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Dries_Staelens_ 00:10 Hello
taxilian 00:10 howdy
and welcome… again?
Dries_Staelens_ 00:10 I'm working on issue 32 on google code
taxilian 00:10 you seem to be at one with your duality today
Dries_Staelens_ 00:10 connection issues aparently
taxilian 00:10 issue 32? okay...
Dries_Staelens_ 00:10 so, if i'd contribute that back, would that be included into the project?
cygmatic 00:10 issue 32 was: Building with Visual C++ 2008 Express
taxilian 00:10 yeah, I looked it up
it would depend on what your solution was
but if it was a good fix and didn't cause problems with other things, most likely
Dries_Staelens_ 00:10 My solution would be to use the visual studio native COM support classes
taxilian 00:10 ?
you mean to implement it in straight COM instead of using ATL?
Dries_Staelens_ 00:10 so it would still be dependent on visual studio, but it would build in express as well
but there are some support classes that come with the compiler such as _bstr_t and _com_ptr_t
taxilian 00:10 interesting
Dries_Staelens_ 00:10 so I'd be using those as well
taxilian 00:10 if you can implement that all cleanly, I would definitely like to pull that in
and I'm willing to help you figure it out as needed
Dries_Staelens_ 00:10 especially _variant_t is really useful, because it's tricky to implement VARIANT correctly by yourself
I'll be able to figure it out, I've removed ATL from another project before
taxilian 00:10 ok; do you have a solution for how you'll do the .rgs parsing for registry operations?
Dries_Staelens_ 00:10 that might get tricky
but it should be possible
problem is that rgs is something ATL specific
taxilian 00:10 cool.
yeah, I know
I'm even willing to consider alternatives
Dries_Staelens_ 00:10 ok, i'll keep that in mind
taxilian 00:10 as long as they are easily documented, easily understood, and not hard to create from the old .rgs
that's something I've wanted to do for awhile, TBH
but I don't have time
Dries_Staelens_ 00:10 I do this for my job, so time i not really an issue for me
taxilian 00:10 excelent =] what are you doing with FireBreath, if I may ask?
Dries_Staelens_ 00:10 we develop an XMPP IM client called Pandion (
the next version will be a web application that runs in the browser
taxilian 00:10 awesome
let me know how I can assist you in your efforts
Dries_Staelens_ 00:10 but we need some HTML 5 features that are not available yet for peer to peer direct connections and access to microphone/webcam
so I'll plugin that emulates those features until they're available in the browser
just like google did with google gears a couple of years ago, make a plugin so you don't have to wait for the browser to catch up
cygmatic 00:10 nice, be sure to tell us when you've got something so we can link to your code for interested users :)
Dries_Staelens_ 00:10 sure
it's all GPL, so everybody can look at how it's done and things like that
taxilian 00:10 excelent
as long as you're willing to release your Firebreath changes under the normal dual license with everything else
but that shouldn't affect your seperate plugin
Dries_Staelens_ 00:10 yes, ofcourse
taxilian 00:10 I'm actually kinda excited about this =]
cygmatic 00:10 taxilian: should we maybe take the ohloh stats off the gcode page temporarily? they are still broken and just look funny
taxilian 00:10 yeah, probably so
too bad, really
Dries_Staelens_ 00:10 this is basically what I'll use instead of ATL:
taxilian 00:10 cool. it'd definitely be a step forward
a step in the right direction
well, I'm about 3 hours past my bedtime, so I'm headed to bed
Dries_Staelens_, I look forward to talking to you more and hearing about your progress
cygmatic 00:10 sleep well, i'm heading to work ^^
taxilian 00:10 hehe. have a good day =]
we've got the first 1/3 of the pages ported over
and I like the system more and more the more I use it
we'll see if you start liking it more as well =]
cygmatic 00:10 i didn't say i don't like it ;)
Dries_Staelens_ 00:10 ok, great... have a good night!
cygmatic 00:10 but the navigation tree is nice
taxilian 00:10 hehe
iaincollins 03:10 morning all
cygmatic 03:10 morning
nitrogenycs 04:10 good morning
elthariel_ 05:10 taxilian_away, filled in the survey althought i don know the codebase/project enough to give meaningfull answers to many questions
taxilian 08:10 elthariel_: thanks, I appreciate it
elthariel_ 08:10 taxilian, you are welcome
iaincollins 08:10 amackera: read your comments from yesterday about GL support with great interest :) (just from a personal basis)
also, nice wiki (I thought Confluence was good, but seems to have gotten better - or it's just been nicely setup)
amackera_mac 08:10 iaincollins: i can help you out with your GL needs :)
taxilian 08:10 well, I've never set it up before, so if it is "nicely setup" I got lucky
iaincollins 08:10 I think I've seen it over done with bells and whistles on, which was nice but a bit over the top; much more accessible as it is currently
taxilian 08:10 yeah
the only real bell / whistle I am concerned about is gliffy, which is fantastic
iaincollins 08:10 (used it a couple of times, but never set up, just Jira)
taxilian 08:10 I may set up jira at some point as well
iaincollins 08:10 oh right
taxilian 08:10 gliffy is what I used to create the class diagrams here:
iaincollins 08:10 so does that integrate as a plugin?
taxilian 08:10 'course, I really need to finish it
iaincollins 08:10 was just thinking that (was reading through scollback)
taxilian 08:10 yeah, it's a confluence plugin
iaincollins 08:10 :) it's nice to have an option for diagrams
taxilian 08:10 yeah
iaincollins 08:10 will save up info to add then ask where to put it
taxilian 08:10 there is a lot of reorganizing that needs to be done to make the nav really work well
amackera 08:10 alright :D
taxilian 08:10 the diagram here is a bit better:
welcome back, amackera =]
iaincollins 08:10 amackera: my openpl interest is is just a hobby though :-) (want to ressurect some projects I abandoned.. as soon as I get some time from the time fairy)
taxilian 08:10 the time fairy hasn't been very generous with me lately
iaincollins 08:10 oh yes very clear (diagram)
taxilian 08:10 hopefully that and others like it that we (note I didn't say just I) will be making will really help people understand where things stand
I also need to get doxygen or something similar going
brb, going to go eat breakfast
elthariel_ 10:10 taxilian, ps: smth i should i've said in the survey. I dislike JIRA :)
taxilian 10:10 elthariel_: do you have another suggestion?
elthariel_ 10:10 i used to use (?!) flyspray. Now i'm using redmine for my own projects.
taxilian 10:10 redmine is something else I've been looking at a bit
however, JIRA would integrate better with the wiki and I know it integrates well with the source control; we'll see
if I do set up JIRA, I'll be doing my best to dumb it down as much as possible
my #1 pet peeve about issue tracking systems is that submitting an issue usually feels about like submitting a college entry exam
except a little bit hard
amackera 10:10 Hmm, i have a bit of a tricky problem with Carbon/CG events
there's no mouse move event in Carbon, so i've been hacking it by checking for mouse moves on nullEvent (which is a timer event that's pinned at 50 Hz or so)
The problem is that i send the MacEvent to the plugin first, to let them deal with it
and if the plugin intercepts the null event, does whatever (drawing), then it makes sense for the plugin to return true
in which case the window thinks the event was handled (but no mouse move events are checked)
i guess i could have a special case just for carbon nullevents, but that seems pretty dirty
taxilian 10:10 you probably need to check for mouse move before you send the MacEvent
amackera 10:10 yeah
taxilian: also, about issue trackers i totally agree
i get that they are supposed to keep track of stuff.. but why do i need to provide my social security number and date of birth, etc. on every bug!
taxilian 10:10 oh, that's for me
I use it for, um, reporting purposes
amackera 10:10 lol
iaincollins 10:10 I do find Jira is OTT at first (totally agree; used to maintain a web tracker / taslkist project about 10 years ago)
but it's nice that it's not a required field nazi
so it's easy to tune out fields after a while and just only look at the stuff you care about
amackera 10:10 Yeah
taxilian 10:10 well, I haven't decided for sure I want to use it
iaincollins 10:10 though, as I say, totally agree most of them don't need to be there in the first palce for most projects
taxilian 10:10 we may leave that part at google code for awhile
If I can't turn off all of the pointless fields on JIRA we definitely won't use it
iaincollins 10:10 bugzilla has the same featureitis issue
taxilian 10:10 bugzilla and mantis are both so bad on that score that I refuse to touch them
amackera 10:10 evidently fogbugz is good, but it's not free for OSS
i don't think
iaincollins 10:10 the one I wrote was just a simple hack in in perl (back when people wrote web stuff in perl), but with customisable definable fields
got one email from a guy in south africa saying he was using it to track production at his company (can't remember what it was)
taxilian 10:10 I refuse to use something that I have to maintain. :-P I already have too much to do =]
iaincollins 10:10 and another from a teacher at a "space university" in France who was using it for lesson planning (which I thought was bogus, but it turns out it's a real thing)
taxilian 10:10 that's pretty funny
iaincollins 10:10 but yeah too much of a distraction :)
taxilian 10:10 there really isn't much better than finding out that people are using and liking a project you work on
iaincollins 10:10 just frustrating that companies seem to struggle to get them right, when it's not all that hard
taxilian 10:10 which is why I enjoy FireBreath so much
iaincollins 10:10 confluence seems to be very good on the wiki front
taxilian 10:10 I really like it so far
iaincollins 10:10 I have used tinymce on the work one here, and hacked up the same page linking dialog
tempted to move people on it so I don't have to support the current one :)
taxilian 10:10 hehe. I really like the Confluence wiki in part because it has a GUI edit mode
WYWIWYG I shoudl say
iaincollins 10:10 I have never tried fogbugz but always been interested in it
actually might have tried a demo
actually yes I did, ages ago; but thought "this is disappointing"
as I like Joel Spolsky's stuff
amackera 10:10 a fellow at work is like a fogbugz fanboi
Zex 10:10 hello guys
amackera 10:10 hey!
iaincollins 10:10 if you like it, but need a commercial licence let me know (if it's not crazy money should be able to justify it okay)
amackera 10:10 iaincollins: i'm pretty sure it's crazy mone
taxilian 10:10 Zex: welcome. you're the fifth "unfamiliar face" to show up in this channel in the last 24 hours; did we change something to make the irc channel more visible?
amackera 10:10 turned up the awesome
taxilian 10:10 lol. must be
iaincollins 10:10 ooh it looks much nicer now (looking at website)
amackera 10:10 it's 5$/mo per user for a hosted solution
and 1000$ to install on your own server (to use with 5 users or less)
Zex 10:10 could i ask for help with firebreath? i've got a problem, which i couldn't solve with my limited c++ knowledge
taxilian 10:10 well, I guess we could help with that
seeing as how it is a firebreath channel and all
Zex 10:10 great
amackera 10:10 :D
taxilian 10:10 though it is, of course, much more interesting to argue about what the best issue tracking system is (or the worst, as the case may be)
whats up?
Zex 10:10 i'm trying to write a plugin which will integrate IDA download manager into chrome
iaincollins 10:10 amackera: ouch yes I see (that's a bit OTT IMO; if 5 user licence was 50 would be somewhat reasonable) [ *shuts up* ]
Zex 10:10 and what i need to do in this plugin, is to write some data into registry and call an executable
taxilian 10:10 Zex: on windows?
Zex 10:10 taxilian, yes
amackera 10:10 iaincollins: we ruled it out here at work for the same reasons... it's just unreasonably priced for our needs
taxilian 10:10 ok. where is your problem?
Zex 10:10 so, i've imported stdafx, write some code writing strings into registry. it even compiles. but it doesn't link
taxilian 10:10 imported stdafx?
what are the link errors?
Zex 10:10 taxilian, i mean included
taxilian 10:10 stdafx is usually a precompiled header
which for various reasons firebreath doesn't support
so I'm not sure what you mean by stdafx
Zex 10:10 well, i'm not sure either
taxilian 10:10 ok; skip that for a second. what link errors are you seeing? (if it's long, pastebin it)
Zex 10:10 well, maybe i'll ask it another way
actually, I need to call a few windows function, like RegOpenKeyEx and ShellExecute
what is the right way to do this?
taxilian 10:10 just call them
you may need to add a library to make them link
for example, look here:
look up the function on msdn, then look at the bottom
the header you need to include (in this case Windows.h) is listed at the bottom
and the library you need (Advapi32.lib) is listed
to link to that library from FireBreath, open your projectDef.cmake file (in Win/ under your plugin project) and add "Advapi32" to the list of target_link_libraries
does that help?
Zex 10:10 i'll try this
taxilian 10:10 something to be aware of, though; from IE in protected mode (with UAC on in vista or win7) you can't just launch processes
Zex 10:10 in an hour
taxilian 10:10 you have to set it up first may help with that part, when you get there
Zex 10:10 thanks! luckily, i could avoid launcing and just pass some data through registry
taxilian 10:10 remember that you only have access to HKCU and not HKLM on most systems
Zex 10:10 you're right
taxilian 10:10 just making sure you're aware; many developers spend so much time logged in as Administrator that they don't realize that
iaincollins 10:10 true story
I wonder how many developers have wasted hours getting confused by virtualised registry access
taxilian 10:10 oh, I certainly have
Zex 10:10 at the moment i'm getting confused by the c++, which a saw last time more than 5 years ago :)
iaincollins 10:10 I've noted that as wiki fodder :)
taxilian 10:10 iaincollins: awesome =] maybe you should create a non-visible wiki page somewhere with wiki fodder in it
things to format and explain nicely when we have time
iaincollins 10:10 oooh now that's a good idea
have just been saving it locally to avoid polluting the wiki with half baked stuff, will do that starting tomorrow
taxilian 10:10 with confluence we should be able to make wiki pages that don't clutter the main bit, I think
iaincollins 10:10 another interesting day (I wish other project IRC channels were as informative as this one :); home at a reasonable time tonight though; laters all
taxilian 10:10 night
Zex 11:10 another question. where should I edit the files? in the project/MyPlugin or in the build/projects/MyPlugin ?
taxilian 11:10 project/MyPlugin
never edit files in build/
those are all generated
Zex 11:10 ok
Zex 11:10 well, you're right. it compiles allright now. somehow i've made every mistake i could
taxilian, thanks!
not only compiles, but links also
taxilian 11:10 who knew? =]
taxilian 13:10 I believe I have all of the docs imported into confluence now:
amackera 16:10 Sweet, bash autocomplete for git :D
taxilian 16:10 anyone have any experience with tools like doxygen? is there a better option than doxygen?
sabotaged|wk 17:10 any mac guys around
i'm using a nightly snapshot and its crashing somewhere inside safari, something to do with timers
taxilian 17:10 sabataged|wk: amackera is the mac expert; what are you doing when it crashes?
what version of mac os, what event model / drawing model?
sabotaged|wk 17:10 10.6.4, cocoa/coreanimation. sometimes if i just load the sample page and don't do anything, after a few seconds it will crash. or if i refresh the page
taxilian 17:10 that's pretty cool
can you get us a crash dump?
be back in a few
sabotaged|wk 18:10 ok i'll post it on the mailing list i guess
taxilian 18:10 okay, I'm back
ahh, he's gone
taxilian 21:10 so I've started documenting PluginCore doxygen style
anyone have experience with using doxygen?
nirvdrum 21:10 It's been a while, but it follows JavaDoc syntax for the most part.