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mike_roz 05:11 hi do you remember my error :invalid option
it was connected to line endings - there was dos-like '\r\n' line endindgs so
script doesn't work
after changing it everything is fine
kylehuff 10:11 morning taxilian
taxilian 10:11 good morning
how was your thanksgiving?
kylehuff 10:11 really good, thanks. how was yours?
taxilian 10:11 pretty good as well
kylehuff 10:11 I have successfully removed my application logic out of my plugin so it can operate via Native Messaging in chrome -- but google has gone off the deep end with the location of the native messaging JSON file (it requires elevated privileges)
although, I do have to say, with the binary capable of being located anywhere on the filesystem (including an extension directory), installing the manifest seems to be the only real drawback (and the same codebase could be used in Firefox with JS-CTYPES). If something *has* to be installed outside of the scope of an extension, the manifest doesn't normally need to be changed often.
(if ever)
taxilian 14:11 kylehuff: interesting. I will probably need to do part of my plugin that way; currently we're experimenting with NaCl for the drawing/processing part, but we'll need a native messaging extension as well to do score transfer, I suspect
kylehuff 14:11 taxilian: well let me know if have any questions. be glad to help where I can.
taxilian 14:11 awesome, I appreciate it. We're probably a ways off from doing that still, but I will let you know
I've got so many things coming at me right now I can't see straight
however, we just hired two more people, so hopefully that'll help
kylehuff 14:11 I have the opposite problem -- I've got time over the holidays, but I can't find the motivation to do anything.
jshanab 14:11 I am working thru the weekend myself. 4 days off is a huge oppurtunity, can't let it go to waste.
BTW. I pulled down Firebreath only a week ago and started a new project. When I got to Mac I noticed 2 things. The newest cmake warns when there are no spaces seperating quotes. Trivial. But I also noticed when I enable the DMG package it builds and then tries to copy PLUGINNAME.plugin instead of npPLUGINNAME.plugin that it actually builds.
jshanab 14:11 Is the np prefix only for windblows machines?
jshanab 15:11 Ok. Let me get this straight. On Mac the plugin is not suppose to have the np prefix correct?
taxilian 15:11 doesn't need it
jshanab 16:11 OK so I wrapped the line in MY Genereated PluginConfig.cmake with a ifdef so windows it adds the np and everyone else it does not. That way I am changing only my code. It made a DMG but it needs some tweaking i think. No folder to drag to and double click tries to open a terminal. DMGs are either double click or drag, correct?
taxilian 16:11 jshanab: that would probably work (the ifdef thing)
jshanab: a DMG that is double click you are running an application when you double click
sometimes it's a .pkg or .mpkg, sometimes it's an applescript
we use applescript
jshanab 16:11 It seems to. If it has no delirious side effects we can put that in FBgen later.
SO the applescript tries to do a cmd_mv ? I see my plugin from last year has a $CMD_SUDU in front of the CMD_MV. I double click and nothing seems to happen so I was thinking it silently failed
taxilian 16:11 I have applescript you can look at as an example
jshanab 16:11 I know you are busy, I have last years applescript and there is one generated already. I am working on changing the background now ;-) Customers will require that.
taxilian 16:11 cool
forgot that was in there
that should work
jshanab 17:11 Yeah. It is all coming back to me. I had to make an image and add a few things to hide the other items so it is more obvious. I am not very artisitic and I am certainly not a Gimp Guru, It is a slow process for me.