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nirvdrum 09:10 Did I screw up or is the generator still creating a FactoryMain.cpp file?
nirvdrum 09:10 I screwed up.
Seems I don't know mercurial all that well.
nirvdrum 10:10 taxilian_away: Looks like there may be a problem with the latest RC. I'm getting the following compilation error when using the latest tip:
c:\dev\workspaces\firebreath-dev\src\npapiplugin\win\npapipluginwin.cpp(115): error C2039: 'createPluginWindow' : is not a member of 'FB::FactoryBase'
c:\dev\workspaces\firebreath-dev\src\plugincore\factorybase.h(85) : see declaration of 'FB::FactoryBase'
nirvdrum 11:10 Okay, I'm pretty sure that's supposed to be createPluginWindowWin().
kalev 11:10 nirvdrum: there was a large change to the Factory classes last night and I guess you just need to update your plugin
nirvdrum 11:10 kalev: This is code inside FireBreath itself.
kalev 11:10 Ah, is it the -dev repo?
nirvdrum 11:10 Yes.
kalev 11:10 I just tested that the main repo builds; no clue about dev
nirvdrum 11:10 I'm going to check out the RC2 zip to see if it's a problem there.
Nope, the zip is good.
So, maybe someone forgot to push a change.
kalev 11:10 it could very well be a problem within the dev repo. I'm honestly surprised that with the way dev and default repos are merged into each other back and forth we aren't getting any more problems with bad merges.
nirvdrum 11:10 Indeed. It's not correct in -dev.