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kylehuff 13:10 why does set the binary output to build/project/Debug, instead of build/bin/<Project name>/<binary plugin> ?
taxilian 13:10 well, prepmac doesn't set anything
cmake for some reason puts the mac builds in a different place
and I don't know why
would be cool to figure that out, just never made my priority list
kylehuff 13:10 okay, I will look into it, I just wanted to make sure it was not something funky with my setup
I only noticed because I was going through the motions on Mac, and comparing against Win/Lin
taxilian 13:10 yeah, that's what happens
and I haven't a clue why
it's a cmake config issue, probably
kylehuff 13:10 ok cool
taxilian 13:10 did you see the doxygen class stuff? I have it so I can put pages in the wiki; only problem is that all links exit the wiki :-/
kylehuff 13:10 also on Mac, it seems to ignore include source directories (i.e. -I/blah/blah/blah) that are specified in <Project>/Mac/projectDef.cmake - and it seems to ignore header files in /usr/include that are links - the only way I can include a header file in my project that is to put a link to the header file in my project source directory..
taxilian 13:10 how are you trying to specify the include source directories?
kylehuff 13:10 I don't really know where to set them, I tried throwing it into target_link_libraries(${PROJNAME} of Mac/projectDef.cmake along with my -L/path/to/somelibrary -lsomelibrary
the library source flags and libraries work, but not the -I/path/to/include/source
cygmatic 13:10 that are linker flags that you add there, the linker doesn't know about includes
include_directories() should be it to specifically add include dirs
taxilian 13:10 that is correct
include_directories(dir1 dir2 dir3) etc
kylehuff 13:10 ah, ok. I don't have that directive in my projectDef.cmake file
and I know nothing about cmake.. =c )
taxilian 13:10 yeah, we should probably add it into the fbgen template
it can go in CMakeLists.txt for all platforms or platform/projectDef.cmake
kylehuff 13:10 so, the real question is, why was it not able to use the links that are in /usr/include ? I currently suspect that /usr/include is not in my path...
taxilian 13:10 kylehuff: I don't know; that would be a compiler or environment issue rather than a firebreath issue
kylehuff 13:10 yeah, it is irrelevant unless it turns out to be a cmake issue - I was just trying to figure out how to specify include paths
taxilian 13:10 now you know =]
kylehuff 13:10 yeup
taxilian 13:10 hmm. really need to update the fbgen templates to have more comments/documentation
cygmatic 13:10 kylehuff, you should check the detailed output what the compiler is actually invoked with (i.e. what "-I"s are passed)
although... you shouldn't need to specify /usr/include explicitly :/
kylehuff 13:10 yeah, I wouldn't think so, coming from linux - which is why I was suspect of cmake at first.
cygmatic 13:10 taxilian: do you have AUTOBRIEF enabled for doxygen?
taxilian 13:10 cygmatic: the config file is in the repo; Doxyfile
cygmatic 13:10 ah, of course
taxilian 13:10 but no, I don't
might be better to do so, I suppose
I kinda like having the @brief be explicit
cygmatic 13:10 was just wondering as you seemed to use it with the last commit
taxilian 13:10 yeah, that might be because I wasn't paying attention
cygmatic 13:10 if i get it right, "/// asdf" without AUTOBRIEF makes it a "detailed" description
taxilian 13:10 yeah, I think you're right
I'll fix it later; not really worried about that class, as it isn't really important for, well, anyone to really understand
right now I need to finally write this stupid 4 page paper =]
cygmatic 13:10 good luck then ;)
taxilian 13:10 heh. thanks =]
cygmatic 17:10 taxilian:
javadoc plugin for confluence, BSD - maybe a good template for a doxygen plugin?
taxilian 17:10 oooh… maybe
didn't see that
cygmatic 17:10 or html include replace:
taxilian 17:10 hmm. too bad it doesn't seem to be open source
cygmatic 17:10 it says bsd
taxilian 17:10 really? I haven't found the source yet
looks like html include replace would do basically what I'm currently doing with sed
but less secure
cygmatic 18:10 heh, ok
taxilian 18:10 the one thing I have considered that we could probably do is make it so that the links would pop up in a floating iframe
that would at least keep us in the same page
cygmatic 18:10 it talking about enabling containers around the html content sounded nice
taxilian 18:10 though it wouldn't be as clean as I'd like
hmm. that's true; I misread it the first time
that could be useful
might be worth trying
cygmatic 18:10 for the javadoc one could ask the author for the source if needed - maybe he just missed putting it out ;)
taxilian 18:10 yeah. I think I will
I actually got the plugin environment downloaded and everything
the source to the html replace thing is open
so we could add whitelisting ourselves
will have to look at it more later
what is there looks so nice.. it it just sad to see it not work the way it looks like it should
gotta finish this paper, though
cygmatic 18:10 yeah, maybe hard-coded lock-down to certain users or URI patterns
taxilian 18:10 right
even if we made one that only reads from classdocs.
cygmatic 18:10 don't want to stress you, just curiously looked around if there isn't anything FB could reuse
taxilian 18:10 yeah, I appreciate that, actually
you found several things that I hadn't found
keep looking =]
cygmatic 18:10 i think i'm through the relevant nodes in their plugin directory :)
should i mail the javadoc guy?
hm, there is also a command line interface:
taxilian 18:10 if you can find it, that would be cool
hmm. that does suggest another option
we could actually write a python script or something to literally rewrite all of the doxygen docs and import them into confluence as normal pages
I'm betting it would be time consuming, but as long as it could do an in-place update, it might be doable
cygmatic 18:10 if there is a way to put raw html as confluence page content then it might be enough to rewrite the links and extract the html body
taxilian 18:10 it can be done if you enable the right plugin
and I think it might be possible to enable the plugin on just one space (logical section of pages) so that we could restrict access to those to just a few of us
cygmatic 18:10 ok, something like this javadoc thing would have the cool feature of convenient linking to the reference
oh well, 3 paths to evaluate :/
taxilian 18:10 convenient linking to the reference?
cygmatic 18:10 {classDoc:JSAPI}
or whatever
taxilian 18:10 ahh
that would be very handy
though I might be able to come up with that anyway
in a seperate plugin
in fact, I might be able to do that with what we have, now that I've figured out doxygen's naming scheme
cygmatic 18:10 right, that should not be too hard
taxilian 18:10 if I could at least make it pop up in a floating iframe that would be better than nothing
cygmatic 20:10 anyone here currently working on linux?
taxilian 20:10 cygmatic: reviewing my changes from earlier, on properties you don't have to specify a brief, aparently
taxilian 23:10 cygmatic: I appreciate you trying
cygmatic 23:10 going to set up a virtual box again... then that shouldn't happen again ;)
should only miss a -ldl in the linker flags or so though
taxilian 23:10 hehe. hey, on the bright side, at least you had the build server to warn you, right?
cygmatic 23:10 exactly, great for that and to confirm that it doesn't just "work on my box" :)
taxilian 23:10 now if I could just find time to figure out how to get a Mac VM working, ....
currently the mac build server runs on my desktop :-/
still, better than nothing
it works on Mac, then?
cygmatic 23:10 virtual box is the only free one apparently
taxilian 23:10 sorry, I meant the FSPath thing
cygmatic 23:10 ah, yes it does
linux is the same but additional linking apparently
taxilian 23:10 wow… we've been over 200 hits a day for a lot of this week
cygmatic 23:10 didn't remember that
taxilian 23:10 ahh
cygmatic 23:10 right, osx as a guest system seems to be a nightmare
taxilian 23:10 yeah
ahh, well
cygmatic 23:10 but good to know, then i'll try to not continously steal resources from your desktop ^^
taxilian 23:10 lol
actually, it's not usually a problem
since recently I spend most of my time running on my laptop
may as well use my desktop for something, right?
and it's only the mac build server that is on my desktop
cygmatic 23:10 fair point and still really useful :)
taxilian 23:10 the other three are on one of two servers I have here
hehe. having that running has saved me from not realizing I'd put in a bad change twice in the last week alone
I feel a little bad spamming everyone on the list, but on the other hand...
cygmatic 23:10 well, the mails have the advantage of increased pressure to fix it ;)
taxilian 23:10 lol. true
also the XML output might provide something we can use
I wish one of us had time to focus on this a bit; I bet it's totally fixable in a nice clean way
and it would really help the project to have good, solid documentation
I can't think of anything that doesn't have docs now that you normally would need to create the plugin, except maybe amackera's mac window classes, and we'll get those soonish, I think
ok, here is some *really* good stuff:
cygmatic 23:10 ok, this fixes the url problem in a neat way, but what else?
taxilian 23:10 actually I'm still not sure how to fix the url problem with it
but it does let us disable a lot of stuff that I'm currently hiding with CSS, like the headers
cygmatic 23:10 and there is surely something nice to be done with the xml, but its still work to produce readable and linked docs from that :(
taxilian 23:10 create help packages that can be installed into xcode or eclipse
this is true
cygmatic 23:10 not to mention actually putting it into confluence
aha, interesting
(though i have rarely used integrated help anywhere ;)
taxilian 23:10 yeah, me neither
also the custom header/footer could be handy
anyway, just more than I knew before
cygmatic 23:10 i guess the fastest way would really be using this html include plugin
taxilian 23:10 if nothing else, it would be a lot easier to dump stuff into confluence if we can customize the header and footer, disable stuff we don't need, and then use an XML TOC to figure out what needs to go in
cygmatic 23:10 right, TOC/index would be the next step