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jshanab 08:11 I have been trying to figure out a "Chrome infinte loop on resize" issue. As soon as i resize the browser, it goes into an infinite loop calling the default winproc. I thought it was an sdl error but it turns out that directX,SFML or GLFW all show the same issue. Flash had this problem and fixed it but it is not like they post the fix. :-) Anyone have any ideas?
taxilian 11:11 jshanab: have you tried creating your own HWND and using that insetad of the one it gives you?
that way directx isn't directly tied to the browser's HWND
the next thing to try is to build chromium from source so you can debug into it and figure out what the issue actually is
jshanab 11:11 I havea lot less issues if I create my own window. But I am not sure how to posistion it in the web page. Do I create an intermediate window and have my window chase it around
taxilian 11:11 no no no
create it as a child of the parent
it can be done so you don't have to worry about resizing, it just sizes automatically to the parent
though I don't know the details of that
jshanab 11:11 Thanks. We just had a much bigger issue show up.. @#[email protected]# IE. It is invalidating a directX texture then all bets are off for display if I move the window horizontially. Which happens on resize or clip if "centered"
tpaul 13:11 Hello taxillian. Are you aware the IRC logs are redirecting to bitly?
taxilian 14:11 tpaul: yeah, the logs system is down
I should probably make it redirect somewhere else, though
the problme is that the irc logs interface hasn't been updated and doesn't do much; I've been trying to find an alternative
so far without any luck
kylehuff 14:11 is the logs interface open-source and well coded? maybe it could be improved in the absence of a better alternative.
taxilian 15:11 it is open source
in the firebreath area on github
it's in php
probably decently coded; I haven't had time to look at it
_rizzo 16:11 Anyone write a twain scanner in firebreath? Any resources to be pointed to or any feedback at all would be great! Thanks in advance