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walter__ 10:05 Hi taxilian
Hi taxilian
taxilian 10:05 walter__ your pull request is fine for now
walter__ 10:05 great ;)
taxilian 10:05 eventually I want to update it to use the logging framework
walter__ 10:05 question.... regsvr32 <dll> - should this add entry to NativeMessagingHosts? Or just register NPAPI/ActiveX....
I mean SOFTWARE/Google/Chrome/NativeMessagingHosts.... ?
taxilian 10:05 just registers npapi/activex
just registers npapi/activex
unless you want to make it configure the manifest as well
walter__ 10:05 ohh - thanks... So I have to add that one myself ;)
taxilian 10:05 which so far I haven't been up to doing
the wxs installer can do it for you
the wxs installer can do it for you
I already did that work
walter__ 10:05 well, using NSIS right now...
taxilian 10:05 there is your first mistake
walter__ 10:05 Don't have much experience with WiX
taxilian 10:05 use MSI; it's much less likely to cause problems with uninstall
I actually wrap the MSI with a NSIS installer myself
I actually wrap the MSI with a NSIS installer myself
but it's not the best way to do it
walter__ 10:05 ;) I need just a tiny installer for Chrome - to install missing plugin.dll + plugin.exe
NPAPI could be embded inside CRX itself ... :( That was much nicer for "only extension" usage
taxilian 10:05 can't be anymore =]
can't be anymore =]
they no longer allow it
they no longer allow it
walter__ 10:05 FYI: my plugin seems quite stable - haven't seen a crash when I was testing all calls for my extension