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chardy 10:07 Hi @taxilian - for FB261, I thought it better to go with boost::call_once to handle the static init. Would you mind taking a look at this please?
taxilian 10:07 oh, yeah, I'd forgotten about that oneā€¦ that should work well, I woiuld expect
I think that should work, but do have one concern
will boost::call_once serialize the calls, or just make sure that the second one won't call it if it's been called?
because if your code continues while tdm is only half built you could run into issues...
chardy 10:07 It's synchronized so that the 2nd man in waits until the first call_once has completed
taxilian 10:07 okay
that's fine, then
(it's been awhile since I looked at call_once; as I said, I totally forgot about it)
good call
good call
chardy 10:07 thanks, I'll create the pull request
taxilian 10:07 cool. you have tested this in all browsers?
chardy 10:07 Ah, no. Only IE.
Oh, and Chrome
I mean FF
Where else should I test it?
chardy 11:07 okay, tested on PC: IE11, Chrome, FF; Mac: Safari, FF, Chrome
taxilian 12:07 if you could find a way to test at least on IE9 that would make me feel better
IE8 would be nice, but I dont' really care that much
chardy ^
chardy 12:07 I'll see what I can do :)
I'll see what I can do :)
Antony 13:07 hi guys
is firebreath fully 100% free for commercial projects?
taxilian 13:07 Antony: yes
chardy 16:07 @taxilian: FB261 fix looks good on IE9 and IE8
taxilian 16:07 awesome
thanks, Chris
thanks, Chris
chardy 16:07 And thank YOU, taxilian :)