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fpapadopou 02:01 Hi!! Is anyone from the firebreath team here?
kylehuff 05:01 fpapadopou: it is best to just ask your question and wait for a response; most people here have jobs and check back here when they have time.
fpapadopou 05:01 kylehuff: thanks a lot for responding. well, it's a little complicated. i have built a plugin on Windows 7, but the path to the plugin (returned by getFSpath) includes greek characters (my username). the plugin creates a child process using Win32 API CreateProcess, which then run an executable file placed in the plugin folder. the problem is that the child process cannot understand the path to the executable.
so what I need is a way to somehow handle these characters and pass them to create process properly
so what I need is a way to somehow handle these characters and pass them to create process properly
thanks again to anyone who responds! :)
kylehuff 13:01 fpapadopou: I know nothing about windows programming (and little about programming in general), but in this case, wouldn't it make sense to use "CreateProcessW", which is the unicode version of CreateProcess?
taxilian 14:01 fpapadopou yeah if you use CreateProcessW and use FB::utf8_to_wstring to convert the string to a wstring it should work fine
fpapadopou 14:01 well, according to the documentation CreateProcess is a macro which becomes CreateProcessW when UNICODE is defined in the project. in fact I already tried that solution but it didn't work. anyway thanks a lot for your responces!
maybe I could use GetShortPathName which replaces the original pah with some ASCII ( maybe? ) sequence which is recognized by Windows. what do you guys think?
taxilian 14:01 no idea
but be aware that if you don't do the conversion correctly from the std::string to std::wstring you'll get invalid data
it's utf8 in std::string
fpapadopou 14:01 ok! got it! by the way, if I get the error about clock_gettime on Linux, should I still use your forked firebreath or the official github release? I read about it somewhere online.
taxilian 14:01 I honestly am not sure what you're talking about
fpapadopou 14:01 :) never mind! thank you!!
:) never mind! thank you!!
taxilian 14:01 good luck
kylehuff 15:01 taxilian: do you know what a "Ku-BAND PLL LNB" is?
taxilian 15:01 nope
okay, I more or less do now =]
okay, I more or less do now =]
kylehuff 15:01 I found one in a box headed for the trash dump
it is obviously RF related, but beyond me
taxilian 15:01
kylehuff 15:01 ah, okay
well, I've got 4 of them now (one unopened)
well, I've got 4 of them now (one unopened)
one mans junk is another mans, well, junk. I have no use for these.