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Sinisa 00:11 hi all
taxilian 00:11 morning
ask fast, I need to go to sleep =]
Sinisa 00:11 I've been working with FireBreath first time today and it's F*** awesome
saved me so much trouble
taxilian 00:11 very true
Sinisa 00:11 just have one question
I'm porting my firefox plugin into firebreath, everything works (ie, chrome, safari...), but in ie for some reason can't call back javascript functions
with FireEvent
in firefox works
safari and chrome too
what could be the problem?
taxilian 00:11 are you registering the events properly? in IE you need to use AttachEvent instead of addEventListener
Sinisa 00:11 let me check, but I know I used same JS for that as it is in generated htm from FB sample
ok this is the line: if (window.addEventListener) { obj.addEventListener(name, func, false); } else { obj.attachEvent("on"+name, func); }
taxilian 00:11 what version of IE?
and what is the name of the event?
Sinisa 00:11 IE8
taxilian 00:11 what is your event named?
and did you registerEvent it?
Sinisa 00:11 "pffCallAppStarted" is passed to addEvent function, and in code is "onpffCallAppStarted"
taxilian 00:11 try it all lowercase
Sinisa 00:11 ok
taxilian 00:11 under Naming Events
that's probably it
Sinisa 00:11 ok, checking out
taxilian 00:11 yw
did you figure out your question from earlier?
about the JS API stuff
Sinisa 00:11 oh yup
taxilian 00:11 great
Sinisa 00:11 everthing works fine
I'm working on a project, that involves opengl, facial recognition (opencv) and usb camera - was really having hard times with making it work in activex - so FB was a revelation to me
taxilian 01:11 awesome
make sure when you're done to add it to the list of projects using FireBreath
I know there are a lot out there already, but nobody is willing to 'fess up for some reason =]
Sinisa 01:11 will do - also will be listed under 'technologies' in installation - will also be there, when project is done
taxilian 01:11 also, one great way to contribute back if it is helpful to you is to update the documentation to make more clear anything you had a hard time with
Sinisa 01:11 that's my company
taxilian 01:11 I would also personally be interested in seeing it when it's done
keep in touch
Sinisa 01:11 cheers
taxilian 01:11 g'night; 1am here =]
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Sinisa 01:11 hi all
need a bit help with FireEvent, anyone has 5-10min time?
I've carefully read and convinced I did it by the book
1. registerEvent("onxxx"); 2. FireEvent("onxxx", FB::variant_list_of()); and in html, section for IE has obj.attachEvent("onxxx", func);
for others, is with addEventListener. FF, Safari & Chrome work fine, IE does not :-(
I've been banging my head whole day about this one
Sinisa 02:11 gotta close browser, will let u know if i fixed it
Sinisa 02:11 hi all
I'm C++ developer, not web developer, so some issues with how IE is handling JS and embedded objects was not known to me and I think it should be mentioned in section about FireEvent
basically, plugin will be shown if u use <embed> tag - but for some reason JS events will not function in IE8 (will in Firefox etc). only when I have added plugin as <object>, it worked
so, instead of this: <embed name="pffgame" type="application/x-pondsfacefoam" width=444 height=303> (which will not be able to fire events in IE to JS), you should add it to the page with: <object id="pffgame" type="application/x-pondsfacefoam" width="444" height="303"><param name="onload" value="bindPluginAndJSCallbacks" /></object>
in <embed> case, I was binding callbacks in body-onload - and had alert box to popup to know it entered there - but still didn't function with <embed> tags
anyway, thought someone needs this info. cheers.
taxilian 10:11 what do you guys think? is it worth taking the time to create a video tutorial in short, 5 minute screencasts?
nirvdrum 11:11 I think it'd be helpful. If someone were able to explain quickly why there are so many projects and what each does in VS, that would have saved me a lot of consternation.
taxilian 15:11
taxilian 19:11 *sigh*. always so empty here on weekends =]
nirvdrum: part 2 of the windows video tutorials is, I hope, what you requested
nirvdrum 19:11 thanks. I haven't had a chance to look at them yet.
Just finally wrapped up the move from MySQL => Postgres for mogotest.
taxilian 19:11 I doubt you'd learn anything that you didn't already know
cool. I'm finally starting to throw together a django project for a web-based fbgen
just because I'm starting it doesn't mean it'll be done soon, though :-/
nirvdrum 19:11 Heh. I haven't used django in close to 3 years, so I doubt I'd be of much help.
taxilian 19:11 the harder part will be building a maintainable framework for generating the project
this one needs to be a lot more dynamic than the current one
options such as generating platform specific plugin subclasses, inter-plugin communication, adding support for certain libraries, etc
the plan is to have it able to define the API on the web and then generate the C++ for it
this, of course, is the one that the full version will be accessible only to those who have made donations (of time or money)
nirvdrum 20:11 Ahh. Didn't know you were looking to do that.
taxilian 20:11 I've talked about it a few times, but you may not have been here during the conversations
the goal, of course, is just to have something that encourages people to donate to help pay for the web server that runs on
nirvdrum 20:11 I was on vacation for about a week and a half through the middle of Nov.
So I probably missed it.
taxilian 20:11 and I'm still debating how I'm going to do downloads when we finish switching over to github; I could leave the downloads on google code, but that just seems messy
one option is to use rackspace files, which isn't terribly expensive but is still more than free =]
nirvdrum 20:11 Don't think the github downloads will do?
taxilian 20:11 debating
I really want to be able to keep old downloads for history
and the nightly builds have been a good thing, I think
nirvdrum 20:11 Gotcha.