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taxilian 07:02 'morning all
'morning all
kylehuff 07:02 morning
taxilian 07:02 today's agenda: get calls from c++ to browser to be async
taxilian 08:02 hmm. which raises a new question: should HasProperty and HasMethod be asynchronous? Should they just go away entirely? hmm
kylehuff: any thoughts?
or anyone else who might want some input on the direction FireBreath goes...
(this is a very dead channel lately)(
kylehuff 08:02 I can't say that I've used Has{Method,Property} directly... not that I recall anyway.
taxilian 08:02 there are actually cases where you can GetProperty or Invoke
thinking it makes more sense to just hide those methods and rely on GetProperty and Invoke
taxilian 10:02 kylehuff: not sure if you've looked much into c++11, but the main reason I'm now requiring a more modern version of vc++ is to support it. here is one of the less important but really nice reasons for using C++11:
this: std::pair<EventMultiMap::iterator, EventMultiMap::iterator> range = it->second.equal_range(eventName);
becomes this: auto range = it->second.equal_range(eventName);
taxilian 10:02 gotta love this stage of refactoring... nothing works, everything is at a halfway point. if I do things right, in a few hours everything will work exactly like it did when I started!