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jshanab 12:11 Anyone know what to add to my Mac/projectDef to get rid of an error like "Cannot find interface for "NSObject" ?
taxilian 14:11 jshanab: I'd guess probably corefoundation or some such
but I Don't really know
google the message =]
jshanab 14:11 Thanks! I was able to go to the sourcforge for firebreath still and look at the media player. I included appkit and it worked.
What happened to
taxilian 17:11 jshanab: dunno why, but it does seem to be down. I'll restart it
jshanab 17:11 thanks
taxilian 17:11 ran out of memory
I increased the memory allocation, restarted
thx for letting me know it was down
wonder what happened to my monitoring
jshanab 17:11 Oh. Wow. It has been down for bit. It is a VM huh?