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cygmatic 10:09 taxilian, your problem with boost::dynamic_pointer_cast was only the length, right?
taxilian 10:09 yeah
cygmatic 10:09 would e.g. FB::ptr_cast work for you?
taxilian 10:09 yeah, I could live with that
cygmatic 11:09 taxilian, when you can take a look at
taxilian 11:09 yeah, looks good to me
go ahead and push it and I'll do a test build on all the platforms to make sure it builds
cygmatic 11:09 i'll do a quick test on windows first, then push
taxilian 11:09 good plan
taxilian 18:09 so, anyone want to start a pool on how long it takes before we get a takedown notice for the logo I just put up for FireBreath? =]
taxilian 18:09 I honestly don't know if it violates any any copyrights or not
cygmatic 19:09 heh, looks a bit... agressive ;)
taxilian 19:09 lol
I didn't say it was any good
but I have another version
that I will put up
which I think is better
even though it's still bad
cygmatic 19:09 hey, it captures the experience of working with these browsers
taxilian 19:09 LOL
ok, "final" version is up
cygmatic 19:09 doesn't look so agressive :)
taxilian 19:09 yeah… it's just burning the IE logo :-P
which ironically is the one that nobody can get mad at us for using, since it's just a blue "e"
cygmatic 19:09 totally justified ^^
taxilian 19:09 the others we may get slapped with a letter saying "take that puppy down"
I'm not sure
but I figure it's better than nothing
cygmatic 19:09 i don't think it matters much for a relative niche project
taxilian 19:09 probably not
cygmatic 19:09 hm, i was thinking of something like a proverbial firebreath, some comicesque face excerpt breathing some fire
but i absolutely have no talent to actually do it
taxilian 19:09 well, you've now seen the "talent" that I have =]
we should probably post a plea to the mailing list
"Please get us something that doesn't suck so bad!"
cygmatic 19:09 i asked a friend who is interested, but i wouldn't bet on anything coming out of it
nitrogenycs 19:09 maybe a little dragon mascot breathing fire :)
taxilian 19:09 hehe
yeah, I've talked to a couple of people
nitrogenycs: sounds fun. you wanna draw it for us? =]
nitrogenycs 19:09 haha, I don't want the lead developer to die because of laughing
taxilian 19:09 well, you can look at the page and see the best I could come up with =]
nitrogenycs 19:09 I did
taxilian 19:09 I guess if any of the owners of the icons I am parodying complain, I could strip out just that 1/4th of the image… :-P
nitrogenycs 19:09 saw both versions
it looks a bit cluttered, but otherwise nice
taxilian 19:09 amazing what you can do with cut and paste
nitrogenycs 19:09 another picture that comes to mind is just a stick with a thicker black end and a giant fire blast
but then again I can't draw anything of that :
taxilian 19:09 hehe. yeah; we need a real artist
but the cheapest I've found that you can pay for something like that is $300 or so
nitrogenycs 19:09 :) i know
taxilian 19:09 and I don't have that kind of spare cash to drop on something silly like a logo
nitrogenycs 19:09 yes
cygmatic 19:09 so ohloh is apparently a bit buggy
but at least it took the old stats from default again now
taxilian, you changed the enlistment back to default right?
taxilian 20:09 cygmatic: request to be a manager, I'll give you access
here are the enlistments:
(Failed about 11 hours ago.)
Ohloh update completed about 11 hours ago.
btw, I have a windows VM doing automatic builds as well now
so we *should* get an email on firebreath-scm if the build ever breaks
within 6 hours
cygmatic 20:09 i looked at it, just wondered wether you changed the enlistment back to default repo instead of dev :)
taxilian 20:09 that was what caused the "-262… lines of code"
then I changed to to https instead of http
and now it shows decent stats, but keeps failing
the dev repo was failing as well
cygmatic 20:09 it fell back to the sep 16th stats
strange stuff
taxilian 20:09 yeah
I think I'll put it back to dev; it failed too, but at least the stats were reasonable
cygmatic 20:09 taxilian, any problem with prefixing the CONVERT_* macros with FB_ in variant.h (to silence paranoid fears of collisions)?
taxilian 20:09 no, that's probably a good idea
cygmatic 20:09 so, as a last comment for today: with shared_ptr use boost::make_shared() where possible instead of "new" directly
taxilian 20:09 I had started looking at that, but wasn't aware of it at first
and then I didn't want to go back and change everything =]
but I'll keep it in mind going forward
cygmatic 20:09 and i like that tweet from iain :) ...
taxilian 20:09 =] yep
are you on twitter?
oh; you probably saw it on ohloh
cygmatic 20:09 no, just read it on ohloh
taxilian 20:09 because I added the rss feed for @thefirebreath there
as far as I can tell, he hasn't been on the mailing list
there are definitely people using this that we don't know about
cygmatic 21:09 yeah, people seem to find it now as one of the possible starting points when doing their initial research