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Victor__ 09:02 i have a Windows 7 64-bit environment with Firefox, Chrome and IE (of course). when i open the plug-in test page in Chrome or IE, the plug-in doesn't load. however it works fine in Firefox
i'm trying to see what's causing the issue. i've tried everything with no luck; file permissions, running the browsers with admin privileges, even creating a new plug-in from scratch, just an empty plug-in
so i ran API Monitor and start spying Chrome and IE
it looks like LoadLibraryExW is failing
have you seen this before? any ideas?
have you seen this before? any ideas?
i'm not sure if API Monitor is getting the correct error code, but when ole32.dll (through IE) calls LoadLibraryExW, i see 5 = Access is denied.
i tried calling LoadLibraryExW from a simple C++ application that i created, passing the same parameters values, and it works
Chrome doesn't get to load the dll (which makes sense since i saw the failure in LoadLibraryExW). i confirmed by running chrome with the "--debug-plugin-loading" switch and then attaching the debugger.
sorry, "--plugin-startup-dialog" is the switch
for Chrome, i see 5 = Access is denied in chrome_child.dll, calling LoadLibraryW
there's a call from VERSION.dll to LoadLibraryExW which doesn't return Access is denied so...
Victor__ 10:02 i think i found some interesting behavior. it doesn't load in IE 8, Chrome 33 and Opera 11:
IE 8:
ole32.dll LoadLibraryExW ( "C:\Users\Victor\AppData\Roaming\myplugcompid\myplug\\npmyplug.dll", NULL, LOAD_WITH_ALTERED_SEARCH_PATH ) NULL 5 = Access is denied.
Chrome 33:
chrome_child.dll LoadLibraryW ( "C:\Users\Victor\AppData\Roaming\myplugcompid\myplug\\npmyplug.dll" ) NULL 5 = Access is denied.
chrome_child.dll LoadLibraryW ( "C:\Users\Victor\AppData\Roaming\myplugcompid\myplug\\npmyplug.dll" ) NULL 5 = Access is denied.
Opera 11:
Opera.dll LoadLibraryW ( "C:\Users\Victor\AppData\Roaming\myplugcompid\myplug\\npmyplug.dll" ) NULL 5 = Access is denied.
however it loads successfully in Firefox 27 and Opera 12:
Firefox 27:
Firefox 27:
nss3.dll LoadLibraryExW ( "C:\Users\Victor\AppData\Roaming\myplugcompid\myplug\\npmyplug.dll", NULL, 0 ) 0x657c0000 -> (handle to the loaded module)
Opera 12:
opera_plugin_wrapper.exe LoadLibraryW ( "C:\Users\Victor\AppData\Roaming\myplugcompid\myplug\\npmyplug.dll" ) 0x69780000 -> (handle to the loaded module)
the things that Firefox 27 and Opera 12 have in common is a plug-in wrapper (plugin-container.exe, opera_plugin_wrapper.exe)
it's interesting to see how it fails with Opera 11 (which doesn't have a plug-in wrapper) while it works in Opera 12 (which has a plug-in wrapper)