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GreenMario 12:11 Thank Richard. In addition to your sugestion I also found out that I had to set TabProcGrowth in IE registry to 0. I can't figure out still why I needed to do it though, but oh well. My 64 bit plugins are finally loading up and I can't complain :)
btw, I am sorry, I lost track of stuff on FB 2.0. Is it still not working with IE, or that's not an issue anymore?
taxilian 12:11 it's not 100% fully supported, but I think it's mostly working
the only thing I know of that doesn't work currently is that when the returned Promise is rejected it rejects with a string instead of an Error object
GreenMario 12:11 Do we still have that problem where we need to have the VS redistributables installed while building the plugin to create the msi properly?
taxilian 12:11 though the whole exception rejection thing is currently broken anyway
I don't know; I've personally never had that issue, so I can't say
seems to only affect the community edition
GreenMario 12:11 hmm, I see. yeah something is probably odd with just the community edition
taxilian 12:11 GreenMario by setting TabProcGrowth to 0 you prevent IE from launching the ActiveX control in a separate process; thus, it has to load it 64 bit
did you see the new FB 2.0 section on the website?
GreenMario 12:11 yeah, but it also kills the Enanced Protection Mode. Which is why I am wondering what's the point even of having enhanced protection mode tightly coupled to 64 bit tabs
taxilian 12:11 no idea
no idea
it's not something I have needed to care about, so I haven't dug into it :-/
GreenMario 12:11 I'm going to check out the latest on FB 2.0 now. Been meaning to do some experiments with it since a while now. But never found enough time.
yeah, no worries. looks like it's just a necessary evil. Too much mystery around browsers like IE.
taxilian 12:11 also, the branch name changed to 2.0
also, the branch name changed to 2.0
GreenMario 12:11 cool. so no more factor
taxilian 12:11 correct
GreenMario 12:11 cool. so no more refactor
got it
thanks for the help as always, Rich. I'm gonna get back to this 64 bit stuff for a bit. I'll let you know if I run into any snags while trying out FB 2.0 but great work there as usual.
People were kinda getting hopeless with plugins on Chrome, primarily :)
People were kinda getting hopeless with plugins on Chrome, primarily :)