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Umesh 03:11 hey
mik141 05:11 hi, anyone knows how to execute javascript code that is stored in std::string in plugin? is it possible?
what I'm trying to do is take proxy settings from PAC file
mik141 06:11 so anyone knows how to do this?
kylehuff 07:11 mik141: -- exec maybe?
mik141: -- exec maybe?
but surely there is a better way to do what you want to do
mik141 07:11 I know that I can embed and use some JS engine (like V8 or spidermonkey) as a last resort. But as I'm creating a browser plugin I would like to use the browser js engine.
mik141 08:11 kylehuff: do you know anything about detecting proxy with firebreath?
kylehuff 08:11 mik141: no, not particularly, sorry
mik141: no, not particularly, sorry
mik141 08:11 ok, thanks
ok, thanks
nirvdrum 10:11 It's a bit dated now, but I've open-sourced my plugin for Mogotest (I'm also shutting down Mogotest):
But it may serve as a source of inspiration for someone.
taxilian 11:11 nirvdrum: sorry to hear that the business hasn't lasted :-/
nirvdrum 11:11 Such is life. Thanks though.
taxilian 11:11 yeah
whats the next adventure?
nirvdrum 11:11 I'm starting at Oracle Labs next week.
taxilian 11:11 cool. working on what?
nirvdrum 11:11 A Ruby implementation in an experimental optimizing compiler.
It's basically the research division over at Oracle.
taxilian 11:11 huh. sounds like an interesting project =]
huh. sounds like an interesting project =]