IRC Log Viewer » #firebreath » 2013-12-12

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Farhad 13:12 hello
tdiily 14:12 WTF Chrome!? By chance I just stumbled across the news that chrome is dropping npapi support in january, this is really bad for us, we use NPAPI to talk directly to proprietary hardware devices, I highly doubt that is possible with PAPI.
taxilian 14:12 tdiily you can probably use native messaging for much of what you need
jshanab_ 16:12 I would love if we could somehow introduce FireBreath to the community that programs web interfaces on security cameras. They are all over the map but mostly only work now in IE in compatability mode. A real pain in the A**. Maybe if people start seeing little notices like "only works in Ie and Firefox" google will change their tune.
taxilian 16:12 lol