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kylehuff 09:11 That latest pull request seems kind of sloppy, what with having a separate file for python v3. I'm fairly certain the nuances of py3 could be worked around with logic.
But I'm no python expert.
taxilian 09:11 yeah, I'm honestly not sure; it's an interesting question
kylehuff 10:11 I'll look closer when I get off work.
I'll look closer when I get off work.
kylehuff 16:11 yeah, after closer inspection, duplicating the files is rather gross negligence. most of the lines that needed to be changed were print statements. I commented on the pull request asking the poster to improve the pull request.
if he/she fails or refuses to do so, I will create a pull request resolving the python v2 vs. v3 issue
taxilian 16:11 kylehuff: he actually contacted me ahead of time and I kinda suggested that he needed to do one of the two; if it's easy to make the same file work for both, though, I'd definitely like to keep things DRY
kylehuff 16:11 taxilian: yeah, it is only 22 lines total between the two files that need to change for python v3. and if we don't care about supporting versions less than 2.6, that number drops to about 3 lines of version specific code, which could be caught with either version detection using sys.version_info, or with try/except
if you want to continue support for versions less than 2.6, we could just not use the print statement, which is essentially just a wrapper to sys.stdout.write(str(msg) + "\n")
taxilian 16:11 probably still need to support 2.6, but don't see a reason to support before 2.6