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jshanab 06:12 I am trying to diagnose my Mac plugin issue so I built the test plugin and it has the same problem. Anyone building on Mac OSX 10.8.5? I am missing something. (Maybe I should set the sdk and build for an earlier version?)
kylehuff 07:12 jshanab: I am going to building a release of my plugin on an OSX virtual machine later today, I don't know if your project is open or not, but if it is I would be willing to attempt to troubleshoot or test building if you like.
jshanab 07:12 Thanks. I did get the testplugin to build, install and work on the newest OSX and Xcode so I have managed to confirm it is my plugin. Project is not open but I will take a divid and conquer approch after breakfast. I was just trying to find out how to check the loading part of the plugin on MAC. If it doesn't load or even hit the CTOR, it is hard to debug.
jshanab 15:12 I think I know what is wrong with my Mac plugin and I need to change the library ref and include it in the bundle. What do I do when otool reports @executable as the path