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kylehuff 00:10 arghh.. vm locked up with only 500MB left to download, and it only remembers downloading the first 5MB...
taxilian 00:10 ouch
kylehuff 00:10 you've heard of hungry hungry hippos? I am about to play angry angry hippo...
taxilian 00:10 okay....?
not perfect, but a start
kylehuff 00:10 I'm just pissed... I should have used curl..
taxilian 00:10 :-/
could have been worse.. .at least it wasn't Visual Studio
kylehuff 00:10 lol - true...
well, that link is super slow, because my laptop runs VM's like crap - I am pretty sure I am swapping memory to disk
sweet! the class members page rocks
taxilian 00:10 I really wish I could find a good way to integrate the docs so that I could just click a link on the left and have it go directly to the correct doc page on the right
most classes you don't really care about
I have a lot to learn about confluence
kylehuff 00:10 well, not yet at least - but the part I like is the function list, with links back to the class it is a member to
taxilian 00:10 yeah
there are a lot of nice features there
there, now there are docs for JSObject as well
so, kylehuff; I have time to document maybe one more class tonight. Which one should I document?
kylehuff 00:10 honestly, I have no clue!
taxilian 00:10 well that doesn't help
what class would you like to understand better?
kylehuff 00:10 outside of classes in the base plugin files that created, I have never used any of the classes - and those I don't think I have done anything with either.
taxilian 00:10 lol. okay
I'll do variant
kylehuff 00:10 lol
taxilian 00:10 that should be, umm, interesting
kylehuff 00:10 i was about to say variant
taxilian 00:10 I think it's the only core exposed class I haven't gotten to yet
kylehuff 00:10 currently I am not using any of the FB::<Type> like variant, or variant_list - I plan to start using them this weekend though
taxilian 00:10 oh, you're using variant
you just don't realize it =]
everything that goes through JSAPI uses variant
it's just that JSAPIAuto abstracts the type conversion for you (go cygmtatic)
kylehuff 00:10 well, I meant for the methods my PluginAPI calls, all of the arguments are current strings or bool, and all of the returned from the methods are strings.
taxilian 00:10 most of the time that's what you want
unless for some reason you need to accept parameters that could be one of several types
kylehuff 00:10 well, I would much rather pass an object as the return that gets auto converted to a JSObject when handed to the browser. (so I don't have to JSON.parse() everything)
taxilian 00:10 ahh
kylehuff 00:10 but strings work now
taxilian 00:10 return a FB::VariantMap, then
I think that's the right type, anyway
kylehuff 00:10 I will using these fancy new docs to figure that out this weekend (inch allah)
taxilian 00:10 hehe. I hope they help
if they don't, add docs that do =]
kylehuff 00:10 thats my plan. I am trying to do the mac building docs, but I like to do the steps as I document - so I started with a new VM.... starting to regret that..
taxilian 00:10 :-/
do you know how to get mac os running in a virtualbox vm?
kylehuff 00:10 yeah, that is what I use (virtualbox)
taxilian 00:10 send me instructions, please =] I need to set up a test/build vm server with mac os on it so that I don't have to use my desktop machine for the automated firebreath builds
kylehuff 00:10 sure, tomorrow I hope to transfer my documentation from my backup drive, I will dig it out.. (I just reinstalled debian on my laptop last week, so it is naked)
taxilian 00:10 cool
not urgent; I don't have time to work on it anyway
I already took all my time and more writing docs and setting up doxygen today
tomorrow I need to work on school and things that actually make me money
kylehuff 00:10 how late is there now?
taxilian 00:10 0:30
kylehuff 00:10 ah you are +1 hour from me
taxilian 00:10 where are you located?
kylehuff 00:10 Washington State
taxilian 00:10 I probably ask you that already, but I forgot
yeah, I'm in Utah
kylehuff 00:10 I think Utah is the only state I've never been too...
taxilian 00:10 you're missing out ;-)
if you're ever in the area give me a call and I'll take you to lunch
kylehuff 00:10 but I have a Utah CHP!
taxilian 00:10 CHP?
kylehuff 00:10 Concealed Handgun Permit
Utah has reciprocity with like, 20 states
taxilian 00:10 yeah
I have one of those too =]
just never seen that acronym
kylehuff 00:10 they call it a CCW here in Washington, I think CHP is an Oregon thing..
I have no idea what CCW even means.. Concealed Carry something...
taxilian 00:10 yeah, I would have recognized CCW
not sure
kylehuff 00:10 yes! finally done downloading...
taxilian 00:10 well did =]
I'm about 1/2 way done with documenting variant
kylehuff 00:10 well, I'm going to bail out of this to give me that extra bit of memory - catch you later
taxilian 00:10 ok
take care
kylehuff 00:10 you too
taxilian 01:10 cygmatic: when you have a chance, check out the docs and feel free to write some of your own =]
I think I've done a good days work
amackera 07:10 whoa,
pretty cool
iaincollins 07:10 damn SO is cool
amackera 07:10 they get so many things right
iaincollins 07:10 Yeah, I figured at first it would just degenerate into another "Experts Exchange" hell, but it really works
I managed a grand total of an hour on my plugin since tuesday (too much "last minute urgent issue injection" - just gotten another one).. the deadline for trial/QA is stil Oct 24th (Hmm..:)
at this point if it wasn't for FB would be officaly screwed
amackera 07:10 Haha, well you've still got some time
iaincollins 07:10 Oh yes, and I'm off Monday as my mum is in town... suspect I will be working next saturday!
but actually it's fun as I'm just able to focus on functionality, not banging my head against a wall to understand API's
amackera 07:10 The parts that take the longest are getting cross-platformness
Thankfully FB takes a lot of that pain out of the process (so to speak)
iaincollins 07:10 On Windows my only substantial experience is with C# so I don't know their C++ libs very well (from a Mac & Unix background)
so am clueless about stuff like ATL
amackera 08:10 Same here, actually :P
iaincollins 08:10 hehe
amackera 08:10 Surprisingly it's not that awful, win32 api is really not that bad
iaincollins 08:10 Did you find that a problem when it came to mac porting?
amackera 08:10 well strangely it's a lot harder to develop mac plugins than windows ones
iaincollins 08:10 Yeah C# (which I like so much I'm also using on Linux for stuff via Mono) has really warmed to me MS
I can imagine
amackera 08:10 for the mac you have to do lots of things twice (or three times) depening on your event model/drawing model (though thankfully FB has abstracted much of it)
iaincollins 08:10 yeah I got a glimpse into that on the wiki... gah
amackera 08:10 haha
well truthfully it's not that bad anymore (and if it is, it's my fault since i wrote a lot of the mac code)
iaincollins 08:10 hehe
I do see crashes in 1.2.2 when I restart the page in the browser
amackera 08:10 hmm
iaincollins 08:10 but it's fine for a beta for us
amackera 08:10 what drawing/event model are you using?
iaincollins 08:10 (restart==reload)
Hmm I'm not sure, I did a quick test, build an installer building step then moved on to Windows (as is primary focus)
So I guess whatever the default is; I still need to read those docs properly :-)
(am looking forward to checking it out)
amackera 08:10 ok, you used fbgen to generate the plugin project?
I'll try and track it down
iaincollins 08:10 yeah; oh yes it did ask me
I'll check now
amackera 08:10 should be carbon or coco with core graphics
what browser were you seeing the crash on?
iaincollins 08:10 that was in Safari 5.0.2 (OS 10.6.4)
it seemed very replicable (would do about 9 out of 10 page refreshes)
I /may/ have not done something correctly in the build process through (I might not have properly read the manual first and jumped right....)
amackera 08:10 haha, it's sooo not your fault :P
we had a nasty safari crash bug earlier that we thought we'd fixed, it might be rearing its ugly head again
iaincollins 08:10
I did have to refresh a few times to trigger it there, it seems fine in Firefox though
amackera 08:10 aw :( that's the very same bug as before
There's some bugs in NPObject retain (on the browser side)
it doesn't retain the proper number of refs
iaincollins 08:10 oh nasty :(
amackera 08:10 yeah
iaincollins 08:10 Do you think there is anything in JavaScript, like an unload event, that could be helpful?
amackera 08:10 hmm
iaincollins 08:10 maybe I'll try that now
amackera 08:10 the problem occurs when destructing the JSAPI
iaincollins 08:10 oh
amackera 08:10 it tries to free some memory that the browser thinks is already freed
taxilian_away will need to look at it, my knowledge of the firefox work-around is pretty patchy
my recommendation is to demo your plugin in firefox :P
iaincollins 08:10 hehe yeah
can make it a dependancy in the installer ;-)
amackera 08:10 haha
NpapiPlugin::NpapiPlugin() { if(!firefox) print "Muahah!"; crash(hard); }
iaincollins 08:10 hehe
just as you allude to (but to confirm) unloading it via JS doesn't change the behaviour
taxilian 09:10 amackera: I could add a "crash" method to FBTestPluginAPI if that would help
nitrogenycs: are you available to add some docs to the browserstream code? I don't understand how it works well enough to do it myself; I'm thinking it shouldn't take very long
nitrogenycs 09:10 taxilian: I can probably spare a few mins now
taxilian: (Not that I still recall what I did there...) :)
taxilian: How can I add the docs?
taxilian 09:10 get the latest code from dev
and look at PluginCore and JSAPI.h
they are both pretty good examples of how to add doxygen docs for example of what the output will look like is where it will end up
well, and others
nitrogenycs 09:10 is that a custom doxygen style sheet?
taxilian 09:10 this is one of the items that we'll need updated:
I made it myself
feel free to fix it and send me patches :-P
well, in fairness I stole someone else's and then customized it
nitrogenycs 09:10 :) nah, just asking, because I am using doxygen for my own stuff, too and it looks different :)
taxilian 09:10 which do you prefer, and why?
incidently, you can also find those here on the wiki:
grr here on the wiki
nitrogenycs 09:10 I don't really know yet. I barely use my own c++ docs
taxilian 09:10 =]
cygmatic 09:10 great, my MBP at work doesn't seem to be sleeping
taxilian 09:10 your Macbook has insomnia? have you tried reading a boring story to it?
cygmatic 09:10 i would, but it doesn't pick up the phone :/
taxilian 09:10 ahh
amackera 09:10 You should make sure not to feed your macbook any caffeine after 6PM
cygmatic 09:10 good point, i'll try to remember that :D
taxilian 09:10 cygmatic, have you seen this yet?
nitrogenycs 09:10 taxilian: so I document BrowserStream and DefaultBrowserStreamHandler along with their methods and that's it?
taxilian 09:10 document any of your classes that a normal user would need to understand in order to use it
as well as the createStream method on BrowserHost, if you could =]
nitrogenycs 09:10 ok, so I don't have to do the implementation classes for ActiveX/NPAPI
cygmatic 09:10 taxilian: nice :)
nitrogenycs 09:10 alright
cygmatic 09:10 although... who uses NULL instead of the make_propery("name", getter) form for read-only props with JSAPIAuto? ;)
taxilian 09:10 well, true; I was just being lazy. feel free to clarify that you only have to use NULL if you don't want to provide a getter and do provide a setter =]
do you know how many docs I've written in the last 2 days? ;-)
probably more correct to say "how much documentation" I've written
cygmatic 09:10 j/k, good job
taxilian 09:10 hehe
seriously, though, a lot of it can probably use tweaking; feel free to do so
cygmatic 09:10 sure, i'll look through it as time allows
taxilian 09:10 also, can you think of any really core classes that I haven't gotten docs for yet? I'm thinking "tier 1, we can't write anything if we don't know what this is" type
I guess the DOM objects might fall into that category; I'll do those next
cygmatic 09:10 hm, i don't see one yet
how do this doxygen docs update though? from stable and periodically?
taxilian 09:10 no, from dev and manually :-P
if it's something that is only there since 1.3.0 put @since 1.3.0 in the doc block
I'll probably set it up to update automatically when I can
but for now it updates when I run a little shell script
cygmatic 09:10 ok... so @since only puts it in later?
or is just a note?
taxilian 09:10 @since puts a note that says "available since ...."
cygmatic 09:10 ah, good
taxilian 09:10
for an example
cygmatic 09:10 yay, dropshadows in the title code
taxilian 09:10 hehe. yeah; I need to tweak the color of links in title code, though
just noticed
I think this theme actually turned out pretty well, for something cluged together by, well, me
cygmatic 09:10 doesn't look too bad
i guess i'll do a summarized sweep through it tomorrow
have to finally mix some recordings now
taxilian 10:10 cool =]
taxilian 10:10 ok, editing this wiki is *way* easier than the google code one
I will be turning that one off very soon
amackera 10:10 is there a way for one plugin instance to talk to others? would a singleton class work for that?
taxilian 10:10 any global memory is shared
just be careful is all =]
amackera 10:10 yep :)
taxilian 10:10 actually it would be cool to come up with some kind of abstraction to make that more straightforward
amackera 10:10 message passing sort of thing?
taxilian 10:10 yeah, or maybe some way to get a global list of plugin objects that have been created or something with some kind of unique ID for each one so that you can make calls on other instances of the plugin
just brainstorming
nitrogenycs 10:10 taxilian: I've finished the docs for now, shall I commit?
taxilian 10:10 yes, please
and thanks!
I'm almost done typing up the results from the survey
incidently, nitro, would you like a email address?
nitrogenycs 10:10 taxilian: committed (I think, not 100% sure if hg thinks the same :) )
taxilian 10:10 did you push?
nitrogenycs 10:10 taxilian: If it forwards to my real address, then ok. But not another full mailbox please, I have already too many of them :)
taxilian: Pushing now, looking up my login data again...
taxilian 10:10 it's possible to set it to allow your normal google login password
but I don't remember where
the email address would be a gmail addy, so you can set it up to forward if you want
nitrogenycs 10:10 taxilian: pushed
taxilian 10:10 excelent =] I'll look over it
nitrogenycs 10:10 taxilian: There could possibly be more documentation, I advise people to look at the example plugin to see it in action. We've yet to receive any questions about the streams.
taxilian 10:10 most things can use more documentation, but some is always better than none =]
nitrogenycs 10:10 taxilian: I also don't feel that the streams are really done yet, but unless there are any complaints it doesn't make sense to change anything :)
taxilian 11:10 hehe. yeah, they probably aren't yet. I think most people (myself included) just haven't yet had the occasion to use them
I plan to, however
when I get there
nitrogenycs 11:10 I've got my dedicated server this week. Need to do a few weeks more development, then I can probably show you how I use firebreath :)
taxilian 11:10 awesome =]
kylehuff 11:10 taxilian: here is the guide I used for setting up snow leopard in virtualbox - all of the other materials online have you do a crap-ton of stuff, like booting with a special cd and whatnot - this is the most straight-forward IMO (and easy) -
(using that guide I was successful under debian linux, haven't tried it on windows)
taxilian 11:10 that's okay, I'm running it under ubuntu linux
amackera, cygmatic: you two will be particularly interested in this, I think:
kylehuff: thanks
kylehuff 11:10 np
cygmatic 11:10 taxilian: cool
am i overlooking or did you forget the timer request?
taxilian 11:10 it's there somewhere
ahh, I forgot the "other comments" stuff, though
cygmatic 11:10 ah, i see it now - i was looking in the wrong section :D
taxilian 11:10 yeah, some things came up in multiple sections
that was one of them
that page would have been a nightmare to write in the google code wiki, btw
kylehuff 11:10 so, taxilian; if I wanted to build a FB plugin on windows *without* the activex stuff, is that possible? and if so, does it negate the need for Visual Studio?
taxilian 11:10 it's not currently possible
but it could probably be made to be possible
and yes, that would negate the need for visual studio
kylehuff 11:10 ok, so my next question is; if using a version of IE that supports NPAPI plugins, does a Firebreath plugin always use the activex control, or does it pick NPAPI first?
taxilian 11:10 AFAIK there are no versions of IE that support npruntime npapi plugins
cygmatic 11:10 are there still relevant numbers of IE 5.5 users around?
iaincollins 11:10 I think that's MSIE 5.5; or something odd
cygmatic 11:10 yep
iaincollins 11:10 (way to go MS on that!)
cygmatic 11:10 taxilian, after roughly reading through - nice work on compiling the results that way :)
taxilian 11:10 feel free to add anything you feel apropriate
and thanks
cygmatic 11:10 for the OGL part i was thinking... how about simply starting an OGL example project (for say windows first) and let people contribute patches for different platforms so we slowly aggregate an OGL abstraction & example?
kylehuff 11:10 yeah, I thought I had read that IE has support for plugins, but more than likely they meant to say "extensions" - obviously I don't follow IE much.. =c )
taxilian 11:10 cygmatic: totally agree
IE used to have support for NPAPI plugins, but that was pre-xpcom, if I recal correctly
ok, updated to include the comments
cygmatic 11:10 kylehuff: the terms MS uses in that area are quite confusing, they call browser plugins (i.e. activex controls) content extensions
kylehuff 11:10 yeah
cygmatic 11:10 so you never know what other people actually talk about :)
taxilian 11:10 yeah; browser plugin area is really bad that way
amackera 11:10 survey results are very interesting
i wonder why that person thought we didn't accept diffs?
taxilian 12:10 well, I have been fairly consistent about telling people "put it in a clone, please"
so it's probably my fault
nitrogenycs: your docs are now on the site. thanks for doing that, I appreciate it
I suspect it will make people much more likely to use it
amackera 12:10 what docs?
taxilian 12:10 amackera:
for BrowserStream
since he wrote them, and I don't know how they work, I ask him to write those =]
amackera 12:10 i see :)
taxilian 12:10 feel free to document your plugin window classes; that would be *awesome*
taxilian 12:10 I'm actually pleasantly surprised at how well the Doxygen stuff can work
I think most people just don't customize it enough to make it really useable
this isn't bad, though
amackera 12:10 taxilian: i think it's great
taxilian 13:10 amackera: you'll need to observe the clipping stuff passed in by the browser to fix issue #90
taxilian 13:10 I'm thinking I may release 1.3 with what is currently there
I don't want to wait much longer, particularly with the new docs
amackera 13:10 sure, we'll wait for windowless until it's baked a bit more in dev?
taxilian 13:10 might be a good diea
amackera 13:10 k
taxilian 13:10 as long as you're sure it doesn't introduce any breaking changes
I want all breaking changes that will be in 1.3
amackera 13:10 it's not breaking
you specify windowless mode via param
nitrogenycs 13:10 famous last words of a coder xD
amackera 13:10 lol
taxilian 13:10 yeah
was there already a isWindowless pure virtual there before you started?
amackera 13:10 i'm not sure
taxilian 13:10 I ask because there currently is a isWindowless function in there, I believe
that's why I thought you'd already merged
amackera 13:10 nope
i have not merged yet
taxilian 13:10 ok; for now lets hold off for 1.4
nitrogenycs 13:10 reading the survey results
haha: "No integrated coffee maker"
taxilian 13:10 I think 1.3 already pretty much has everything in it
nitrogenycs 13:10 is this an insider joke or did somebody really say that?
taxilian 13:10 someone really said that :-P
I tried to respond to everyone… =]
nitrogenycs 13:10 hmm, I wonder if he was serious
if he was, I support his view :)
taxilian 13:10 lol
and I still maintain that I will not accept the patch if it doesn't do hot chocolate as well ;-)
nitrogenycs 13:10 :)
cygmatic 13:10 [...] -DDO_ESPRESSO_TOO=1 ?
taxilian 13:10 LOL
nitrogenycs 13:10 nice presentation of the results
taxilian 13:10 thanks
would not have been real easy (barely possible) to do that with google code
definitely going to shut down the gcode wiki very soon; just need to figure out how to make the transision as smooth as possible :-/
taxilian 14:10 cygmatic: good clarification on the docs
I really don't have time to keep updating docs
but I am anyway
it's kinda addicting
you see how much is now there, and you think "wow, now if I just do this..."
and then you see another tweak...
nitrogenycs 14:10 When I did docs for my project it was also a good way to get an overview of the whole thing and all the nasty corners
and it's really a bit addicting
taxilian 14:10 yeah; it's been a good review for me
nitrogenycs 14:10 although after 2 weeks it got a bit exhausting
taxilian 14:10 hehe. well, I'm on day 2, and I think I just about have all of the parts that are actually used by a plugin developer
I'm close, anyway
doing the plugin events now
anyone want to help? They're really easy...
taxilian 14:10 wish I could figure out why my windows VM is so slow… it's got plenty of ram, but still crawling
nitrogenycs 14:10 did you reset the desktop to very basic stuff? no visual effects etc
taxilian 14:10 yeah, and it's windows xp...
amackera 15:10 ugh i'm in dll hell
kylehuff 15:10 yay, Aurturo figured out debugging with codeblocks.. now I don't have to when I update the wiki.. (he uses root too much tough)
taxilian 15:10 hehe
kylehuff: Make sure you include my tip on compiling it in debug mode when you update that
and thanks for doing that
that will be a huge help to a lot of people, I'm certain
kylehuff 15:10 yeah, I will be revising it all really, because he is doing it all wrong..
=c )
taxilian 15:10 lol
hey, at least he got it working
kylehuff 15:10 yes, and it reminded me I want to add debugging with codeblocks + eclipse to the linux building wiki
taxilian 15:10 yeah; this is really cool to see everything coming together on this new wiki
this will make it much easier for people to get going on FireBreath
kylehuff 15:10 yeah, I agree.. it would have made my life easier, for sure..
taxilian 15:10 yep
kylehuff 15:10 so you can add that to the list of things you have learned - your choice of tools has a direct impact on community involvement.. =c )
now if you would just switch to git... lol
taxilian 15:10 lol. well, the further away from google code we get, the easier it would be
I still might
just not ready to yet
kylehuff 15:10 I don't actually have hg, but bzr or git are better IMO
taxilian 15:10 I have used all three; my main gripe with bzr is there simply is not a good way to host it on a server
mercurial is a lot better
kylehuff 15:10 yeah
taxilian 15:10 git I mainly like because the branching works much better; however, it has a serious disadvantage that the learning curve is much heavier
I have a hard enough time teaching everyone to use mercurial
kylehuff 15:10 true, it is more complex for sure
taxilian 15:10 so how do I go from having the home page be to or
or do I leave the home page on google code and link them back for docs?
kylehuff 15:10 good question..
I have no intelligent input on that.. lol
cygmatic 15:10 link to the docs, otherwise it would be quite confusing i think :)
taxilian 15:10 I really hate the google code home page, though :-/
maybe I can put an iframe there or something linking to the firebreath page
cygmatic 15:10 brr ;)
taxilian 15:10 yeah, I know
cygmatic 15:10 how about making it the homepage for and link prominently from the gcode home page?
taxilian 15:10 here is the new home page that I would prefer to have everyone go to:
on the page, not how to get people there =]
kylehuff 15:10 my $0.02
ditch the announcements, or move them, because they are so compressed I won't read them
(because of the confluence sidebar, if it were not for the sidebar, they would probably fit fine..)
taxilian 15:10 kylehuff: I'm trying to find a way to decrease the size of the announcements
I think they'd be okay if the font size wasn't so big
kylehuff 15:10 cool, that might help
the only other thing is
cygmatic 15:10 hm, i think Firebreath+Home deserves an entry in the nav-bar too
kylehuff 15:10 on the left side-bar, I think there should be a download page, that probably has links to the tarballs/zip files and hg instructions..
or maybe just a reference to the hg instructions
taxilian 15:10 ok, working on that
kylehuff 15:10 so it would be "Documentation, Downloads, Getting Help, etc. etc."
otherwise, looks great
(maybe it is just me, but I wouldn't go to "documentation" looking for download instructions until very last.. docs are for when you need to look something up. downloading without consulting help is for manly-men..) =c )
cygmatic 15:10 oh right :D
taxilian 15:10 kylehuff: take a look now
cygmatic 15:10 i would personally still use an order like Documentation, Getting Help, Downloads, ...
or what kyle said
not downloads first... but thats basically nitpicking :)
taxilian 15:10 how 'bout now? =]
I wonder if I can manage some JS magic to do some creative redirects...
I really, *really* wish there was a way to select multiple downloads and say "deprecate these"
or "delete these"
taxilian 16:10 ok, home page updated again
I'll have to finish turning off the old one later; gotta run
cya all
kylehuff 16:10 taxilian_away: excellent! the home page looks great.
taxilian 17:10 okay, everyone, look around at the google code page and tell me how bad it is
cygmatic 17:10 looks a bit empty ;)
at least leaving the description of the project there wouldn't hurt
taxilian 17:10 ok, we could do that
I'm really trying to make that not be the home page, though =]
cygmatic: I'm even tempted to put issues in an iframe so that they don't leave the site :-P
cygmatic 18:10 iframes are evil :(
taxilian 18:10 your point? ;-)
I may have to write a confluence plugin to integrate the doxygen stuff; I really want that integrated with the site
integrated with search would be even better
hmm… I do have a few ideas, though, that might not require that
cygmatic 18:10 i think guitarists should have volume limits automatically enforced on them so they can't always arbitrarily become louder
taxilian 18:10 lol
probably so
the world would be safer
cygmatic 18:10 oh yes, and mixing live recordings much easier :)
taxilian 18:10 ok, I have added a "links" section on the sidebar
and moved downloads to links
anything else that should go there?
cygmatic 18:10 can't think of anything yet... but links to things like the ohloh page might be nice *somewhere*
are you using the &nbsp;s to avoid autolinking?
taxilian 18:10 no; where do I have those?
I may have just done it in the wysiwyg and forgotten to go back and clean it up
cygmatic 18:10 the announcement
taxilian 18:10 ahh
cygmatic 18:10 only saw it because it was visible for the url
taxilian 18:10 bad habit I have from gradeschool; I put 2 spaces after a .
they used to teach us to do that
cygmatic 18:10 oh, what for?
taxilian 18:10 the wysiwyg editor converts the second space to a nbsp;
because back in the typewriter days you needed 2 spaces between sentences
cygmatic 18:10 ah, interesting
whats your time frame for 1.3 now?
taxilian 18:10 I'm thinking this week
and save windowless, jsapisecure, and a few others for 1.4
cygmatic 18:10 hm, i probably have time tomorrow or sunday... and thought getting an addEventListener() wrapper in would be good
(if IE doesn't make major problems)
taxilian 18:10 cool
when I said this week, I really meant early next week, actually
cygmatic 18:10 timers depends on wether i get off the block regarding them
ah, ok
though i'll only adress mac and windows timers anyway
taxilian 18:10 fair 'nuff
cygmatic 18:10 can confluence do macros or templates?
taxilian 18:10 yes and yes
cygmatic 18:10 e.g. {issue:73}
-> <a href="">issue 73</a>
taxilian 18:10 ahh
I don't know if it can do that
but that would be very cool
I am pretty sure it can do something like that with JIRA, at least
the macros it can do work a bit differently
so I dunno
cygmatic 18:10 well, doing it manually for now
taxilian 18:10 yeah
cygmatic 18:10 looking through this i think setReady() would have benifited from the non-virtual interface idiom
use a non-virtual setReady() in the parent, which calls a virtual this->innerSetReady()
taxilian 18:10 you could be right; my thinking was that you might want to override the default behavior
hmm. yeah, that probably would be good
cygmatic 18:10 just reflecting on what i read in the change-log :)
taxilian 18:10 hehe =]
need to add groups to the doxygen docs
cygmatic 18:10
taxilian 18:10 yeah
looks useful
cygmatic 18:10 the captions here are a bit messed up:
taxilian 18:10 captions on the pie chart?
cygmatic 18:10 yeah
taxilian 18:10 yeah; google generated that
so I just dealt with what it gave me
too lazy to make my own :-P
cygmatic 18:10 just mentioning it, dunno wether its easy to fix
taxilian 18:10 yeah, not really :-/
I need some way to get doxygen to generate the doc html files with absolute urls
or to process the files afterwords to add the absolute URL
then I could inlcude it in a confluence page and the links would work
cygmatic 18:10 though i can't get names on my tongue, there should be *nix tools for post-processing links
taxilian 18:10 seems like there should be
taxilian 19:10 ha. sed to the rescue
taxilian 20:10
cygmatic 20:10 nice, could you set the frame-target to the current frame too?
taxilian 20:10 it's not a frame
it's actually the html from the original file imported
the good news is that makes it searchable, aparently
the bad news is that means that I can't make the links stay in the site
cygmatic 20:10 the bottom links don't work
hm, why can't they stay in the site? :/
and looking at ToString(), should JSAPI maybe take a constructor argument "name" or so so that you don't have to overload ToString() for this basic need?
JSAPIAuto i mean
taxilian 20:10 hmm. It could certainly have that as an option
wouldn't want to enforce it for backwards compatibility, but don't see why not
cygmatic 21:10 and done
taxilian 22:10 cool
cygmatic: I'm trying to decide if it's worth learning to write confluence plugins just to create something that will tie into doxygen more cleanly
cygmatic 22:10 hm, would be cool but is it worth the time spent there?
taxilian 22:10 I'm of two minds on that
on the one hand, this works
on the other hand, that would be *really really slick*
cygmatic 22:10 if this wasn't oss i'd say "ideal intern project" ;)
taxilian 22:10 lol
true =]
so true