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pr_ 04:01 hi
we are trying to develop a plugin for our vide player
but when i am trying to build it in VS2008, i am getting the following error
error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol DllCanUnloadNow FireBreathWin.def
can any1 pls help
[Outcast] 12:01 greetings
So I am having fun trying to make it so I can run python scripts in firebreath
taxilian 12:01 sounds exciting
sounds exciting
[Outcast] 12:01 Yea we have network test tools written in python but they want to be able to run them in a browser. So I am going to highjack STDOUT and push it a textfield as a POC.
but chrome is pissing me off.
I just added some code and registered a new method to JSAPI but it seems like it still running the old version.
[Outcast] 12:01 nope it was me I was just doing it wrong!!!
nope it was me I was just doing it wrong!!!
as usually
as usually
[Outcast] 13:01 is there a global for the JSAPI object?
[Outcast] 14:01 is there away to fire an event outside of my API object?
taxilian 15:01 [Outcast] no you need to have access to the JSAPI object in question
otherwise there would be no way to know which plugin instance to fire the event from
[Outcast] 15:01 hmmmm......
Having a bit of trouble getting the defining the stuff I need for Python and making it jive with FB.