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TomL_berlin 00:11 taxilian_away: well, i only went through very recent logs, but i know firebreath does some of the stuff heat.exe does for me, but i have a whole 3d engine that wants to be installed, too, you know..
kalev 00:11 TomL_berlin: he's probably sleeping right now
I suspect it would be much easier if you just statically linked your 3d engine in your plugin
if that cannot be done, then you need to get WiX to install your engine dll somewhere
note that just installing a dll has nothing to do with regsvr32 self registration, it's just the matter of dropping the dll file in the right directory
TomL_berlin 00:11 do you also suggest statically linking all the assets and graphics? :D
kalev 00:11 yes, I'd suggest statically linking anything which isn't part of standard Windows installation
TomL_berlin 00:11 err, no
maybe we're not quite on the same topic
kalev 00:11 well, if that doesn't work for you, then you need to add all the DLL files to your WiX setup, something like this:
TomL_berlin 01:11 it's just what i do
and it's not even very complicated
TomL_berlin 02:11 the docs state explicitly that the prep-script populate the provided wxs with useful parameters, well it didn't do it for me :-/
DFUN 03:11 is it possible to have a synchronous callback to JS? I want to ask the user if an existing while should be overwritten and wait for the answer.
I could query the file beforehand from JS
but I'd prefer to let the plugin do that if possible
taxilian 09:11 dfun: on the off chance that you read the logs to see if anyone responded, yes you can make synchronous callbacks to JS. Just pass the function in as a FB::JSObject and call Invoke("", FB::variant_list_of(arg1)(arg2));
TomL_berlin: keep in mind that the .wxs file in your project dir is the template, not the final
so the prep script is going to populate "useful values" into the generated file using that template
TomL_berlin 09:11 but it did not do so
taxilian 09:11 do you have WiX 3 installed?
and what version of visual studio are you using?
what version of cmake?
TomL_berlin 09:11 have wix 3.5 and vs 2010
and got it working anyway
taxilian 09:11 hmm. I would have to look at it. I don't know why it wouldn't; does it create the installer project in vs?
TomL_berlin 09:11 let me double check before answering this
ALL_BUILD, boost_thread, C4WebPlugin, C4WP_ ~ (activexplugin, napiplugin, plugincommon, pluginwindow, unittest_activxplug, unittest_npapi) npapihost, plugincore, scriptingcore, unittest++, ZERO_CHECK
this is the full list of projects i get
taxilian 09:11 hmm. looks like it isn't detecting that WiX is installed
TomL_berlin 09:11 ah
the other way round
taxilian 09:11 ?
TomL_berlin 09:11 i wasn't "detecting" that i will have to have wix installed before ;-)
taxilian 09:11 hehe
yeah, you need to install WiX and then re-run the prep script
the WiX stuff isn't as well documented as other parts because it has only recently started to get us
I actually wrote it in January, and I think people only started using it a month or two ago
TomL_berlin 09:11 i'm a bit hesitant to rerun the prep-script ;-)
taxilian 09:11 the only reason it would be a problem is if you have been breaking every rule I have told you =] (namely, *never never never modify your project files directly*)
and if you have, now you know why I tell people not to =]
TomL_berlin 09:11 you got me :D
taxilian 09:11 told you so :-P
if you need help figuring out how to update your cmake project files, let me know
it's really not hard
compared to redoing all of your project files any time I fix something that requires you to rerun the prep scripts
TomL_berlin 09:11 but it's not a big deal, it's they way i learn, first hack, then understand, then design, then stand in aw
taxilian 09:11 I understand =]
TomL_berlin 09:11 thankfully i worked with cmake before
taxilian 09:11 helps
cmake isn't really that bad; it just has poor documentation, mostly
TomL_berlin 09:11 it has an equally steep learning curve compared to wix
right, cmake is just not beginner friendly
taxilian 09:11 I keep meaning to write a wiki page on using cmake to update the proejct
shouldn't be hard
I just never find time; I mean, which would you rather I did? Added a feature or fixed a bug, or wrote a cmake tutorial? ;-)
TomL_berlin 09:11 yeah, right
thankfully i need to document what i work out, so with the proper amount of "external force".. documenting is almost fun
taxilian 09:11 heheh. well, feel free to document on the wiki…. :-P
I'll even go through and touch it up after if it's a bit rough
TomL_berlin 09:11 it's one thing to document for a small closed group, documenting for the huge audience here.. well, as i get a better grasp of things i might contribute to the docs.
taxilian 09:11 something to remember that is very important about starting documentation for a large group: something is always infinitely better than nothing (unless the something is flat out inaccurate :-P)
TomL_berlin 09:11 i'm troubled with accuracy as in i don't think my understanding is yet accurate enough
taxilian 09:11 so put it somewhere that it isn't "live" and I'll look over it
that way I can clear up anything you don't fully understand and we are a step closer to filling a hole in the documentation =]
btw, happy thanksgiving to all, even the ones (most of you) who aren't in the US =]
TomL_berlin 09:11 thx, i guess
taxilian 09:11 hehe
up to you
TomL_berlin 09:11 well, Erntedankfest was on 10/3rd
taxilian 09:11 hehe
TomL_berlin 09:11 so I hope you'll enjoy a very unpardoned turkey today!
taxilian 09:11 most definitely unpardoned
amackera 09:11 hmm turkey
*mmm turkey
TomL_berlin 09:11 great, wish you a nice day. as for me, i'm off, both from work and from here. cya
taxilian 09:11 ok. have fun =]
taxilian 09:11 so I can't reproduce this log4cplus issue that people are reporting
amackera 10:11 what's the issue? can't compile?
taxilian 10:11 yeah
two people have reported it
sounds like both on windows (I think, anyway)
amackera 10:11 hmm
well it certainly works on my machine..
taxilian 10:11 for me as well
wondering if it might be a cmake version issue
amackera 10:11 hmm
All the files in my drawing library are prefixed with "Th", and it irritates me
taxilian 10:11 odd
amackera 10:11 I inherited this code, not sure what the rationale was
taxilian 10:11 I've added some pretty cool stuff to JSAPI in 1.4; you can do some pretty crazy stuff with JSAPIProxy
taxilian 10:11 well, doesn't seem to be a cmake thing
taxilian 11:11 nor a vs version thing
amackera 12:11 What's better:
PointerType *ptr;
or PointerType* ptr;
where PointerType := some random pointer type or object
taxilian 12:11 absolutely
that is definitely the best way to do it
I think my stated preference is to use PointerType* ptr, simply because then the left side has the entire type information
but I tend to fluctuate
and I've come to prefer using things like scoped_ptr and shared_ptr whenever possible =]
amackera 12:11 Good call
taxilian 12:11 well, I'm going to go help eat a perfectly innocent turkey now
try not to have too much fun
amackera 12:11 have fun :P
taxilian 12:11 =]
sabotaged|wk 17:11 hmm
taxilian 17:11 sabotaged|wk: if you say so
amackera 18:11 night all
taxilian 18:11 g'night
thinking again of moving to github :-P
Unique 23:11 I use heat .exe file "xxxx.dll" -gg -sfrag -o xxxx.wxs Then I try to include the generated wxs inside a Votive project and it fails with an error "Error 1 ICE57: Component 'heatOutput' has both per-user and per-machine data with a per-machine KeyPath"
I changed nothing to the heat.exe output. Why could it be failing^
taxilian 23:11 hmm
is the .dll you are using the firebreath dll?
and what version of visual studio?
Unique 23:11 2008
and I am using the dll output after the build
taxilian 23:11 was WiX installed before you ran the prep script?
Unique 23:11 yes
taxilian 23:11 then heat should be automatically run when you build in visual studio
try to find the heat output in the output directories
it will probably work for you
I think I ended up having to do an XSLT transform of the .xml to fix that
Unique 23:11 Hmm, I think I had to change the wix template, it would not find the $ parameters
taxilian 23:11 were you creating your own wix stuff? or using the one that automatically generated with the projects?
Unique 23:11 I might have modified it before building the project with prep
Gonna try a fresh project to see
taxilian 23:11 that would do it
Unique 23:11 thanks