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Enkindler 06:11 Taxilian, yea, checked the logs and di some reearch and found what out that. So I kinda started to test the deployment of the app inside my company domain and am creating a bat file to register the .dll and copy de native messaging host json to an appropiate folder...
Is there a better way to do this?... I'm asking because of what you told me once that to generate the json the projeect has to be compiled using the _dev build
taxilian 08:11 Enkindler if you have WiX installed the prep script will make you a WiX .msi installer; the template for that should install your plugin as well
though I think we fixed a bug in the wix template, so you may want to compare yours against fbgen/src/Win/WiX/template.wxs to make sure you have everything
the missing piece would be an attribute called EscapeSlashes or something similar
Enkindler 08:11 Alright, thanks... let me check if I can make it work!
after installing wix I should recompile yes?
Enkindler 09:11 Which files should I modify for the chrome extensions?... When i uploaded it, google said i needed to remove the ID, so i did on the package it self, but not the source... I Want to upate the source...
EBLancer 09:11 Hey all. Just wondering about whats involved in migrating from FB V1 to V2.
Enkindler 09:11 I haven't orked with FB 1 but reading around apparently FB 2 is basically the same, only it works with promises...
Taxilian, just a quesiton with the wix part, I installed the lates one but for some reason, re-prepping doesn't create the wix project... Any ideas?, or should I make an xml according to the template provided?
EBLancer 09:11 If they are basically the same, I wonder what changes I need to implement. We currently have a plugin being used by the public and need to update it to work as a non NPAPI to work with their browser updates.
taxilian 11:11 FYI in case eblancer comes back or checks the logs; the two biggest differences are that all APIs are now asynchronous (which may require significant-ish changes to their APIs) and there is no native drawing
Enkindler I'm not 100% if the latest wix works with it or not; firebreath/cmake/wix.cmake has the detection logic in it
and you might have to delete your build dir, I think it caches whether it found it or not
Enkindler 11:11 Should he come back and ask again I'll relay the message...
Alright... let me see... I tried creating a new build dir but didn't work
I'll check the cmake and see if it needs updating or something with that...
taxilian 13:11 try wix 3.6 or 3.7; pretty certain it works with those
looks like I was using it with 3.8, actually
but I don't think it'll work with 3.9
EBLancer 13:11 Thanks for the response taxillian, saw it in the logs.
From a coding perspective, is it a complete overhaul of our web application and plugin? Or just compiling with the newer software?
taxilian 13:11 props to you for being more proactive than 95% of the people who come in here
well, it depends on what your plugin does
for example, do you draw?
and what type of API do you have?
how often do you make calls into the page from your plugin?
it will definitely be more than just compiling with the new version; there are quite a few backwards incompatible changes
however, for my plugin the vast majority of it was unchanged
just the way I called it was different
EBLancer 13:11 Hmmm. It's pretty much an USB-HID bridge between hardware and web app
taxilian 13:11 so no drawing at all?
EBLancer 13:11 No drawing
taxilian 13:11 then it's probably not hugely complicated; the main change is that your JSAPI object will be totally asynchronous
EBLancer 13:11 Gotcha. PMs want to leave the web-app as unchanged as possible; ie. only make changes to the plugin. think that'll be doable?
taxilian 13:11 nope
EBLancer 13:11 Ah, thanks. Also, I should mention that the motivation to move to FB 2.0 is to continue support on browsers that have dropped NPAPI support.
taxilian 13:11 give me 5 min; on the phone
EBLancer 13:11 thanks
GreenMario 13:11 Hey guys, has anyone got some experience with running 64 bit plugins successfully on IE?
I am able to create one successfully (with msi installer and everything). but I can't see the plugin getting loaded ever.
taxilian 14:11 GreenMario I haven't seen IE use the 64 bit one since windows 7 IE9, I think
it always loads the 32 bit one
EBLancer: the motivation to *create* FB 2.0 was to support those browsers, so that's expected =]
GreenMario 14:11 that's the default mode. true. But if you enable "Enhanced Protection Mode" it's supposed to run the tabs in 64 bit mode
taxilian 14:11 GreenMario I haven't ever cared which one it used, so I haven't played with it
EBLancer the main difference in FB 2.0 is that *all* API calls into the plugin will return a Promise
the calls are always asynchronous
so if your API before expected it to be synchronous, your web app would have to be updated to use the new API
e.g. before you could call plugin.valid and have it return true
e.g. before you could call plugin.valid and have it return true
EBLancer 14:11 ahh, gotcha. Sounds exciting. I've been away from working on FB for almost 2 years. Exciting to come back to this new stuff
great. thank you!
GreenMario 14:11 I think that also makes sense. IE10 onwards all tabs anyhow run in 32 bit mode by default.
taxilian 14:11 now you call plugin.valid.then(function(isValid) { /* isValid is true */ }, function(err) { /* there was an error */ })
GreenMario sorry I can't help more. I'm actually off work today and thus away from my keyboard most of the day; if you leave a question that nobody else can answer I'll answer it so you can find it in the logs later
but right now I need to go get my son from school
but right now I need to go get my son from school
good luck all
GreenMario 14:11 thanks Richard. :)
EBLancer 14:11 Thanks Taxilian!!
GreenMario 14:11 Question: In order to build and run a 64 bit plugin successfully, what all changes are required in the plugin configuration files (cmake, etc.), that are different from the 32 bit plugin?