wmv for windows support at v9 (we're at v11/12 now) which sucked esp for drm protected content
playready drm is the new thing thats cross platform though, afaik theres code already for mac playback via silverlight
taxilian 20:12 right
I unfortunately know much more about that than I'd care to
this was just for the sake of an example
doesn't actually matter what format it plays
it's not supposed to be useful =]
Plasma- 20:12 :)
kylehuff 20:12 once macports is done updating the tree I will be installing git-core so I can test out the FB_GUI_DISABLED flag
Plasma- 20:12 I need to learn git; ive tried but got side tracked
taxilian 20:12
read chapters 2 and 3
it's the only reference I know of that is well written and comprehensive but still concise
I liked it so much I even bought a copy
Plasma- 20:12 Im going to try and get the wmp control added to the page by adding it to the plugin form instead if thats doable
taxilian 20:12 I haven't a clue what you're talking about
but good luck
Plasma- 20:12 :D
taxilian ya have 3 of those ohloh widgest on the fb homepage fyi
taxilian 21:12 I count two... which am I missing?
and is that a problem?
Plasma- 21:12 oh it just looked wrong to me, nvm :)
taxilian 21:12 I'm not real great at layout
if you have a better idea, feel free =]
kylehuff 21:12 taxilian: I noticed it too; here is a screenshot of what it is doing in chrome on debian: - it wasn't like this the other day
taxilian 21:12 weird... doesn't do that for me
it seems to behave strangely on chrome
in Mac I get a really weird layout
but only on one of my machines
Plasma- 21:12 I think its since u added the donate button actually, was working earlier today
kylehuff 21:12 yeah.. the widget still works, I assumed it was due to RTL language mode and ignored it
Plasma- 21:12 only 1 of the widgets works, the other 2 have no # in the middle
taxilian 21:12 I still can't see it
Plasma- 21:12 works ok (previous revision) maybe it needs to be on its own line
the ohloh tag
taxilian 21:12 how about now?
I can't see it at all, so...
Plasma- 21:12 yup fixed
taxilian 21:12 very strange
kylehuff 21:12 yep, fixed
macports is sooo bloody slow on this virtual image
taxilian 21:12 that I believe
btw, the FB_GUI_DISABLED fix is in trunk now
Plasma-: you could actually download the zipball if you want
kylehuff 21:12 cool, I will switch repos and do a pull and recompile under trunk
is homebrew faster than macports?
taxilian 21:12 usually
kylehuff 21:12 fyi: trunk builds the plugin fine using FB_GUI_DISABLED
taxilian 21:12 you also have to disable all the drawing libs and event models
kylehuff 21:12 sorry, that is, on linux. I am still waiting for port to finish
taxilian 21:12 on mac
kylehuff 21:12 you mean in PluginConfig? like set(FBMAC_USE_CARBON 0), set(FBMAC_USE_COCOA 0), etc. etc.
taxilian 21:12 right
kylehuff 21:12 good; cause that is what I have! =c )
taxilian 21:12 =]
kylehuff 21:12 do you know already where it makes the most sense to throw that into the wiki? I am currently twiddling my thumbs waiting for mac ports
taxilian 21:12 probably tips and tricks for now
make sure you specify that it's only in 1.4 and later (not yet released)
kylehuff 21:12 okay, will do
taxilian 21:12 I think Tips and Tricks should be expanded to "How do I...." with links to other parts of the wiki
kylehuff 21:12 done;
taxilian 21:12 wait... where did the shortened URL come from?
and thanks for putting it up, looks good
kylehuff 21:12 if you hover over "Tools" there is a "Link to this page" button with various mutations of the link to that page
taxilian 21:12 huh
kylehuff 21:12 confluence is actually more awesome than the level I had initially decided upon..
taxilian 21:12 wish it had a sitemap, though
kylehuff 21:12 taxilian: have you tried creating a page called "sitemap" using this {children:page=/|all=true} ?
taxilian 22:12 kylehuff: I need an actual sitemap.xml
for google indexing
would improve the indexing of the site
kylehuff 22:12 ohh.. gotchya
taxilian 22:12 anyone here willing to be a moderator for the firebreath list?
good night
Plasma- 22:12 nn
kylehuff 23:12 taxilian_away: I don't know what that entails (list moderator); but I am willing to help out where I can.
taxilian 23:12 kylehuff: shouldn't entail anything other than occasionally checking to see if there is anything that needs to be moderated
and accepting or rejecting it, depending on whether or not it is spam