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mike_roz 01:12 hi all
i've got a problem - is it possible to have different plugin version in windows and mac?
mike_roz 02:12 i've resolved it by adding IF(FB_PLATFORM STREQUAL "Win") to PluginConfig.cmake
mkoch 12:12 hello
did you test FB on the new Mac OS?
i have a wierd experience: I compiled my plugin with FB1.7 and installed it, but it was not visible within Safari
then I compiled the example plugins from FB1.7 and they were not visible as well
then I tried to install an old package of my plugin still built with an FB version <1.7, and it seems to work
do you have any idea what might be the problem?
taxilian 14:12
it's working fine for me
mkoch 14:12 okay, that's just my aura than as usual...
mkoch 14:12 taxilian: could be that it's related to the gatekeeper? if I try to create an install bundle, I can't execute it any more, it says "can't be opened bacause it is from an unidentified developer"
taxilian 14:12 that explains the installer thing, yes
but not the plugin itself
mkoch 14:12 what is the identification process?
taxilian 14:12 if you copy it into Internet Plugins it should work
basically it just searches through all the plugin bundles in /Internet Plugins and ~/Internet Plugins
mkoch 14:12 I used this: file:///Applications/ to check if the plugin was loaded
taxilian 15:12 did you try just loading it with an html test page?
though that page shows my plugins