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taxilian 12:03 jeffshanab: it only creates the wix project if it detects wix installed, which it sounds like it isn't
jeffshanab 12:03 Ok, thanks. One machine does and one machine doesn't now. But is this a one time creation that I can then modify? or do I need to move a file to my directory to take ownership of it.
taxilian 12:03 the source file is in your win/wix directory
jeffshanab 12:03 OK. Very nice. It looks like the 3.8 wix has the same env variable and of course I have to close and re-open the command line. I got it built.
I guess I forgot to add it so it was not in my own repo. when I pulled it over to the build machine I lost it. That is good way to mess yourself up. Start on one machine and customize the wix and forget to add to source control. First time you run prep it makes a new wix file :-0