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taxilian 09:02 kylehuff: you haven't done much with activex or even windows dev in general, am I remembering correctly?
kylehuff 09:02 taxilian: you are correct
taxilian 09:02 that's a shame =] I don't suppose to you want to try to figure some activex stuff out anyway, do you? ;-)
kylehuff 10:02 taxilian: sure, I'm game
taxilian: sure, I'm game
taxilian 10:02 give me a sec to push some code
kylehuff: well, probably 5 minutes... I want to do this right. the repo you're going to be looking at is and the branch is "refactor"
hmm. also, this currently requires vs2013; I'm using a trial version
kylehuff: I need to take a bit of a break from coding; I've been going hard all week. I'll PM you my phone #, call me when you have some time that you can look at it, eh?
kylehuff 10:02 taxilian_away: sounds good. I will prep my windows system to be able to build this
taxilian 11:02 The subproject that
The subproject that
The only Project that will build is FBTestPlugin
Also requires cmake3
taxilian 13:02 kylehuff: just pushed a fix that makes error rejection work correctly in npapi (before it always rejected with undefined, now it rejects with an Error object with the message. Who knew? We just got our exception handling back again, sorta. =]
kylehuff 13:02 taxilian: awesome.
taxilian: awesome.
also I am installing vs2013 into my win7 VM now.
taxilian 13:02 nice =] I bet that'll even finish some day
kylehuff 13:02 lol. I know, right?
do you know if the vs2013 community edition is compatible with building FB
taxilian 13:02 my guess is that we'll have the same issue as normally; activex support requires atl, which will be a pain but still possible to get working
kylehuff 13:02 okay, I'll test it out