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brainy 02:11 Is there a way to pass any meaningful message, not “std::exception” to the promise’s fail callback? In the sources I found the following “void FB::variantDeferred::reject(std::exception e) const” specification. It seems when reject is called with any exception derived from std::exception the slicing happens and the right exception’s message is lost. Is there any workaround but to pass error through success callback?
Enkindler 06:11 How do I package the extension and the plugin itself, along with the Native Messaging host?
taxilian 08:11 enkindler you can't package the native messaging host or the plugin itself inside the extension
so the native message host goes on the chrome store and the plugin and native message host have to go in a separate installer
(hopefully he checks logs to see that)
Mike_ 13:11 hello
Guest42857 13:11 hi
anyone here