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taxilian 00:11 have you looked at this page?
Unique 00:11 Ok, then to create the installer I need to do something?
I did but no where it talks about heat
taxilian 00:11 yeah; run the prep script, open build/FireBreath.sln, and then build the <plugin>Installer project (I think htat's what it's named)
heat is run automatically
when you build
it's all integrated with FireBreath
you shouldn't have to do anything to get a basic installer for your DLL
Unique 00:11 Perfect, taking a look
taxilian 00:11 just build all and it will be generated
then you can update your wxs file to customize it
I gotta go to bed now; I won't be on tomorrow, but I'll be on maybe Saturday and definitely Monday. (I'm in MST, −0700)
Unique 00:11 Ok, good night!
taxilian 00:11 good luck
remember, in FireBreath if something integrated (that isn't experimental) doesn't just work you're probably trying too hard =]
Unique 00:11 :)
DFUN 08:11 hi Richard. Of course I did read the log.
taxilian 08:11 oh, good =] I forget what I told you, but did it help? ;-)
DFUN 08:11 I asked about synchronous JS callbacks
and noticed that they are supported
but didn't implement it yet
taxilian 08:11 ahh, yes
I remember
they even work cross-thread =]
as of 1.3.0
DFUN 08:11 maybe this is worth an expansion of the callback-documentation
taxilian 08:11 feel free ;-)
I just haven't had time
I may do a blog post on it one of these days
DFUN 08:11 I know I'm free, but....
haven't tried anything yet
taxilian 08:11 yeah. my problem is that any time I spend writing docs is time I am not spending working on the project code
thus I try to con everyone else into writing docs for me =]
anyway, today is a holiday for me, so I'm headed to my grandparent's house
I probably wont' be online today. definitely not much, anyway
DFUN 08:11 ya, I understand. If I work myself into that and get it to run, writing a doc won't be a problem
taxilian 08:11 that would be awesome =]
DFUN 08:11 sometime next week, maybe
taxilian 08:11 well, gotta run.
good luck!
DFUN 08:11 see you
good news at last: it's weekend. So long!
taxilian 12:11 kalev: you around?
kalev 12:11 taxilian: yep, but going out in a few minutes
taxilian 12:11 I'm looking again at moving to git
any suggestions? you seem to know a lot about source control stuff =]
I have a repo set up on github
thinking of using this to migrate the history:
kalev 12:11 I'd suggest to run the history through filter first to get rid of boost in history
maybe that would even fix Ohloh stats :)
taxilian 12:11 possibly =]
what is the best way to do that?
kalev 12:11 I think it was Mercurial's Convert extension that I tried a few months ago:
taxilian 12:11 and can I fix that after pushing, as long as nobody else has pulled?
kalev 12:11 well sure, if the repo supports non fast-forward pushes, then you can fix it later too
taxilian 12:11 any idea if github does or not?
kalev 12:11 no clue.
taxilian 12:11 hehe. fair enough
okay, I'll look into that
think I found some info on it
trying to decide how abruptly to make this change
considering just moving the dev repo to Git for now <— looks like this tells me how to do everything I need to
kalev 12:11 you can also fix other annoying stuff in history like accidental commits under Administrator user name
taxilian 12:11 yep =]
I've done several of those
ok; I'll look into this
I think it's going to be moderately painful to switch no matter what I do
kalev 12:11 I think it's harder in git, better fix history in Mercurial and then convert it to it:
taxilian 12:11 so I may just switch
doesn't look too hard
in git
wow… the import was really easy
and filtering out parts of the tree seems to be pretty easy as well
kalev 13:11 I poked at mercurial filtering a bit and managed to filter out boost history + rename some authors around
should I push it to a clone?
taxilian 13:11 I think I've managed to do that in git as well
it's still running, trying to filter out boost
kalev 13:11 great :)
taxilian 13:11 but if it works like it looks like it does, then it shouldn't be a problem
this is easier than I expected
I finally started actually learning how to use git properly and it's got me wanting to migrate again =]
debating if I should set up a JIRA instance for issues, leave them on google code, or use github's issue system
we don't really need anything fancy, though
kalev 13:11 I don't have an opinion here
taxilian 13:11 also need to figure out how to do downloads; looks like github does support downloads
it'll be nice to be able to cherry pick and use branches properly, though
I almost want to go through and rebase everything into a single line of commits, though, with how convoluted the history is with merges in some places =]
kalev 13:11 yep, proper branches instead of different repos would be lovely
anyway, I have to go now, but I've pushed my boost filtering to in case you need it
taxilian 13:11 and pull requests; easy forks that multiple people can work on…
kalev 13:11 see you!
taxilian 13:11 take care
taxilian 13:11 this is not stable or final, but something to play with:
see you everyone
amackera 13:11 sweet
Sinisa_ 15:11 hello
anyone here?
I've just downloaded firebreath src, executed python script, but prep2010.cmd or 2008 return error
any help?
I've tried both 1.3-nightly89 and 1.4-nightly-42
*1.3-nightly78 - sorry
prep2010.cmd returns: projects""="examples" was unexpected at this time
if anyone knows how to create VS project files (python has generated source though, but .cmd wont make sln/proj files), I would appreciate instructions (my email: [email protected])
Sinisa_ 15:11 ok, I got that I need to provide path to prep2010.cmd, but still have errors generated... can anyone give me exact instructions of how to use prep2010.cmd?
amackera 15:11 hmm
so your built a new plugin with fbgen?
if so then do:
prep2010.cmd <path-to-project>
where <path-to-project> is like C:\workspace\myplugin\
or wherever you've stored your project files
does that make sense?
normally it would be:
prep2010.cmd projects
Sinisa_: does that help?
Sinisa_ 15:11 hey sorry was awat
I built it with fbgen
oh apparently it worked!
trying now to build... will let u know how it goes
ok, there are missing paths to atlbase.h etc, (I'm using vs2010 express)
can i use atl from WinDDK?
my WinDDK version is 3790.1830 and it has 2 atl folders, atl30 and atl21
both contain atlbase.h and other atl-headers
do you know to which version should I set path for firebreath?
nirvdrum_ 16:11 Sinisa_: I'm unsure about your specific problem, but this blog post may help:
Sinisa_ 16:11 ok thanks, checking out now
just to verify - I can use express edition of VS, correct?
(I ask because of ATL)
nirvdrum_ 16:11 Don't think so. You need ATL for the ActiveX stuff.
Sinisa_ 16:11 Ok. Thanks.
nirvdrum_ 16:11 I've never actually tried though. And I'd expect the script to build the project fine.
I'd just think that compiling would fail for you.
Sinisa_ 16:11 Yeah it does. Though I have ATL included in WinDDK, but then it reports ATL errors (some missing definitions etc)
Will try with full VS, see how it goes
nirvdrum_ 16:11 I run with VS 2010 Ultimate (I think) and have no problems.
Sinisa_ 16:11 Keep my fingers crossed... building in VS2010 Ultimate...
worked! :-)
thanks for your help nirvdrum_ & @amackera
nirvdrum_ 17:11 np
Sinisa_ 17:11 question about JS api section - receiving JS calls is pretty easy - but I can't see where is API for receiving calls from JS? where should I look at?
NP has NP_GetUrl - but how do I do that in firebreath?
(typo: NPN_GetURL is the name of the function, not NP_...)
nirvdrum_ 17:11 The generated project should show you a few samples.
Sinisa_ 18:11 ok, gotta go now, thanks for awesome IRC help :-) will be back from time to time - cheers!
taxilian 19:11 thanks all you guys for helping people out while I'm gone =]
(I'm online with a EDGE cell phone connection right now. :-P)
the population of the town I'm in is probably ~2000
nirvdrum: you 'round?
nirvdrum 19:11 In and out. What's up?
taxilian 19:11 you have strong feelings about google code issue system, no?
nirvdrum 19:11 I think it's a piece of crap.
taxilian 19:11 how do you feel about the github issue system?
nirvdrum 19:11 It's possibly even worse.
In any event, I'm not a fan.
taxilian 19:11 ok. any experience setting up JIRA?
nirvdrum 19:11 Yeah.
Redmine, too.
How many issues do you have on average?
taxilian 19:11 not really all that many
nirvdrum 19:11 GitHub Issues might be the way to start if you're thinking of migrating over there.
It's just super-minimal.
taxilian 19:11 that might be all me need
this is the dev repo
nirvdrum 19:11 So, if you're doing any serious amount of triaging it's not the tool to use.
taxilian 19:11 and it is up and running
nirvdrum 19:11 But, it doesn't have all the confusing UI quirks that gcode has.
taxilian 19:11 but we don't really do that many issues; mainly we just need somewhere that someone can say "this is what is wrong" and hten we can put in notes
nirvdrum 19:11 Other than I've yet to figure out what the hell the "Unread" tab shows.
Yeah, then GitHub Issues is probably fine.
taxilian 19:11 hehe. probably things not read by the owner of the repository
ok; maybe we'll start with that, then. I'm trying to decide how soon to switch over
nirvdrum 19:11 It's weird. It's certainly not the issues I as the visitor haven't read.
taxilian 19:11 I think everyone will be happier with git than with mercurial
nirvdrum 19:11 And I don't know anyone that's been able to figure out what it really is.
I certainly would be. It means I can put off reading that mercurial book.
taxilian 19:11 well, github isn't really designed for "group" projects
nirvdrum 19:11 But I've heard good things about mercurial, so my objections there are really just my lack of familiarity with it.
taxilian 19:11 my objections are really just my experience using mercurial
nirvdrum 19:11 GitHub organizations approaches more of a groupware suite. But the issue tracker is still garbage.
taxilian 19:11 branching stinks
in mercuria
nirvdrum 19:11 I've lost changes 3 times now trying to do an update from the dev repo. I clearly don't know what I'm doing with mercurial :-)
taxilian 19:11 lol. well, I've never had that problem :-P
nirvdrum 19:11 With 1.3.1 out the door, now would probably be a good time to cut over.
taxilian 19:11 tell you what; from this point forward, lets make github the new dev
nirvdrum 19:11 Unless you're nearing in on 1.4.
taxilian 19:11 1.3.1 will remain on mercurial
1.4 will be the first release on github
nirvdrum 19:11 Cool.
taxilian 19:11 I went through and rewrote the history
to remove boost from the main repo
nirvdrum 19:11 Did you setup the firebreath user as an organization?
taxilian 19:11 I still need to create a firebreath-boost subrepo
no; that costs $$$
I just created it as a user
nirvdrum 19:11 Not for open source projects.
taxilian 19:11 how does one make it an organization, then?
I didn't find a way to do so
nirvdrum 19:11 Hell, mogotest was using a free account until I just switched my private repos over to github.
taxilian 19:11 oooh.. maybe I found it
nirvdrum 19:11 If you're logged in as the firebreath account, it's in the lower right.
taxilian 19:11 ahh
nirvdrum 19:11 Should say "Turn firebreath into an organization"
And all public repos are free.
Organizations make management much easier.
taxilian 19:11 I don't see an option for turn it into an organization
nirvdrum 19:11 Screenshot?
taxilian 19:11 oh, found it
nirvdrum 19:11 Why'd you decide to yank boost?
taxilian 19:11 oh, boost will still be there
but it's a subrepo
linked repository
so that the commit information isn't all in with the same repo with firebreath itself
it's been that way on mercurial for awhile
but the old history was still there, adding unneccesary space
nirvdrum 19:11 Gotcha.
Git has submodules if you wanted to mess around with that.
taxilian 19:11 yeah
I will
it's actually in some ways not as clean as mercurial
in other ways cleaner
thanks for telling me about the organization thing; I completely missed it
now if I can just get it to work
(adding organization owners not working for some reason
nirvdrum 19:11 Weird. If you run into a real issue, their support team is pretty good.
taxilian 19:11 my other concern is if they will give us enough space for downloads
google code's downloads stuff is working very well right now
nirvdrum 19:11 Their limits are all soft.
And they don't mind bumping it for legitimate reasons.
taxilian 19:11 yeah; I sent a request and ask about it and they didn't seem concerned
what is your github acct?
nirvdrum 19:11 I've met a couple of the guys that run GitHub and they said they don't even enforce the limits. They just put it there and most people self-regulate.
taxilian 19:11 just added you to the organization team
anyway, gotta run
amackera 21:11 g'night all