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W1zer 03:09 Hello, my questiona is simples, want to develop a plugin x-browser, x-operating system and use selenium driver, c++ is the answer?
Enkindler 12:09 Hello, I need to start making a plugin for chrome that allows me to print to a dot matrix printer, I was thinking of using firebreath 2 after some testing with HTML, how should i start working with it?
taxilian 12:09 it's a bit tricky right now, I'm afraid
it will require some research; it's not yet well documented
the refactor branch is the place to start
Enkindler 12:09 Very well, I've already cloned the refactor branch, but I'm not really sure what should I do with it...
taxilian 12:09 build it? ;-)
I'd start by getting EchoTestPlugin to work
which platform are you on?
which platform are you on?
Enkindler 12:09 Alright alright...
I'm currently using Win 8
taxilian 12:09 okay; you'll need to be using Visual Studio 2013; theoretically later versions should work but I haven't tried it
Enkindler 12:09 Alright then... Just downloaded 2015, but lets see if I can find 2013 somewhere around here...
taxilian 12:09 you'll need cmake as well
and if I knew you were willing to write up / update some docs for the next guy I'd be a lot more excited to help you with this... ;-)
and if I knew you were willing to write up / update some docs for the next guy I'd be a lot more excited to help you with this... ;-)
Enkindler 12:09 Alright... Cmake
I don't really mind the update... Suppose It will be used as some sort of guide yes?
taxilian 12:09 there are a lot of people wanting to use the new firebreath; I just don't have a lot of time to work on it right now, so I haven't written any kind of docs
Enkindler 13:09 Alright, Let me download 2013 and I'll see what i can do...
taxilian 13:09 if I don't respond immediately try pinging me (say my nick) to get my attention
Enkindler 13:09 Alright, thanks!
Alright, thanks!
taxilian 13:09 and if I don't respond after that just stick around -- I may well just be away from my desk. you can find logs for this channel at
Enkindler 13:09 Alright... I'll check it out!...
taxilian 13:09 firebreath-dev group has some relevant posts recently as well
Enkindler 15:09 Where can i find the Group?
Also, The FBTestPlugin Should be made as a Windows Application?...
And lastly, Im actually trying to replace an Applet with this, Does it work the same way, or similar (what I mean is, I don't need to really configure a new server or something right?)
kylehuff 17:09 Enkindler: the group!forum/firebreath-dev