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mik141 09:11 hi, does anyone have any problems with adding CFNetwork framework to firebreath build?
on Mac
hkoch 12:11 hi! what would be the best way to debug a non-working plugin in firefox? every time i try to access the plugin's code, the browser freezes.
hkoch 13:11 has anyone experience using boost::process within a firebreath plugin? grabbing stdout of a process fails with all versions I tested with
taxilian 13:11 well
it depends on which version of boost::process you're talking about
I have used it with one of the versions =]
hkoch 14:11 using firebreath 1.6 ab19ed8, I've downloaded boost::process from
taxilian 14:11 why are you using 1.6?
hkoch 14:11 with newer versions of firebreath, my browser just stalls when I access the generated DLL plugin)
using "depend", the dll looks ok
taxilian 14:11 the best way to debug issues like that, btw, are to attach a debugger to the plugin process and see what is going on
however, let me repeat my question: why are you using 1.6?
however, let me repeat my question: why are you using 1.6?
hkoch 14:11 i would like to use the newest version, but of no knowledge how to attach a debugger to the plugin process, i was not able to solve my (initial) problem. is there a howto for that?
taxilian 14:11 has tips on it, but it's also expected you'll know how to use a C++ debugger
before wasting more time on this track, though, I"d upgrade to the latest from master
or at least 1.7
or at least 1.7
also, the 1.50.0 branch of firebreath-boost which is used by default in 1.7 and later has a version of boost::process in it:
hkoch 14:11 I'll do that right now
taxilian 14:11 I've used that successfully
but so far only on mac
(haven't needed to try on windows)
hkoch 14:11 my main development environment is mac, too, but my old 1.6 code seems not to be able to migrate that easy to latest xcode on os x 10.9.5
windows platform is for customers as a side-effect