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nitrogenycs 01:11 hey, are we still supposed to use the prep2008.cmd files?
@taxilian_away: When I run the prep2008.cmd file I get an error like this: CMake Error: The source directory "C:/DCSDK/External/WebPlayer/hg"" does not appear to contain CMakeLists.txt. . It seems to be related to the changes from rev. 743 (d9f45ba85541).When I remove the extra quotation marks it works again for me.
taxilian 08:11 nitrogenycs: I'm back
what OS?
SoftwareMaven: good to see you in the IRC room. anything new with ClickLock?
amackera: long time no see =]
amackera 08:11 hey :)
taxilian 08:11 did you ever get windowless support working on IE?
amackera 08:11 No, I didn't get a chance to look at it
I'm really quite ignorant about the plugin environment in IE
taxilian 08:11 ahh. hadn't realized that earlier; I'd rather not publicize that windowless support is in until it works on IE as well :-/
I can help there
when you have time
amackera 08:11 I'll add it to the TODO list :D
taxilian 08:11 =]
it actually doesn't look like it should be too bad
it's just a couple of interfaces we have to implement correctly
amackera 08:11 Do you have any good linkage for docs to read?
Even total basic: Intro to ActiveX or whatever
taxilian 08:11 yep
hang on
these are the relevant interfaces:
amackera 08:11 Cool, I'll read through them tonight
taxilian 08:11 it actually almost looks like you can draw as wanted; you just call GetDC and ReleaseDC
amackera 08:11 brb!
nitrogenycs 09:11 @taxilian: hey, OS is windows, I don't think cmd files run on anything else really :)
taxilian 09:11 which version of windows?
nitrogenycs 09:11 Windows 7
taxilian 09:11 hmm. interesting
that exact same operating system it works fine for me
what is the correct source directory?
nitrogenycs 09:11 The same, just the quotation mark seems wrong
it always worked before the change
CMakeLists.txt is also there
It's a bit odd that there's a double quotation mark at the end, but not at the beginning
taxilian 09:11 yeah
so without the double quote it doesn't work with dirs with spaces in them
I don't know :-/
nitrogenycs 09:11 hmm, might be, my pathes don
't have spaces
i can try something, second
hmm, no, did not help
amackera 09:11 seconded
nitrogenycs 09:11 hmm, this seems to work
putting the "" only around the path
not sure if this works as intended, but it doesnt break either
i just can't test the "path with spaces" problem
taxilian 09:11 I'll try it with spaces later this week
amackera 09:11 HTML5 is cool
I like the idea of evolving web tech
taxilian 09:11 it is cool
amackera 09:11 If only canvas performance weren't so attrocious
taxilian 09:11 hehe
amackera: have you had a chance to read through the mailing list lately? I think there is an unanswered question about mac drawing
amackera 09:11 oh! I'll check it out
I've been woefully out of touch this past week
taxilian 09:11 I noticed =] happens, though
amackera 09:11 Hmm.. Cocoa timers failing in 64 bit safari is worrying, I forgot about this bug
taxilian 09:11 yeah
we need our own way to do timers
ScheduleTimer is aparently unreliable
gotta run now, though