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taxilian 00:10
granted, that would be a bit of work to use
cygmatic 00:10 no i won't dig out what i knew about xslt ;)
taxilian 00:10 hmm.
I probably shouldn't admit to this, but I'm actually fairly good with XSLT
cygmatic 00:10 i respect anyone who has the patience to become good at it
taxilian 00:10 hehe. I had need of it a few times
FireBreath actually uses XSLT
any guesses where? =]
cygmatic 00:10 hm, no idea
taxilian 00:10 there was something in WiX (I forget what) that didn't work as-is and I had to write an XSLT stylesheet to have it change the XML into the format we needed
cygmatic 00:10 ah, weird little corner :)
taxilian 00:10 yep
cygmatic 00:10 hm, i think the xml output would be cleanest but most work
taxilian 00:10 yeah
you're probably right about that
however, there is also a way to use an XML file to customize the layout of doxygen, according to the docs I was just looking at
cygmatic 00:10 some html include is hacky but avoids the whole layout/styling bit
taxilian 00:10 so that might also help
I think maybe a combination of using XML for parsing, remote calls for creating and updating the page, and sed for rewriting the URLs might actually get us what we need
cygmatic 00:10 oh well, i'll have to sleep now
taxilian 00:10 reading back what I just wrote, I now understand why everyone thinks I'm crazy
but I will probably still try to do it =]
sleep well
cygmatic 00:10 good night or day
taxilian 00:10 I am off to bed also
it's midnight here =]
cygmatic 00:10 hm, 8:07 here :D
sleep well too
taxilian 00:10 lol
cygmatic 18:10 taxilian: do you think it makes sense to add addEventListener() to FB::DOM::Node?
cygmatic 18:10 and i'm getting 0x80070715 for regsvr32 again :/
cygmatic 19:10 well, after looking into the logs i tried with vs2005 again and it works - still annoying to not have it work with vs2010