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taxilian 00:10 darn logging thingy
Enkindler 07:10 taxilian, not sure if you answered my question yesterday, about the params, since I can't see it in the logs, but they area loaded lie {"key":"value", "key2": "value2"}
Enkindler 08:10 taxilian, is there a place where I should upload examples and stuff?
taxilian 10:10 Enkindler: yeah, the logs are having some issues but I'm working on it. and yes, that's correct for the params
though I'm not sure if I ever tested params
examples can go into the git repo; pull requests would be ideal
I'm in the process of migrating all the firebreath stuff to a new server; the new server is a docker server, which simplifies some things and complicates others
long term it vastly simplifies, but I have to build the containers first =]
Enkindler 10:10 Alright, to the repo then...
oh... is that why it looks different then?
another question, how do I access the params inside the plugin?, should they be loaded into a var or something?
taxilian 10:10
and yeah, along with moving to a new server I upgraded the software, which changed some themes
taxilian 11:10 the only piece remaining that I need to deal with is the automatic documentation generation
and a few fixes to the logs
Enkindler 12:10 Automatic Doc Generation?
For the site itself?
taxilian 12:10 yes
the class docs are generated by doxygen
Enkindler 13:10 Mkai..
just a question about the params... the method should be made inside the echoTestPlugin.h (which is the one that imports the PluginCore.h)?
or can I just make it inside my API.cpp, so I can access the params from my calls to the plugins?
or should I, from my call to the plugin, Call de echoTestPlugin.CPP
Enkindler 14:10 nvm... Did IT!