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anttix1 00:11 taxilian: Well another way is to skip ATL and write our own DllRegisterServer that manipulates the registry directly. AFAIK this is how the rgs files are implemented under the hood. However I think it's better to stick with Microsofts abstractions in case something changes in the future.
ok, AFK again
lekma 04:11 hello
lekma 05:11 hello again
lekma 05:11 had a pb with my irc client :(
anybody available for a little help on npapi?
iaincollins 06:11 hello... I'm here, but I'm unlikely to know anymore than you :)
lekma 06:11 :)
lekma 06:11 bbl
dicroce 09:11 Is their a way to pass arguments from the <object> tag in the HTML into the plugin?
dicroce 10:11 nevermind, I think i figure it out...
_vizZ 10:11 hi, may i have a question about firebreath project generation?
ok ( ;p ), then... is it possible to generate project ( fbgen ) to a custom directory? And then, is it possible to generate its build dir to a custom location ( prep2008 )?
neilg_ 10:11 I believe it's possible, yes
Oh. Hmm. Yes, it's possible but would require changing the script
The "build" directory is generated by CMake so that part is an argument to CMake
It's the project generation itself that isn't
_vizZ 10:11 roger :)
thx :)
taxilian 13:11 figures. everyone with questions already gone
taxilian 14:11 dicroce: you figured out how to pass param tags?
taxilian 15:11 nirvdrum: so if we were to write our own registration code, as you and I were discussing, what file format would you think would be good for defining what the registry should look like?
that's currently the #1 thing keeping me from removing the requirement for ATL
dicroce 17:11 So, I may have found a bug...
Something I'm doing works on Firefox and Chrome, but not on IE...
Basically, in my ctor i make a call like this: m_supportedParamSet.insert("url");
Then, when I get a window handle... I do this:
string rawUrl = m_params["url"].convert_cast<string>();
and in IE, that throws and exception...
it says: Microsoft C++ exception: FB::bad_variant_cast at memory location 0x001dcfec..
but only in IE...
is this not the right way of getting additional attributes from the <object> tag?