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VijayKumar 04:11 Hello everyone
I am a newbie for FireBreath... need to know if I can find the content-type of the page that is loaded in IE, based on that I have to do some action
is it possible to find the content-type of the page?
the forums are also closed for time being for maintenanve
VijayKumar 04:11 Anyone?
RenJuan 05:11 you mean the MIME type? If so yes, it's a variable in the fw
you specify it in fbgen for example
VijayKumar 05:11 The variable in fbgen is for the mime-type of page? or is the mime-type of your plugin?
taxilian 11:11 kylehuff, you around?
is *anyone* here? :-P
jshanab, kylehuff, nirvdrum, reichi, danzik17, emicastro, johannes… I think that's those of you who I've talked to more (but others can answer too, I'm just pinging specifically people I remember a bit more about). I'm considering some new logo ideas, looking for some feedback.
nirvdrum 11:11 No like.
It looks like F 3
Or even F M
taxilian 11:11 F M?
I can see how it looks like F 3, but not seeing F M
nirvdrum 11:11 It looks like a sideways M.
People get cutesy with logos.
More specifically, it looks like F mu.
To me anyway.
taxilian 11:11 heh. I kinda like this one; I'm thinking it would be good to get something a little simpler, and the designer at GradeCam has been entertaining himself by pulling out logo ideas for FB
nirvdrum 11:11 Nifty.
taxilian 11:11 here is another one that I liked:
nirvdrum 11:11 I'm not going to abandon the project over it :-)
taxilian 11:11 lol. I'm not saying I'm going to use it either; I ask for feedback =]
or these:
reichi 11:11 humm
i really like the two in the first png
taxilian 11:11 I think those are my favorates so far as well
reichi 11:11 not sure about wheter i like the colored one more or the b/w one
taxilian 11:11 I'm really curious to see what kylehuff thinks, since he did the current one
reichi 11:11 maybe he'll chop your head of and eat your brain? :p
or, more boring, he'll like it :D
taxilian 11:11 lol. somehow I doubt that. =] the current one isn't bad -- it's way better than what we had -- but it was done almost more as a whim because kyle and I were playing around
another version:
heh. and the pdf vector version:
reichi 11:11 i think i prefer the black greyscale version
well.. i'll cleanup up a little here, bbl ;)
taxilian 11:11 well, we'll see if anyone else weighs in later on when they return to their computer
johannes 12:11 iagree it readslike F3
taxilian 12:11 hmm
noted =]
RenJuan 12:11 I would say just use some nice typography/font and let that be it for fruh-fruh superficial stuff in toto, put whatever energy into the product
taxilian 12:11 oh, I'm not spending any energy on these, except deciding if we want to use it. a friend/coworker has been playing with them
kylehuff 12:11 taxilian: I agree with some of the others, without the context (FireBreath), it looks like F3. On it's own, I don't think it does well, but in context it looks good. I liked this one the most, for it's simplicity,
the caveat being, possibly with a font that doesn't make the "b" look like an inverted lowercase "a"
taxilian 12:11 what do you think compared to the current one?
kylehuff 12:11 heh, I have to go to to remember.. lol
I think it would be much easier to work with than the current one, and it is also more "2.0'ish"
which, could be good or bad. confluence being the main front-end for, something 2.0 might look out of place.
taxilian 12:11 lol
I could actually revamp the CSS for confluence quite a bit, though
kylehuff 12:11 true. do you think the UI structure provided by confluence would conform well to the 2.0 UI concept? (the "big button" concept, as I refer to it...)
taxilian 12:11 eh, 2.0 is a flexible concept; will it look perfect? no, but I can probably make it look better
kylehuff 12:11 if all else fails, you can always just make it look like shit
then ask for a patch
taxilian 12:11 lol
taxilian 15:11 sorry for the brief downtime there
heh. ironic; I've been endorsed on linkedin for cmake by 3 people, but nobody has endorsed me on NPAPI...
kylehuff 15:11 does it only prompt for endorsement of personal skills listed?
taxilian 15:11 probably. NPAPI is listed on my profile somewhere, though
must matter the order
kylehuff 15:11 I even tried to type NPAPI and I don't think it took.
taxilian 15:11 heh. no idea where it gets the order
kylehuff 15:11 it will only let me if I expand "More Skills & Experience", then click endorse on the NPAPI label
taxilian 15:11 ahh
c++ is listed first on my list when I edit, but almost last in the "more skills & experience" list… really weird
thanks, btw =]
not that I'm looking for work or expect to anytime soon, but it's always nice to keep things current
kylehuff 15:11 I show it as 2nd in the "more...." list
taxilian 15:11 huh
kylehuff 15:11 yeah, same here. linked-in does me no good being Military, but it might be useful if I decide to get out.
taxilian 15:11 I think I endorsed a few on you the other day, didn't I?
kylehuff 15:11 it looks like it, yeah. I'd never even seen the endorsement functionality until today when you mentioned it.
taxilian 15:11 it's fairly new
I just think it's amusing that the things I'm best known for nobody (until now) has endorsed me on