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jshanab 10:11 I have a problem with a customer trying to use my plugin and I need a fix or work around. It installs and works in FF, chrome etc but does not show up as installed in ie and it cannot load it. There is no popu, status bar, or warning, it is like it is not installed. But it is. They do have a virus checker and that is probably the culprit, but I need a way to detact and bitch that it is...
...there problem blocking it. Right now our JS thinks it is not there and offers to download which creates an infinite loop
taxilian 10:11 are you sure they don't just have activex filtering enabled?
that can be detected with javascript
jshanab 10:11 It is not set but I will look up how to detect it
taxilian 10:11 roaming profiles can cause some issues with installation as well, if it isn't per-machine
jshanab 10:11 Thanks. We are waiting on word back from their IT dept. :-( But is there a way I can detect that a plugin is being "blocked" in ie ? Right now we end up grouping all failures together as not installed and offer the link. 2 or 3 times and the customer goes nuts? (If it doens't work the first 2 times click harder...)
I don't know, can js ask the browser to look up a registry key?
taxilian 10:11 no, there is no way to look up a reg key from js
without a plugin, anyway
jshanab 10:11 thanks. :-( ie is such a pain
taxilian 10:11 true
just discovered the other day that my plugin doesn't draw on IE 10
jshanab 10:11 uh oh. I have not tried ie10. We are having a problem with Chrome. if you resize or cover a video it crashes. It causes a stack overflow from an infinite loop of events. it seems handling the event causes an event....
jshanab 10:11 Do you know if there is anyway to tell chrome not to run the plugin in a seperate process?
taxilian 10:11 there isn't
be back in a few
jshanab 10:11 k
jfmoron 11:11 Where should i start to have my firebreath plugin not to re-initialize when i move my object tag from one node to an other in my webpage? i saw something about JSAPI-derived objects that could live independently of the object tag.
taxilian 11:11 jfmoron: your best bet is to not actually move your object tag from one node to another
instead, put it in a absolute positioned floating div and move it around on the page
there are just weird things that end up happening when you remove the tag from the DOM
NPAPI (and even more so activex) simply doesn't deal well with that
jfmoron 11:11 the architecture of my web app limits me on that, Could it be possible then to use a second instance and communicate between my instances?
reichi 11:11 you could transfer states that way, yes
when you remove an npapi object from the dom
chances are good i will be totally destroyed
and recreated
jfmoron 11:11 I will use the absolute positioning approach for now and will check later if i can achieve what i want with multiple instances. thanks
reichi 11:11 just change the z-order
in case you need it behind your content
jfmoron 11:11 i tried the z-index in Chrome but no luck. Right now i have it visibility:hidden. but i wanted to do some CSS3 scale on it, and needed it to be inside a specific container for that so i wanted to move. i haven't tried a scale on it yet.
taxilian 11:11 visibility:hidden is a *really* bad idea
so is changing overflwo on a parent and display:none
if you need to hide the plugin, resize it to 1x1 pixel
reichi 11:11 i know webkit destroys plugins with display:none
jfmoron 11:11 yes i haven't test visibility:hidden on all browsers i want to support yet, i will go with 1x1
taxilian 11:11 visibility:hidden is a *really* bad idea
visibility:hidden is a *really* bad idea
I can't emphasize that enough
reichi 11:11 :)
taxilian 11:11 and, on that same subject,
visibility:hidden is a *really* bad idea
reichi 11:11 the only thing i haven't fixed yet...
but i'll have to someday... i guess
i wonder how anyone could specify something about browser plugins objects with "visibility:hidden" shall not be destroyed by the browser but remain accessible
taxilian 11:11 I forget the specifics; might be okay on most npapi and breaks on some ie, don't remember
jfmoron 11:11 I am building a web app for VOIP communication, and have my audio/video in FB plugin… i have fancy moving windows in CSS3 and wanted to have the video behave the same, but i guess i'll have to forget about it
reichi 11:11 webkit definitely breaks
the plugin gets destroyed
taxilian 11:11 jfmoron: no reason you can't do that; you just need to size and position the plugin absolutely
not hard to do with jquery
put a div to represent the positino and size of your plugin
then you can calculate the size and postion on the screen of that div and position the plugin over it
jfmoron 11:11 thanks guys
dtiedy3 11:11 Is there a channel to create a bug Issue? It has seemed that the Authentication system for both the Forum and Jira has not been working for some time.
reichi 11:11 that's how you actually get bugfree software ;)
close the issue trakcer
taxilian 12:11 I need to look at jira
I just haven't had time
the forum is dead
will not be fixed
I have no desire or plan to fix it
but jira I will be fixing
I didn't know it was broken until a few days ago and we're a week behind on a release at work
dtiedy3: jira is fixed now
try it again
dtiedy3 12:11 Fixed: Thanks