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mike_roz 08:11 hi all
i've got a question: is it possible to add firebreath as submodule and store its content in plugin repo?
taxilian 08:11 mike_roz: I've never seen that error message
you have cmake installed? from, not from homebrew?
and xcode?
mike_roz 08:11 cmake from
and xcode 5
taxilian 08:11 recent cmake?
mike_roz 08:11 yes
taxilian 08:11 cmake --version returns what?
mike_roz 09:11 2.8.12
taxilian 09:11 hmm. I'd think that'd do
can you pastebin me the full output of the prep command?
mike_roz 09:11 the full output is: ": invalid option"
in terminal
taxilian 09:11 no other output at all?
mike_roz 09:11 is there any other log file?
just this one line
taxilian 09:11 ...
that makes no sense at all
what exactly are you typing?
mike_roz 09:11 but when i add submodule again it works perfectly fine
i'm typing firebreath/ . build (same as video tutorial)
taxilian 09:11 wait, what do you mean when you add submodule again?
mike_roz 09:11 i mean i've created plugin project 3 weeks ago, and yesterday i wanted to update the firebreath submodule
and i was getting invalid option error
so i've added submodule again at another location
git submodule add [url] firebreath2
taxilian 09:11 and that one works?
mike_roz 09:11 and runing firebreath2/ works fine
and runing firebreath2/ works fine
taxilian 09:11 prepmac2?
mike_roz 09:11 misspelled, i mean prepmac
taxilian 09:11 ahh =]
well, that's weird. sounds like it was most likely a corrupt checkout, but still really odd
I don't know what would even output that erro
mike_roz 09:11 ok
not a huge problem
taxilian 09:11 well good
mike_roz 09:11 sorry for interrupt and thanks for help.
jshanab 19:11 Good evening folks. Is down?
jshanab 19:11 I am trying to get my plugin ported over to Mac on a night when Firebreath.ork seems to be down. Anyone know off hand what to do about this error : "failed to find CoreServices/CoreServices.r" ?
taxilian 20:11 most likely you just need to link in CoreServices
something like find_library(CoreServices_FRAMEWORK CoreServices)
jshanab 20:11 Thanks That should have been in the fbgen and prep. But I found mention on line that the new xcode has toole no longer in the install that you have to get online with devloper account
I will keep you posted. This new mac is really a few steps backwards. All Apples choices are wrong and stupid.
YES! installing the xcode command line tools from the developer site fixes it.
mike_roz 09:11 i've resolved it with new submodule