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DriesSt 01:11 I've modified the test.html of FBTestPlugin to include a test for asynchronous callbacks:
It consistently causes a crash on OSX in Safari/Chrome/Firefox using the FB dev branch, this is the callstack for the crash in Safari:
DriesSt 02:11 I've fixed it, the test plug-in expects the callback to return a value and when it doesn't, it crashes.
taxilian 04:11 Driesst: good catch. Email me the patch
nitrogenycs 06:11 what happens if you call ScheduleAsyncCall from a function which was already called by ScheduleAsyncCall? Will the call be executed in the same iteration of the main loop or the next one or is this undefined?
taxilian 08:11 Next one
Probably I think
nitrogenycs 08:11 ok, thanks. anyway not important anymore as i've rearranged my code in the meantime
nirvdrum 17:11 Should things be working with current dev?
I'm getting an error with PluginFactory about createPlugin being abstract.
nirvdrum 17:11 Got it. Looks like the generated Factory.cpp changed again.
taxilian 17:11 nirvdrum: yeah, 1.3.0RC3 I believe had a small change