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_vizZ 02:11 hi, is it possible to generate visual studio project with muli-byte character set and build the plugin with this particular setting?
i'm having an issue with LoadLibrary fnc
iaincollins 02:11 Hi vizZ, it might be that no one who can help is around right now
_vizZ 02:11 in a project built with Multi-Byte it's working properly, but in a project built with Unicode it's not working :/
i mean, the library loads ( i pass in a unicode string so it calls LoadLibraryW fnc ), i even succede retrieving function pointers
but i get access violation when trying to use any of them
damn :/
iaincollins 02:11 I can't answer that one, but in maybe hmm 6-8 hours someone who can will probably be around :)
_vizZ 02:11 lucky me ;D
taxilian 06:11 I always feel bad when I miss someone with a question... but then again, I can't be on all hours =] gotta sleep sometime
iaincollins 06:11 I was thinking you need to sleep after reading your acticle this morning :)
taxilian 06:11 lol. why is that? ranbling?
or do I have a bunch of typos?
iaincollins 06:11 lol no just that you will still up at 06:30 my time :)
and thanks, all working now (not crashing)
taxilian 06:11 lol. well, yeah, and now it's 6:30am my time
iaincollins 06:11 ouch
taxilian 06:11 my son woke me up, and I couldn't get back to sleep
so I figured I may as well get some work done
iaincollins 06:11 he's a extremely productive member of the FB team 8)
taxilian 06:11 that's actually not the article I wanted to write, but I decided it was more important than the one I was planning to do
iaincollins 06:11 I am reading up the boost stuff to get a better idea of how some of the functions work
taxilian 06:11 not a bad idea
the shared_ptr / weak_ptr stuff is really really nice
iaincollins 06:11 I'd like to paste a followup showing how it helped (and what I was doing wrong before) but not sure how the comment system handles new lines
taxilian 06:11 hmm. not sure
you'd have to try it =]
iaincollins 06:11 I'll be brave 8)
bbiab, another meeting
taxilian 06:11 *sigh*. I really should have changed all the pluginwindows to shared_ptrs when we did the last breaking change
ahh, well, it's not important enough now :-/
I think I'll give it a day or two to confirm that my bugfixes yesterday really did fix things and then release 1.3.1
iaincollins 07:11 this is actually a boost question (so even just a yes / no answer would be welcome), but ... are the following statements effectively equivalent?
boost::shared_ptr<NetworkDevice> networkDevice = boost::shared_ptr<NetworkDevice>(new NetworkDevice(m_host));
boost::shared_ptr<NetworkDevice> networkDevice = boost::make_shared<NetworkDevice>(m_host);
from my understanding of the documentation, and how they work in practice, they seem to be
taxilian 07:11 pretty close, yes
make_shared is a little bit "safer", but if you do it exactly as you describe it shouldn't make much difference
iaincollins 08:11 thanks, that's the impression I got from the documentation
as I failed to use it correctly previously I thought I would check with someone who knows
taxilian 08:11 =]
iaincollins 08:11 ooh blog comments system mostly worked :) readable at least, amusingly added multiple </myclass> tags to balance out instances of <MyClass> (which it lowercased)
taxilian 08:11 lol. huh. works, I guess
DFUN 08:11 Good evening!
can FB offer an overloaded method to create a browser stream with an URL as wide string?
currently the head is BrowserStream* createStream(const std::string& url, PluginEventSink* callback, ....)
taxilian 08:11 well, it could
but what it would actually do, which you can do now if you want, is use FB::wstring_to_utf8(wide_string) to convert it to a std::string
DFUN 08:11 ok, that would be much easier (and faster, I guess).
taxilian 08:11 most likely
most of the overloaded methods just do that
DFUN 08:11 didn't know that method exists
taxilian 08:11 it was new in 1.2.0
DFUN 08:11 that is such a great work
taxilian 08:11 thanks =]
DFUN 08:11 there's even a "tolower" method...
taxilian 08:11 yeah
and I think it works
DFUN 08:11 got to open my eyes a little wider
taxilian 08:11 though I haven't actually tried it :-P
DFUN 08:11 wow. I didn't dream of FB offering such a toolkit
taxilian 08:11 we really try not to offer stuff like that
but in this case it's kinda neccesary
DFUN 09:11 yes, it is. But that's doesn't mean it's offered anyway
I wonder what is your motivation for the project
taxilian 09:11 well, there are several things
what got me started was frustration at how bad the javascript API for most plugins is
and how poorly documented plugins are
DFUN 09:11 do you actually need the framework for yourself?
taxilian 09:11 my last 3 jobs have come as a direct result of having written FireBreath
I'm currently employed by Facebook working on a FireBreath plugin for them
I suspect (hope) that when this contract is over someone else will be interested in hiring me to work on plugin stuff
DFUN 09:11 it definitely made you an instance for that stuff
iaincollins 09:11 seems smart, very few people have been able to do that, and most commercial plugins are not quite up to the same standard
although you might have made it too easy for everyone else ;-)
taxilian 09:11 hehe. if I have, that's all the more reason that a company would want to have someone like me on their team, no?
DFUN 09:11 yea, for me
iaincollins 09:11 indeed
taxilian 09:11 if nothing else, it's a great portfolio piece both for code and management skills
iaincollins 09:11 *nod*
taxilian 09:11 also, a company that was interested in hiring me for plugins would be looking for a long-term plugin, and one that does more than your average plugin. They'd be looking for someone who understood the full lifecycle, knew how the pieces fit together, and had experience with the whole process -- not just writing a plugin, but testing, deploying, troubleshooting, etc
DFUN 09:11 we first started to write a NPAPI-only plugin using the interface directly. With FireBreath we can delete all the cryptic documentation written for that purpose
ah, ok, that's why you still care about FB :)
taxilian 09:11 DFUN: yeah; I wrote FireBreath and thus know NPAPI pretty decent; when I write a plugin, even if only for Firefox, I still use FireBreath. it's just way easier =]
the better FireBreath does, the better it makes me look; that's a big part of it
right now, though, I'm working on a plugin for Facebook, so it's in my best interests to have as many bugs fixed as possible so that when the plugin goes into testing most of the plugin-specific issues are fixed already
DFUN 09:11 that's true. We are really impressed of this project being open source and working that fine
taxilian 09:11 the unicode stuff was actually contributed by Facebook and I put it in specifically because I need it for that project
the features that get added first tend to be the ones that one of the active contributors needed, for some reason... :-P
DFUN 09:11 our plugin takes a few more days to be testable. I will of course report any issues
taxilian 09:11 sounds good; what version of FireBreath are you using?
DFUN 09:11 1.3
started at 1.3RC3
taxilian 09:11 cool. you might want to grab the latest nightly (72 or 73 I think) that built this morning for 1.3
it's basically a RC1 for 1.3.1
it has several memory leak bugs fixed
DFUN 09:11 most of the wok was redesigning and cleaning up the prior work
taxilian 09:11 that is often the case
DFUN 09:11 I hope to get working results soon since first tests showed how simple it actually is now
taxilian 09:11 cool =] I wish you luck. where are you located?
DFUN 09:11 I agreed with my boss to join your "I use it"-list when where done
taxilian 09:11 sweet =]
DFUN 09:11 Germany, Stuttgart
quite a big company, but where late offering a plugin.
taxilian 09:11 cool. if you find that you need more consistent / professional support, Georg is also in Germany (though I don't know where exactly; however he's definitely much closer on time zone than I am)
and he knows the framework better than anyone else but me; some parts better than me
DFUN 09:11 yea, that might be of help, for sure.
but he isn't around on IRC much, is he?
taxilian 09:11 I'm usually on during the day MST
sometimes yes, sometimes no
he's cygmatic when he's here
DFUN 09:11 ah, ok, seen him
taxilian 09:11 I think he's in school and works, so he doesn't have a lot of time
I think nitro is also German; he wrote the BrowserStreams code
he's online, but not on IRC; I think he's really busy right now
I'm always on the channel, so if you tell me something I'll get it, but I may not be at a computer to read it =]
DFUN 09:11 no problem. I actually do not need much functionality and my little problems are solved that quick on IRC. So I can continue the project in a great time
taxilian 09:11 good =] if you feel the desire to contribute back, updating wiki pages to clarify things you had to ask about is a great way to do so
iaincollins 09:11 I think in the last 24 hours you were actually this channel for more hours than I was concious (not that I'm complaining...) 8)
taxilian 09:11 lol
that's possible :-P
DFUN 09:11 I already thought about contributing. The wiki is a good opportunity
taxilian 09:11 I got a lot of work done yesterday
code contributions are always welcome also, of course =] we really need to clean up the system events and drawing code on linux, as well as getting a better timer abstraction for mac =]
DFUN 09:11 umm.... where can I find the wiki?
the documentation seems to be auto-generated out of the code
taxilian 09:11 some is, some isn't =]
everything under "Source documentation" is auto-generated (
the rest is just a wiki
DFUN 09:11 ok, I just signed up
ah, now I can edit... of course.
taxilian 09:11 yep =] I'm going to go eat breakfast. I'll be back in a bit
DFUN 09:11 ok, I will look out for things I can add to the docu. And now this is me finishing for today.
taxilian 13:11 anyone know how to resize images using GDI?
taxilian 13:11 iaincollins|away: I like where you're going with your potential installer improvements page
sabotaged|wk 14:11 anyone have thoughts on where the best place would be to add unit tests for stuff specific to my own plugin?
taxilian 14:11 I would create another project
sabotaged|wk 14:11 so for visual studio, a new solution?
or do you mean project within my existing plugin solution
taxilian 14:11 sabotaged|wk: I would basically copy one of the unit test projects that are in firebreath
and put it in a subdirectory of your plugin
then just update cmakelists.txt so that it works correctly there and add_subdirectory from the cmakelists.txt of your project
sabotaged|wk 14:11 ok
taxilian 14:11 gotta run
sabotaged|wk 15:11 cmake is pretty cool
aside from the learning curve
kylehuff 15:11 yeah, thats what my step dad said about my mom... then he met my sister. I don't think I need to go say anything more about my new brather.
ohh, cmake.. nevermind.. yeah cmake is the bomb..
=c )
taxilian 15:11 LOL
amackera 17:11 I just explained to a fellow programmer what meta programming was
by saying:
"Yo dawg, I heard you like programming..."
and he instantly got it :P
like understood the concent
you've heard of learning by doing, learning by reading, but have you heard of learning by internet meme?
michiel_unhosted 18:11 hello taxilian i think it's almost 7pm where you are? I'm on Perth time, it's Thursday here :)
taxilian 20:11 *sigh*. just missed him