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mastrolinux 03:04 Hi, what are your plans now that npapi will be not supported in chrome? I would like to start a project using FireBreath but not sure if I can due to that.
kylehuff 03:04 mastrolinux: work is being done on FireBreath2.0, which uses Native Messaging in lieu of NPAPI on chrome. Richard has been working very hard on fb2.0, and has made a lot of progress. there is still quite a bit to be done (and some of that may require your help, if you are so willing)
but anyway, there is work being done, and, except for drawing, the plugin code (the code for your project) should be mostly the same between FB and FB2.0, so if you start development, it won't be for nothing.
mastrolinux 04:04 kylehuff: thanks a lot, will take a look at the new code in github.
kylehuff 04:04 mastrolinux: the branch is "refactor"
mastrolinux: at last check, the refactor branch does no build in linux, perhaps you would be a good candidate for looking into that? if not, it's all good, I will get to it eventually.