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dtiedy3 17:11 Does anyone know how to suppress an WiX ICE validation. Normally you do that in the ToolSettings of your WiX Project, but since this is generated I'm wondering how I can configure this
taxilian 17:11 just to clean up the output?
dtiedy3 17:11 Looks like: SET(EXT_FLAGS ${EXT_FLAGS} -sice:ICE57 ) should do the trick
It was an Error, and from what I read everywhere that is is a bug. I don't like suppressing errors, but as far as I could see there wasn't away around it
taxilian 17:11 that sounds reasonable
as far as how to do it, I mean
I don't know anything about ICE57 =]
dtiedy3 18:11 ICE57: Component 'CMP_ApplicationStartMenuShortcut' has both per-user data and a keypath that can be either per-user or per-machine.
taxilian 18:11 ahh
and why do you think it's a bug?
dtiedy3 18:11 Just what I've read in many places. It has to do when you are Installing PerMachine, and want a desktop shortcut as well
taxilian 18:11 ahh
dtiedy3 18:11 The desktop shortcut is part a dependency that I added to the FireBreath installer
taxilian 18:11 it's not so much a bug as it is something that WiX/MSI doesn't like
dtiedy3 18:11 correct
taxilian 18:11 because you actually are adding per-user data
which it doesn't like
because it's potentially dangerous (uninstalling from another user could be a problem)
dtiedy3 18:11 Are you saying that a desktop shortcut is PerUser?
taxilian 18:11 yes
of course it is
hmm; though it might be possible to make it not peruser, since I think there may be an AllUsers desktop
hmm; forgot that
maybe I'm mistaken
(I don't use windows much these days, so the details aren't as ready to hand)
dtiedy3 18:11 I was under the impression (Didn't test it) that it would install to all users if that is what I had set it up too be (Not saying that is a good idea). If that is indeed the case then the ICE error is mistaken. If indeed it doesn't install on all desktops then the ICE error is correct
taxilian 18:11 worth looking into
but I would tend to expect you'd be right; might be, though, that you have to be more specific? not sure
dtiedy3 18:11 A better example is the Start Menu, it will show the same error
If you want it in the Start Menu for All Users
and you use the registry as a keypath, you will get the same error
And the Registry Root is HKLM
anyways the suppression now works and I achieved what I needed