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npapilover 16:03 seriously?! they are getting rid of npapi without providing a reliable means to usb hardware access??!
whats wrong with these people
how can a browser expect to make changes to the OS just so chrome.usb works (and this isn't even with firefox support)
dougma 16:03 NPAPI itself doesn't provide USB hardware access
npapilover 16:03 no but i have an sdk that I integrate
chrome.usb itself doesn't provide USB hardware access ;)
and doesn't work in firefox
and I lose functionality of the sdk
fuck chrome, i'm going to make my own browser, with blackjack and hookers!
dougma 16:03 What is chrome.USB?
taxilian 16:03 heh
he came in just for 10 minutes to complain?
that's kinda funny