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Enkindler 07:09 Why are some comments not showing in the Logs?
taxilian 08:09 presumably if a comment doesn't show up in the logs it means my anc daemon wasn't running correctly
Enkindler 08:09 I was checking yesterday's log, where you kinda explained to me how to work the extension part for chrome. The question I made appears, but not your answer...
taxilian 08:09 weird
10:56:58] no, the extension does not include the plugin
[10:57:10] and the source for the extension will already be in your build directory
[10:57:21] though you may need to override a few details in the manifest when you actually go to deploy
[10:57:46] you will have to install the plugin and also install the extension; the plugin installer will attempt to install the extension manually, but we find it easier to prompt the user to install the extension specifically
[10:57:58] see our install experience at
[10:57:58] see our install experience at
Enkindler 08:09 Also, how do I Kinda make the plugin work in firefox?, Kinda want to see more or less how everything works for everyone...
Also, how do I Kinda make the plugin work in firefox?, Kinda want to see more or less how everything works for everyone...
Alright!... Thanks for that!
Gradecam i an extension made with Firebreat 2?
taxilian 08:09 gradecam is the company I work for; I'm still using a fb1 plugin for firefox, safari, ie, but chrome we use a fb2 plugin
could use a fb2 plugin for all, just haven't had time to update everything
to work in firefox try the FBControl.htm generated file; keep in mind that all APIs will return a Promise
Enkindler 08:09 Looks cool!... Yo develop FB internally or as a personal project that you apply inside the company?
Yes, I've worked with promises before... somewhat....
taxilian 08:09 a little bit of both
I was working on FireBreath before I was hired by GradeCam; I was hired largely because of my work on FireBreath
however GradeCam funded most of the FireBreath2 development
Enkindler 09:09 Interesting....
Enkindler 09:09 Just a question here. With firebreath I will be able to print something directly to a printer yes?... Witha absolute postions and everything?
taxilian 09:09 within a FireBreath plugin you are running native C++ code
there is a possibility that you may end up in a low integrity process; I don't know of any reason that would restrict printing
but your question is more a windows programming question than a firebreath question; as long as you can print from the browser process you should be able to print from the plugin
Enkindler 09:09 I had figured that since I was workin with native code it shoudn't be an issue really... But i Just wanted to confirm that notion...
taxilian 09:09 I would expect that to be the case
Enkindler 12:09 I was reading the logs for the usage for the testString setter, you say that the setter is basically the same as the getter (plugin.testString.then(function(val) { alert(val); }))
Using it like that doesn't really work as a setter but i simply used a plugin().testString = value
and it worked, is that the right way to make it work?