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nosale 16:02 hey! really neat stuff. I was trying to write a DLL that would work with NPAPI, and it was getting tedious. Then I came across Firebreath. I tried running through your tutorial on youtube, and I manage to get the test plugin compiled and installed, but when I load the test page into chrome, i just says "no plugin available to load this content"
any obvious advice that I may be missing?
any obvious advice that I may be missing?
I tried both debug and release builds (I used the prep2012x64 script since I will need to use 64 bit APIs). Also, I installed the DLL using regsvr32 as a regular user and as administrator
doesnt work for IE (11.0.9600.17041/17048), or Chrome (40.0.2214.94 m) in both Win7 and Win8
oh... just read the "Browser Plugins in a post-NPAPI world". Looks like I may not want to pursue this any further....