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larrow 03:11 hello everyone, a little question:
Can I catching a javascript function and call it, use FB::JSAPIAuto?
iaincollins 03:11 Hi larrow, not sure if I can help but...
Do you mean to create a new function you can call from JavaScript, or to override an existing JavaScript function?
larrow 03:11 hi iaincollins
I read the FB document about: "Catching objects"
but it talk about call a function in a javascript object, not for a function.
for example:
in javascript: function test_alert() {alert(1);}, plugin.doFoo(test_alertc);
in cpp, MyAPI::doFoo(const FB::JSObject& obj) { obj->Invoke(??) <-- what should i write here?? }
iaincollins 03:11 hmm yes I see what you mean, but I don't know, sorry
larrow 03:11 oh, thanks, I think it very usefull to call a function directly, like: "callback"
iaincollins 03:11 it seems like:
obj->Invoke("alert", "alert message") would invoke a method
i.e. alert("alert message");
larrow 03:11 what is "obj" in your case
iaincollins 03:11 hmm looking at the example FBTestPlugin it's an FB::JSObjectPtr func
so, I can't say if this is really right, but it looks like: MyAPI::doFoo(const FB::JSObjectPtr &obj) {} should be a valid method declaration
Fatman 04:11 Hi all - looking for some advice pls
_vizZ 05:11 hi, does enyone know how to do a conversiont for const FB::variant& to const QString& ?
nvm, i've figured out a solution ;p
taxilian 09:11 *sigh*. everyone needing help shows up during hours that I'm asleep or on a Sunday :-P
taxilian 09:11 amackera: so does your opengl plugin just not support IE?
amackera 09:11 that's right
taxilian 09:11 why?
amackera 09:11 time
as in, i don't have enough of it
taxilian 09:11 the only thing that would take more time is windowless support
and that takes very little
*should take*
amackera 09:11 haha, yes i know
I just need a few hours somewhere when I can context switch back to plugin stuff
taxilian 09:11 yeah, I understand how that goes
I'm to where I need to context switch to javascript, and I'm struggling =]
hey Travis
lol. that was one of the guys who had a question last night...
taxilian 09:11 morning dicroce
dicroce 09:11 Good morning!
Hey, I have a question...
So, my plugin is working great... in IE and Firefox...
taxilian 09:11 good good
dicroce 09:11 but for some reason, I cannot receive an RTP stream in chrome...
does that browser have stricter security for its plugins?
I can see my whole pipeline coming up, its just that the RTP receiver never gets any packets...
in other browsers, it works fine...
taxilian 10:11 hmm. it likely does have more strict security; it runs it out of process
but I would expect that you should be able to tell if it is shutting down your sockets
taxilian 10:11 dicroce: for the sake of comparison, might be interesting to see what it does in Safari
dicroce 10:11 It was my firewall... looks like windows was blocking udp traffic for chrome... I added chrome to the firewall exceptions list and I got video...
im not sure that this is really the best solution however... i need to research this a bit...
taxilian 10:11 yep that'd do it
well, one thing you'll need to remember is that the firewall will always be your enemy if you're trying to open a port on a browser process
because most users will not understand why you need to do so
you could launch another process, which would probably make it more understandable to the users when they see the notice
dicroce 10:11 yeah... true...
taxilian 10:11 and then pass the data back through a named pipe or a local socket (localhost sockets aren't affected by the firewall)
taxilian 11:11 I have to come up with a "cool" algorithm related to something we've discussed in class (think basic algorithms; quicksort, mergesort, knapsack, etc) but is not neccesarily well-known; anyone have any ideas?
iaincollins|away 11:11 taxilian: If you could find out what Windows uses for indexing files that's got to be pretty unique? :) (unique as in 'somehow they made it slower and less accurate than find / -type f -exec grep -i "text" {} \;') </nothelping> *gone*
taxilian 11:11 lol
that would probably fill the "unique" requirement, but possible not the "cool" requirement
this is a really annoying assignment :-P it is so ridiculously subjective
iaincollins|away 11:11 oops yes didn't read the requirement properly (that's not happened before..)
good luck with that :/
taxilian 11:11 hehe
neilg_away 11:11 Dealing with duplicate files?
taxilian 12:11 I need a specific algorithm; it's not supposed to be something we develop ourselves
neilg_away 12:11 Insertion sort?
That may be too simple but...
Bucket sort maybe? That at least is commonly used
taxilian 12:11 both are in the book, and thus disqualified :-/
neilg_away 12:11 BSP trees?
taxilian 12:11 might be worth looking at. *googles*
taxilian 12:11 might even use that
neilg_away 12:11 Hurray! I suggested something decent today. lol
taxilian 12:11 lol
tempie 13:11 hi
i've got a question about the jsapi interface
taxilian 14:11 *sigh*. nobody was around to help tempie?
we're not doing well today… that's like, 4 people in 24 hours that came and didn't find any help
amackera 14:11 ah crap
wasn't paying attention :(
taxilian 14:11 hehe. and they keep popping in while I'm away. ahh, well
kylehuff 17:11 waiting for 5 minutes for an answer with only 6 people in the room (6 out of 6 of them having a life outside of IRC) is kind of a ridiculous expectation.. further, I don't much about the jsapi interface, so that cuts the available pool down to 5.5 persons.. =c )
taxilian 17:11 well, yes
amackera 17:11 there's 25 people in #phonegap and nobody at all is around to actually help answer questions