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Enkindler 08:10 Can I send my params as a Map in JavaScript, an later on access it as a Map inside the plugin?
Enkindler 10:10 Nvm... Bad Idea
Enkindler 12:10 taxilian, I'm having a weird issue... I've been trying to insert the load of the plugin in one of our systems pages (that used to work with applets), but for some reason when it gets to the part of instanciating the plugin itelf it kinda does nothing... No error or anything... the wyrmhole is created but no plugin.... Any ideas?
taxilian 12:10 yep. add log messages and/or attach debuggers, find out more
Enkindler 12:10 the debugger attachment part, i should attach to the plugin_container yes?
taxilian 12:10 depends on where the issue is
could be in the extension or in the nativemessagehost
you should attach to the nativemessagehost (there isn't a plugin_container unless you're in firefox or safari
Enkindler 12:10 Debugging from chrome it says that there was a Timeout connecting to the wyrmhole?
taxilian 12:10 hmm
well, figure out why =
Enkindler 12:10 Guess thats the way to go!
Shouldn't that error get returned in the rejected side of the promise?
taxilian 13:10 it ought to be, yes
would not surprise me if there is a subtle bug in there somewhere, though :-/
Enkindler 13:10 Alright....
I'll come back to you if I find something of importance...
taxilian 13:10 good luck, sorry I'm not more help
not sure if I mentioned, but we had a baby girl born Saturday morning so I'm on paternity leave and helping with kids
Enkindler 13:10 It's quite alright... You've been a whole lot of help already, I'm quite thankfull really...
Really!?, did not know!... Congratulations!
taxilian 13:10 thx =]
Enkindler 13:10 First born?
taxilian 13:10 fourth, actually. first girl, though
Enkindler 13:10 Oh!... Nice then!... Congratulations Again!... Best Wishes!..
taxilian 13:10 =] thanks
Enkindler 13:10 There seems to be some sort of conflict with prototpe.js?
taxilian 14:10 that's possible
what kind of conflict are we talking?
Enkindler 15:10 I'm not sure...
iincluding it into the .jsp file causes the plugin to not be instantiated at all
taxilian 15:10 does prototype.js use window messaging?
Enkindler 15:10 there is not .postMessage inside the js
there is an attachEvent thingy...
it has a onunload event...
maybe an onload event somewhere?
taxilian 15:10 is there an attachEvent for "message"?
Enkindler 15:10 no...
There is no onload explicitly either
taxilian 15:10 hmm
where does it fail?
does the wyrmhole instantiate?
Enkindler 15:10 but there is a similar thing to what I saw somqhere in FB with a attachEvent("on" + name, wrapper)
The call to the .create in my FWJS object is made... but it keeps doing the process until the timeout..
there is no real error at all, as I said, I know that it timesout and says can┬┐t connect to wyrmhole because I was debugging with chrome, but there was no actual message
taxilian 15:10 attachEvent things should be unrelated to anything here
sounds like the wyrmhole is being created, then; try attaching a debugger to the NativeMessageHost
taxilian 16:10 Enkindler: I'm going to create a new section on the website for FireBreath 2 specific resources
the first thing I'll put there is going to be the doxygen generated documentation