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kalev 01:11 taxilian_away: Ohloh stats aren't updating again :(
DFUN 01:11 morning
TomL 01:11 New day, new problems
Opera doesn't comply :P
my solution doesn't work with Opera, keyboard and mouse events are kind of shut out
kalev 01:11 Opera is a kinda sucky browser for plugin writers. I never managed to get FireEvent to work on opera either.
tempie 05:11 anyone havin example code laying around how to correctly use a separate thread for opengl rendering operations. Or some something similar.. thnx
kalev 05:11 tempie: there's a threading example in examples/FBTestPlugin/ThreadRunnerAPI.cpp
tempie 05:11 ok kewl i will check that out
this is done in the js api but how about passing the window handle etc. Maybe i should read the boost threading pages first
well the example is only creating a thread and waiting for when m_queue is beeing populated.
But there isnt any code who is populating or adding things to the queue ??
kalev 05:11 ThreadRunnerAPI::addMethod is used for pushing JSObjectPtr-s to the queue
so you call addMethod from javascript (in the main thread) which adds the JSObjectPtr argument to the queue
and it's processed by ThreadRunnerAPI::threadRun later in a separate thread
tempie 05:11 i do think i'm missing some code here.
ahhh nvrmnd... i was looking at a cached page a few revision earlier who where missing the constructor and the addMethod.. now its clear to me....
TomL 06:11 I used boost::thread doing this
tempie 06:11 i do think i can work with this. But if anyone has some code/tips laying arround how to properly handle the window and OGL context. Please share ;).. I'm reinventing the wheel again
TomL 06:11 I implemented a callable object with a constructor that takes the FB::PluginWindow
then does this:
FB::PluginWindowWin* wnd = reinterpret_cast<FB::PluginWindowWin*>(fbWin);C4PlunginHWnd = wnd->getHWND();
there you have your window handle
for everything else you can take just any ogl sample code
oh, that was windows specific, so sorry if that didn't help :-)
tempie 06:11 yes i manged to create OGL context in the windowAttach event, but i was wondering i this can be done in a separate thread. Or first create it in the attach event.
I just dont know a right way to start.
i think i just have to start and see how many hairs will fallout
TomL 08:11 hey tempie, if you want a seperate thread, you will have to create the context in that seperate thread
tempie 09:11 ok kewl tnx
taxilian 09:11 ьщктштп фдд
morning all, I mean =]
if I can keep my keyboard in the right language, I bet people will understand me better
kalev 09:11 morning
taxilian 09:11 I need to look at this log4cplus problem
it shouldn't be trying to build it unless he changed his pluginconfig.cmake file
which I'm pretty sure he did
but need to verify
ben_ 14:11 hi - anyone around?
mrstux 22:11 anyone awake? :P)