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nitin 01:09 hii
any one here
any one here
I want to launch an application on client machine using java script on a button click event using google chrome... what approach should i use..?
Enkindler 08:09 Do I need python to work with FireBreath 2?
Enkindler 09:09 How should i go about building Frebreath?.... should i use the fbgen?
taxilian 09:09 fbgen is to make an empty project
fbgen is to make an empty project
taxilian 09:09 Enkindler I'd work on getting EchoTestPlugin working first before starting your own plugin, just to make sure you understand the process
I already gave you the prep script command line the other day that you need to generate the build files; after doing so you build using Visual Studio 2013
Enkindler 09:09 Ok, let me check it out then...
I was trying first with the FBTestPlugin, my bad...
I was trying first with the FBTestPlugin, my bad...
taxilian 09:09 either works fine, actually
either works fine, actually
EchoTestPlugin is simpler is all
Enkindler 09:09 Alright then... Maybe that will help a bit... I'm a bit lost here... But i guess that's kinda normal...
taxilian 09:09 reading the getting started page may be useful; there are a few fundamental concepts that if you aren't familiar with could be confusing
first and most important is that FireBreath projects build using cmake; cmake generates build files from the CMakeLists.txt file and related .cmake files based on the platform you're on
so to build it, you run the prep script (which is a helper to run cmake for you) to populate the build directory, then build using the .sln file in that directory
Enkindler 10:09 Yes, I was aware of the cmake part, and I was triying to build the examples with the prep2013.cmd but it was throwing errors al over the place so I'm checking that out right now... changed to th EchoTest to see what I can do about it
taxilian 10:09 pastebin the errors and I'll see if I can help
Enkindler 10:09 Currently having errors with the includes and stuff... apparently I haven't configured the build past correctly...
taxilian 10:09 you're on the refactor branch?
Enkindler 10:09 Yes.
taxilian 10:09 oh, are the errors on the build portion or the cmake portion?
oh, are the errors on the build portion or the cmake portion?
Enkindler 10:09 The errors I'm having right now are missing includes and the like... Once I manage to fix those, i should run the prep script and then the cmake yes?...
as I said, I'm a bit lost here... so maybe I'm missing something?
taxilian 10:09 do you see the errors when you run the prep script or when you build?
Enkindler 10:09 Actually inside VS
I imported the project to read the code
taxilian 10:09 imported?
you're doing something wrong. I'm trying to figure out what =]
here is what I'd do:
delete the build directory
run the prep script
run the prep script
open build\FBTestPlugin.sln which shouldn't be importing anything, just opening
right click on the FBTestPlugin project and do build
Enkindler 10:09 I imported the project from source code into VS
Let me do that and i'll get back to you!... Thanks!
taxilian 10:09 yeah, don't do that
that will cause you no end of grief
seriously it should be a 5 minute thing to get the project up and running
don't make it harder than it should be
don't make it harder than it should be
Enkindler 13:09 Ha Ha!... Progress... Its built!... Don't know where but it is!
taxilian 13:09 lol