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taxilian 08:10 amackera: has windowless been merged to dev already?
amackera 09:10 taxilian: no, i don't think so
i can do it later today
taxilian 09:10 amackera: that would be great; I have pushed what has been in dev to stable, but I'd like to bake the windowless stuff a little more, so lets put it in dev
I've also started adding doxygen stuff
amackera 10:10 nic
i agree that the windowless stuff should be baked
taxilian 10:10 my main concern with it right now is that it has breaking changes
amackera 10:10 it does?
taxilian 10:10 I would be happier I think if we could find a good way to make it so nothing need be changed if we don't care about windowless
amackera 10:10 isn't that how it is?
well it needs testing in a big way anyway
taxilian 10:10 maybe I missed something
amackera 10:10 i'll take a look this afternoon
taxilian 10:10 cool
taxilian 10:10 so what do you guys think? I have all the docs ported to the new wiki at but we don't have the license yet; I have applied for it, but it could take up to 2 weeks. Do we switch to the new wiki despite the annoying "evaluation version" license stuff on it, or do we wait?
kylehuff 11:10 I hardly noticed the license crap
taxilian 11:10 Do you consider what is there to be an improvement over the google code version?
kylehuff 11:10 YES.. I hate the google Wiki
taxilian 11:10 lol
kylehuff 11:10 I can never tell if it the entries are in logical order, or created date order, or what
taxilian 11:10 vote duly counted =] feel free to update the confluence wiki as well; I think it's set up so you can sign up and start contributing without anything special done by me
kylehuff 11:10 cool..
"Currently, the FireBreath plugin can only be built on Windows" <-- is that referring to the example plugin?
taxilian 11:10 that's somewhat outdated =]
and needs to be updated
kylehuff 11:10 yeah, that is why I was eye-balling it.. but is that in reference to the example? I don't think the wiki is clear in that regard - (and I am itchin' to fix it!)
*the example plugin
nitrogenycs 11:10 nice wikipage
taxilian 11:10 yeah; back in the day it was the same thing, really :-P
nitrogenycs 11:10 I didn't see the evaluation stuff until you pointed me at it :)
taxilian 11:10 that whole page needs to be updated, changed, etc
it will go away soonish, when we get the license
kylehuff 11:10 so, taxilian; what do you think about first of all, changing "Building FireBreath" to "Building FireBreath Plugins", and also breaking it out into sub categories "on Windows", "on Mac", "on Linux" ?
note* I am offering to do the work! =c )
taxilian 12:10 kylehuff: that is exactly what I had in mind
kylehuff 12:10 cool.. I will get started then!
taxilian 12:10 so particularly if you're willing to do the work, that sounds great! =] I'll keep working on documenting the source code
I have JSAPI, JSAPIAuto, and PluginCore done
I will try to do BrowserHost today as well
I think those are the most critical ones
taxilian 12:10 I wonder if I'll get a response to my request on the list
amackera 12:10 Nice work with the source code documentation, I'm actually looking forward to reading through it to get a better idea of what's going on
taxilian 12:10 hehe. wish I had time to do everything
I have doxygen currently set not to generate docs on the classes unless there are docs for them in the system
that way as we add things it will add them, instead of having a zillion indecipherable classes
amackera 12:10 What should we try to communicate with a new logo? the current one speaks clearly about our cross-platformness
but legality is an issue (as you've pointed out)
like we should try to have some guidelines, or design philosophy behind a new logo
something representative of our goals
maybe a big helvetica banner that just says: "AWESOME." :P
taxilian 12:10 lol
maybe Georgia, though
Helvetica is too cliche
amackera: you're probably right about the logo bit, though
I'm just not sure what those guidelines should be
mostly I feel that the cross-platformness is the most important aspect
but I dunno
taxilian 13:10 anyone know how to link *to* a specific class in a doxygen generated set? the filenames keep changing on me...
amackera 14:10 anyone know how to initialize multidimensional class member arrays in c++
kylehuff 14:10 I am pretty sure I can't even say that and sound intelligent, let alone actually do it (or describe it!)
amackera 14:10 lol
it's not very complicated, i just keep getting weird syntax errors
kylehuff 14:10 taxilian_away: (and anyone else who cares) I updated the building section of the Wiki, still working on the Mac section, but maybe you could take a look and let me know if it not the direction you were thinking;
yeah, I am C++ newbie - I have done a little C in the past, but I have never really touched C++ less the last couple of months..
amackera 14:10 kylehuff: the documentation is lookig good :)
kylehuff 14:10 cool, I hope to do the Mac section later today after my Mac VM image is free, so I can run through the steps as I am making that page
amackera 14:10 nice :)
also: badass, i just bezier curves working in my OpenGL drawing library :D
next is b-splines
kylehuff 14:10 do you know why the documentation for windows says, in regards to the execution of methods exposed by the plugin, "plugin.<METHOD>", I think this is a typo, or perhaps due to changes in the plugin test .html file - I think it should be "plugin().<METHOD>" regardless of the platform/browser
amackera 15:10 If you have a JavaScript variable named plugin that is assigned to the plugin object embedded in the page, then plugin.<method> works just fine
the test plugin just happens to have a plugin() method that returns the plugin object
At least I think that's what's going on here, I haven't looked
like in JS do var plugin = document.getElementById("<plugin object name">)
or if you're a jQuery guy you could do something like var plugin = $("#<plugin id>");
kylehuff 15:10 Yeah, I understand that, but I don't think the FBTest.html file is setup that way (unless a different template is used for windows)
kylehuff 15:10 at least with the linux FBControl.htm file, plugin is defined as a function which returns the plugin object; so calling plugin.METHOD fails, you must either use the returned object plugin().METHOD, or assign the instance of the returned object to a variable, myPlugin = plugin(); myPlugin.METHOD
I don't see any logic that creates a different html file for windows, so I assume it is a typo..
amackera 16:10 Yeah probably a typo :)
amackera 16:10 Ugh OpenGL is a bitch sometimes
taxilian 16:10 kylehuff: yeah, it used to be plugin., but it was changed to be plugin(). and we never updated the docs
kylehuff: also, the docs look great; we might want to have more in the "common to all platforms" part, but writing comes first, editing later =]
and organizing is key right now, I believe
fantastic start
…. and our confluence license is up!
no more annoying license messages on the bottom of every diagram
or on the bottom of hte page
they also gave us a JIRA license, though I simply mentioned that we were considering trying it
nirvdrum 17:10 taxilian: Playing with Confluence?
taxilian 17:10 nirvdrum: have you not looked at it yet?
nirvdrum 17:10 I must have missed that. I just saw your tweet.
taxilian 17:10 yeah, it's up
I just need to figure out how best to redirect traffic to it
I will probably shut off the google code wiki today
nirvdrum 17:10 Thoughts thus far?
taxilian 17:10 I like it
a lot
#1 fav feature: the heirerchal TOC on the left
#2 fav feature: gliffy, which allows us to create diagrams *on the wiki page*
nirvdrum 17:10 Cool. I'll start authoring some stuff in it then. I'm much more apt to write using Confluence than I am in gcode.
taxilian 17:10 #3 fav feature: the layout just looks a heck of a lot better
#4 fav feature: nirvdrum is willing to write docs for it
nirvdrum 17:10 Heh.
taxilian 17:10 I'm working on tweaking the doxygen stylesheet right now, and then I'll probably set up with doxygen docs
nirvdrum 17:10 Things I've really liked in the past are: it indexes attached documents, such as PDFs and Word docs; and attachments are versioned.
Amongst a crapload of other things. But, those have been killer for me.
Rich text editing is nice, too, for when you don't feel like screwing around with wiki syntax.
taxilian 17:10 yeah, that's very true
I really like the editor
so since you've played with it, maybe you know; is it possible to create a view for a given page that doesn't have any of the "chrome" on the outside? something apropriate for embedding in an iframe on another page?
nirvdrum 17:10 The code can get gnarly, so I don't use it much for pages i update a lot, unless there's a table in it. Then rich text editing is a must because textile tables suck.
taxilian 17:10 I'm thinking specifically to embed a page on the main google code page
nirvdrum 17:10 But for fire-and-forget pages, like blog posts, I don't even bother with wiki code anymore.
I think so. I'll have to take a look. I use a completely different theme, so my install looks different.
taxilian 17:10 I'm also looking for ideas on how to improve the theme
to make it more unique to us
I don't care if it is fancy, but I'd like to have something that someone can spot from across the room and say "hey, that looks like the firebreath page", instead of "hey, someone is using google code"
nirvdrum 17:10 Heh. Lofty goal.
I'm not sure the project is popular enough where that's a likely situation.
taxilian 17:10 I'm talking about someone who already knows the project
I just mean that it should have a layout that is distinctive to itself
not that everyone should recognize it
just that someone who knows it could recognize it
nirvdrum 17:10 I suck at design, so I'm not likely to be helpful here.
taxilian 17:10 yeah, me too
nirvdrum 17:10 But I can see if I can get someone to take a pass.
taxilian 17:10 that would be awesome
another thing I really like about confluence? I don't have to grant access to every single person
but I can set up an approval process if it becomes a problem
nirvdrum 17:10 Well, there are groups, which can simplify a lot of that too.
taxilian 17:10 right
much more flexibility
google code wiki has *no* flexibility
nirvdrum 17:10 I'm not sure words can express my utter disdain for google code.
taxilian 17:10 it has been great for what we've needed it for until now
but the project has outgrown it to some extent, I think
we need more flexibility in the website
if we're going with atlassian projects, maybe we should even consider switching to bitbucket =]
nirvdrum 17:10 It just a horribly clunky UI.
taxilian 17:10 dunno
yeah, but it is very simple and it works
nirvdrum 17:10 The issue tracker is a piece of confusing crap.
taxilian 17:10 the source control stuff is very good, I think
ahh, but it is really really simple =-]
nirvdrum 17:10 Selenium is a huge project & on google code.
taxilian 17:10 jira is often (usually when I've used it) overkill
nirvdrum 17:10 But, they like it because they don't have to maintain their own infrastructure anymore.
It's just painful to use.
taxilian 17:10 yeah; that's why I like it too =] I don't mind maintaining a little bit of infrastructure, though
nirvdrum 17:10 I don't like how things magically appear when I click on a text fiel.d
taxilian 17:10 hehe
nirvdrum 17:10 That is never the expected behavior.
taxilian 17:10 incidently, since you know a lot more than I do about confluence, feel free to suggest improvements to the way things are configured
I plan to have this basically become
nirvdrum 17:10 And then some stuff looks like it can be typed but can only be selected with a mouse.
It's just strange.
taxilian 17:10 yeah
but sometimes filing an issue on jira feels like filling out a college entry exam
except harder
nirvdrum 17:10 Heh.
taxilian 17:10 and more questions that I don't know the answers to
nirvdrum 17:10 Out of the box it's not too bad. You really only need to give a title and a description. The other fields are optional.
taxilian 17:10 yeah… I don't want the other fields optional, though, I want them *gone* =]
nirvdrum 17:10 Bugzilla. Now there's a compicated entry form.
taxilian 17:10 yes, yes indeed =]
kylehuff 17:10 yeah, I plan to add more to that, like the documentation regarding the prep files - I was mostly just trying to get it to a point where someone looking at the docs can easily see that this is not a platform specific utility
nirvdrum 17:10 Eh, to each his own I guess. If a submitter indicates what version the bug was filed against, that helps a lot
taxilian 17:10 kylehuff: the changes are much needed, and this is a great start
nirvdrum: agreed. that is nice. and I don't know if I have seen jira completely out of the box, so it may have already been worked over by someone
nirvdrum 17:10 You can make it as simple or as complex as you'd like :-p
Don't get me wrong, it can be intimidating at first, but the flexibility is awesome.
taxilian 17:10 good. I may yet set it up; they gave us a license when I requested one for confluence, I guess because I mentioned we were considering using JIRA at some point
I may also ask you for some help if/when I set it up =]
kylehuff 17:10 well, I am headed home now - once I get home I hope to start working on the "build on Mac" page..
taxilian 17:10 cool! I hope to have up by the time you get home
I hope you'll be as happy with my work as I am with yours =]
kylehuff 17:10 I can't wait until the next time I need to lookup something using the wiki - it is no secret that I *hate* the google-code wiki..
taxilian 17:10 hehe. sounds like some people are really excited about this change and others just think it's not a bad thing
all in all, good change to make, I guess =]
kylehuff 17:10 head home - later!
nirvdrum 17:10 Heh.
taxilian 18:10 ok, what do you all think?
nirvdrum 18:10 The nav is a bit confusing. I'm partial to the mult-pane iframe views that let me just select what I want.
taxilian 18:10 any idea how I tell doxygen to do that?
nirvdrum 18:10 nay.
taxilian 18:10 ok; when one of us figures it out, we can try for that :-P
nirvdrum 18:10 It's been a long time since I've used doxygen.
taxilian 18:10 I agree, though; the navigation is less than optimal
nirvdrum 18:10 I was rather content not ever doing C++ again :-P
But +++++ on documentation.
taxilian 18:10 it's definitely not "ready" yet
but there are at least a few classes with halfway decent docs now
nirvdrum 18:10 There are a lot missing there though.
taxilian 18:10 and I have tweaked the stylesheet enough that I think it's a lot easier to read
I told it to only show the classes with docs
nirvdrum 18:10 Document, Element, Node, all the subclasses, etc.
taxilian 18:10 if anyone wants to help me add docs, this list can grow quite quickly =]
nirvdrum 18:10 IIRC, there's a way to have doxygen create a dot file that can be loaded with graphviz or something to get a class hierarchy diagram.
That could be interesting to see too.
taxilian 18:10 could be
let me know if you find it =]
nirvdrum 18:10 Heh.
amackera 18:10 Okay guys, I need to tap into your C++ fu, if you don't mind
taxilian 18:10 whats up?
amackera 18:10 OpenGL wants a GLfloat* argument, and I also pass it a number of points
the points are assumed to be 3 floats
so it really wants an array of contiguous points
so what's the "right way" to accept some kind of argument to my function, turn it into a GLfloat array and then pass the address of that array to OpenGL?
right now i take a GLfloat* and a length
taxilian 18:10 define "some kind of argument"?
amackera 18:10 by that i mean i can take any kind of argument
does that make sense?
taxilian 18:10 only sorta
where are the arguments coming from?
amackera 18:10 as it is i take a GLfloat* and a length, then create a new array of GLfloat[length] and copy the values into it
taxilian 18:10 and what would you rather do?
amackera 18:10 well that seems fine, my trouble comes in deallocating the array
can i store that GLfloat[] as a member variable, then just deallocate it with delete [] myArray?
i don't know how to tell the delete function the length of the array
so, question is: does c++ just magically remember that for me?
taxilian 18:10 yes
amackera 18:10 awesome :D
taxilian 18:10 as long as it is the correct type
amackera 18:10 next question: when i want to pass my array to OpenGL, how do i cast GLfloat[] to GLfloat*? (i realize this might be a stupid question)
would it be &myArray[0]?
taxilian 18:10 nirvdrum: see if you like this better:
well, that would work
amackera: but the easier way would be myArray
amackera 18:10 ahh, awesome :D
taxilian 18:10 since an array is a poitner
in C/C++
amackera 18:10 thanks taxilian
taxilian 18:10 it's just a pointer to the beginning of the array
similarly, *myArray and myArray[0] are basically the same thing
amackera 18:10 so &myArray[0] == &*myArray
taxilian 18:10 lol.
yeah, I guess :-P
amackera 18:10 ok thanks
taxilian 18:10 but don't ever, ever do that, please :-P
amackera 18:10 hahaha of course not
my pointer fu is pretty good, but arrays have always confused me for some reason
taxilian 18:10 they're the same thing
so no longer need you be confused =]
amackera 18:10 there was a really confusing article on stack overflow about array arithmetic that mixed me all up
taxilian 18:10 I like this:
amackera 18:10 whoaaaaa that documentation thing is badass!
taxilian 18:10 glad you like it =]
it's taken some tweaking to get the layout to be something I like
but I think it's pretty good now
now we just need to add docs to all of the classes
taxilian 18:10 kylehuff: check it out:
kylehuff 18:10 !! sweet!
amackera 21:10 night all
taxilian 21:10 g'nite
kylehuff 21:10 judas priest - Xcode is 2.94GB
I hope I made the VM drive large enough